Zara Noor Abbas Speaks Out Against Body Shaming [Video]

Here’s what she said.

Zara Noor Abbas

Body image brings up mixed feelings in the entertainment industry. Plenty of artists have deal with trolls and body shaming on the regular. Actress Zara Noor Abbas is one of them.

The Pakistani actress opened up about her experience with body-shaming in an interview with BBC Asian Network.


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Body Shaming Has Become Normal, And It Shouldn’t Be

Besides the online trolls, even people in the biz have body-shamed her. Especially when she expanded her skill set from acting to modelling as well. That really brought the trolls out of the woodwork as well as the catty behavior of certain models.

Zara recalls how she was once asked this:

“Why is trying to be like Mahira Khan?”

She laughed it off with a shrug, saying that ‘I’m glad I’m being compared to her‘. She did say that while body-shaming did cause her to lose weight, she is now very much comfortable in her own skin.

“There was a point in time when I had to tell myself to stop and make it a point where I have to embrace myself and embrace my flaws – no matter what size I am.”


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Justifying her weight loss, the Chhalawa actress says that it’s ‘problematic‘ only when you’re exploring extreme and cosmetic options. She is a stronger proponent of using exercise to get into shape.

“It’s upsetting and traumatic if you undergo surgery or start doing these pills and injections to lose weight; but if you’re going out and just gymming and getting yourself in shape that’s fine.”

Zara Noor Abbas Makes Wardrobe Changes

While the Khamooshi actress was all for losing weight, she was opposed to wardrobe changes that come with it. Perhaps she means the type of clothes you wear, as opposed to wearing the same kind of clothes? We’ll let Zara answer this:

“If you’re going to let them affect you and stop wearing what you wear, that’s when it’s negative and concerning.”

She opened up about how some people would tell her what not to wear (like jeans) due to her weight. Zara reveals that she hasn’t let body shaming stop her from being who she is and live life.

The Paray Hut Love actress opened up about how criticism related to bodyshaming is always hurtful. So she learned to be comfortable in her own skin, at any size.

“My talent is not going to suffer because of my size.”


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