Zebra Escapes Zoo, Takes a Trip Around Seoul, South Korea

Is that ‘Marty’?

A wild zebra caused havoc on the streets of South Korea’s capital city of Seoul on Thursday.

In a wild turn of events, the male zebra decided to break free from its enclosure at the zoo and go on a trotting adventure in the city’s capital. It seems like the zebra found inspiration from Madagascar‘s ‘Marty’!

The black and white striped mammal gave zookeepers the runaround of the city before it was tranquilized and brought back to the zoo, safe and sound. The clip of the striped mammal running around Seoul has gone viral on social media.

The zebra, named Sero, was caught on camera galloping through busy streets and narrow alleys, causing a commotion among pedestrians and drivers alike.

Some witnesses even reported seeing the zebra using the pedestrian crossing with ease.

Firefighters were called to the scene and chased Sero down an alley, where they were eventually able to block its escape route with safety fences and vehicles. The zoo officials then arrived on the scene to tranquilize the zebra and bring it back to the Children’s Grand Park.

Interestingly, Sero’s parents passed away last year, and since then, he has been displaying some rebellious behavior. According to an official from the zoo, Sero even tried to pick a fight with a kangaroo once.

So, next time you visit the zoo, keep an eye out for any sneaky animals looking for a chance to escape and take on the city.