Huawei Y6p Review: All The Reasons You Might Buy This Phone

Expert Score

Can a cheaper phone deliver it all?

The Good
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • Triple Camera Setup
  • HD+ Screen
The Bad
  • Slow Processor
  • Selfie Cam does not always catch good detail

Huawei Y6p is one of the latest phones in the Pakistani market, and we must say it has become a favorite of many. The phone not only looks great on the specs sheet for a price of PKR 20,899, it delivers good performance as well. This review has been written after using the mobile for a few days, so here’s what we noticed about it.


First comes the cameras. The triple camera setup might not be as good as a flagship phone, but we must keep in mind that the phone comes at a fraction of the cost of a flagship phone. Huawei has not left out anything. The Y6p has a 2 MP depth sensor for portraits, a 5 MP wide angle camera and a 13 MP main camera. These cameras do a pretty decent job for a phone at this price in good lighting conditions, but the picture quality starts to suffer in low light. We noticed that the camera sometimes missed the face detection while taking portraits, but that’s not something you should bother with if you can hold your cellphone 2 to 3 seconds longer while taking a picture. There is a 8 MP selfie cam on the phone with a beauty mode. The pictures taken with it sometimes look a little bit overdone. It does not capture too much detail, but it is not too bad. Tuning down the beauty mode gives somewhat better pictures.


The battery on this phone is a beast. Huawei Y6p is powered by a 5000 mAh battery that lasted us 30+ hours of binge watching YouTube and Netflix. This battery can also be used to reverse charge your other devices so we have to count a win for the Y6p in the battery domain.

Design and Display

Huawei Y6p seems easy to grip and use on a day to day basis. Although it has a screen size of 6.3 inches, you will not have a difficult time with one handed use. There is an accessibility option for single handed use in the phone. Another thing that is worth noting is that Huawei is giving a HD+ LCD in this price. The colors feel crisp here, although you would feel a little difference if you have used an AMOLED or OLED. The rest is fine and we can’t complain here.


Mediatek MT6762R is the processor that runs the device. The processor is not the best one in the market, but it handles your day to day multi tasking fairly. We did not notice any apps crashing although the phone does quit the apps in RAM automatically to help you use the current one in a smoother way. The apps sometimes take a little bit of time to open up, but that’s really not a problem at this price. Huawei has managed to handle RAM quite well and you will be able to use this phone daily almost smoothly. We noticed a little lag while playing games like FIFA Mobile and COD. The mobile automatically runs these games on the lowest settings, but the games are quite playable and we enjoyed playing them.


Overall, Huawei Y6p is quite good, and we have to say that this phone is great for the price it is being shipped at. If you have a budget that is similar to this phone’s price, we recommend this phone for you.