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Jazz Daily Packages

Jazz is one of the largest and the most trusted networks in Pakistan, serving up to 71.92 million subscribers nationwide. In 1994, the network was formerly introduced in Pakistan with the trade name ’Mobilink’. Later in January 2017 it changed into Jazz and became the most promising network in the country. Jazz is known for the up-to-the-mark services and facilities which the network provides to its users. Daily packages are important for two reasons: first, it costs less as compared to other packages, and secondly, it fulfills the requirement of that particular time without costing much. Jazz brings some exciting daily bundles with less prices and more satisfaction. It is known for its incredible combination of offers at affordable prices, the users can avail of the Jazz SMS packages, internet services, and multiple other offers at the same time. Jazz brings the ‘Daily Day Bundle’ in which the users can now enjoy 300 Jazz Mins, 300 SMS, and 20 MB data only at Rs.14.5 for 24 hours. Other than these, Jazz Internet Packages, Jazz Call Packages, and Weekly and Monthly Packages provide more super useful offer bundles like, “Monthly Super Super plus” which provides 17GB Data, 5000 Jazz Mins, and 300 other Network Mins, and 5000 SMS.  Apna Sheher Package and KPK Jazz package are the daily (internet/SMS/Voice) bundles for the selected cities but the 10,000 On-Net Minutes and 10,000 SMS comprised for these packages have made lives easier.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Jazz Free Facebook -- -- -- Unlimited 1 Day
Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer -- -- -- 65 1 Day
Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Bundle -- -- 1800 10 1 Day
Jazz Gujranwala Super Data Offer -- -- -- 5000 1 Day
Jazz Super F&F Package Unlimited -- Unlimited -- 1 Day
Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities) Unlimited -- 1500 100 1 Day
Jazz Sindh Package Unlimited -- 1500 250 1 Day
Jazz Punjab Package (Selected Cities Only) Unlimited -- 1000 250 1 Day
Jazz Daily Browser Offer -- -- -- 50 1 Day
KPK Daily Offer Unlimited -- 1500 250 1 Day
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only) Unlimited -- 1500 250 1 Day
Jazz Day Bundle 300 -- 300 20 1 Day
Jazz Daily Extreme -- -- -- 2000 1 Day
Jazz Daily Super 1440 -- 50 200 1 Day
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Daily) -- -- -- 50 1 Day
Jazz Daily YouTube & Social -- -- -- 1500 1 Day
Jazz Super Plus 500 5 500 500 1 Day
Jazz Daily Mega -- -- -- 1000 1 Day

Jazz Weekly Packages

Being the most admired network in Pakistan, Jazz brings exciting weekly packages to its customers. Knowing the needs of its users, the target of Jazz is to empower the youth by providing the best possible facilities to create a better future for themselves. The network gives you the best weekly bundles in which the reactivation of SIM comes with a lot of incentives. In Jazz weekly bundles, stay in touch with your loved ones at a low price and more quality by availing of “Weekly Super Plus” in which the users can now enjoy up to 5000 SMS, 12GB data, and 5000 Jaz Mins, and 80 other networks Mins for the whole week. To subscribe to this offer dial *505#and get the opportunity to live the Jazz way of life. Jazz’s “Weekly Youtube and social” offer is another surprise for Jazz customers; the users can enjoy 5 GB of data with the validity of 7 days. Moreover, the jazz weekly mega offer, jazz weekly mega Plus offer, and jazz weekly premium bundle are famous weekly packages because of their affordable prices and incredible feedback.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Jazz New SIM Offer 1000 -- 1000 1000 7 Days
Jazz 4G Sim Offer 500 -- 500 5000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Bundle Recursive -- -- 1500 25 7 Days
Jazz Weekly SMS Package -- -- 1500 25 7 Days
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS -- -- 1500 25 7 Days
Jazz Super Sim Offer 600 30 600 6000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer 650 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer -- -- -- 25000 7 Days
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly) -- -- -- 350 7 Days
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer 2000 -- 2000 2000 7 Days
Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer -- 60 5000 10000 7 Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 1000 50 1000 1000 7 Days
Jazz Work From Home Bundle Unlimited -- -- 12000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly YouTube & Social -- -- -- 5000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Hybrid 1000 60 1000 1000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Social Plus 500 25 500 8000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Package 1000 90 1000 3000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package -- 50 -- 4000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 1500 60 1500 6000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega -- -- -- 10000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Plus 5000 100 5000 12000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer -- -- -- 15000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Max 6000 125 6000 30000 7 Days

Jazz Monthly Packages

Founded in 1994, Jazz is serving its users to provide unlimited services and easy access. Being the caretaker of 74 million subscribers for two decades, the ultimate goal of Jazz is to provide its customers with the best experience of internet and other services. Jazz has focused more on the monthly bundles to facilitate its users in the best possible way. In Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle, the users can enjoy “Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus” which provides up to 17GB of Data, 5000 Jazz Mins, 300 other Network Mins, and 5000 SMS with the validity of 30 days. Keeping in mind the importance of the internet in today’s world, Jazz brings in amazing monthly packages for its users. Jazz monthly premium package Offer, Jazz monthly social package and Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Package (Lite) offer the best internet services with 5 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB data for the whole month and the services are applicable for a limited amount of time and can be renewed afterward. The most used monthly package is the Jazz Monthly Super Duper bundle, which provides the best combination of a sufficient quantity of 3000 SMS, 3000 Jaz Mins, 165 other networks Mins, and 8GB of Data for the internet. To avail of this offer dial *706#. For further information, dial 111 from the Jazz user network and get information about the Jazz services. After all, Jazz cares about its users.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer (Discontinued) -- -- -- 50000 30 Days
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer (Discontinued) -- -- -- 3000 30 Days
Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer -- -- -- 5000 30 Days
Jazz Infinity Browser -- -- -- 2000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle -- -- 12000 7000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle -- -- 12000 7000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Social -- -- 12000 7000 30 Days
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer 300 40 2000 4000 30 Days
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer -- -- -- 10000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Browser Package -- -- -- 6000 30 Days
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package -- -- -- 1500 30 Days
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer 5000 150 5000 10000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer -- -- -- 12000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle 3000 150 3000 6000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer -- -- -- 24000 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Card 2000 150 2000 2000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Premium Package 300 -- -- 25000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Super Duper 3000 300 3000 12000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Max 10000 500 10000 25000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer 5000 300 5000 17000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package - Device Only -- -- -- 25000 30 Days
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer -- -- -- 50000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Regular - Device Only -- -- -- 60000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Mega - Device Only -- -- -- 100000 30 Days
Monthly Internet Heavy - Device Only -- -- -- 150000 30 Days

Jazz Others Packages

Jazz has maintained market leadership through innovation, integrated communications solutions, and pioneering services. As the nation’s leading mobile network company, its main target of Jazz is to provide the best possible services for its customers. Jazz packages bring unlimited services to its users. 3-day max offer jazz is the most appreciated bundle introduced by the network in which the customers can enjoy up to 1GB of Data and 100 Jazz Mins only at Rs.35 for 3 Days. To subscribe to this amazing limited-time offer, dial *631#, and find yourself in the amazing world of Jazz. Stay in touch with your loved ones by availing the exciting bundles of Jazz. In the jazz daily bundle Package, the users can enjoy 20 MB of data, 300 SMS, and 300 Jazz Mins at Rs.14.5 only. After subscription, you will experience the fastest 3G/4G internet in Pakistan, for more exciting Jazz internet packages, and others Dial *444#. Coupling the combinations of communications services with resources and expertise, Jazz is aimed to bring a digital revolution to Pakistan that will not only connect millions of people but helps society in stepping them up from a manual world to a digital one.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Jazz WhatsApp Self Service -- -- -- --
Jazz Saudia Arabia & UAE Offer -- -- -- --
Jazz UK Offer -- -- -- --
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer 3000 -- 3000 6000
Jazz Super Advance Offer

Free Balance: 15

-- -- -- --
Jazz Super Ghanta Offer -- -- -- 1000
Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer -- -- -- 3000 3 Days
Jazz Give A Bundle 100 -- -- 1000 3 Days
Jazz 3 Day Max Offer 100 -- -- 1000 3 Days
Jazz Voice Infinity Offer 115 -- -- 250 6 Months
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer 2500 25 2500 2500
3 Months Bundle - Device Only -- -- -- 65000 3 Months
6 Months Bundle - Device Only -- -- -- 100000 6 Months

Jazz is the largest telecom service provider in Pakistan with over 74 million subscribers. It is also Pakistan’s oldest mobile network, serving its customers for more than 25 years. In November 2015, Mobilink announced its merger with Warid, and both were operated under the name ‘Jazz’ but on January 10 Mobilink ceased. It is the motto of Jazz to facilitate its customers in every department of life. With initiatives like Jazz 4G, Jazz Cash, and Jazz Devices, it has lived up to its promise. Jazz Network provides uninterrupted connectivity and non-stop roaming to its customers in over 50+ countries. In Pakistan only, it covers over 20,000 cities, towns, and villages. It is connecting over 30 million families in Pakistan every second.

Jazz Packages are mainly popular due to their Call and SMS bundles. It has regained a lot of its customers with its “Jazz super duper offer”, through which you’ll get 8GB Data, 3000 Jazz Mins, 3000 SMS, and 165 other networks Mins. (except for 30 calendar days). The New SIM offer is attracting many new customers. Now by buying a new SIM, you can get 6GB, 600 Jazz mins & SMS, and 30 other network mins on in just 60.Rs for a week. Jazz service is also offering numerous new startups special offers to set up a more connective environment to bolster their growth. This variety of services has allowed Jazz to expand its network and grow to reach new heights.

Marketing has always been Jazz’s strong suit. It has always hired top-of-the-line celebrities, ones loved by fans to promote its brand and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any popular queries you have in your mind or want to know about the latest Jazz bundle offers you can call at 111. And if you want Jazz customer Service from your landline then you can also dial 042 111-300-300 as a Jazz and Warid helpline.

All those subscribers who haven’t used their Jazz SIM for the last 30 days. Jazz service provides a brand new reactivation offer from which you’ll get 3000 SMS, 50 Jazz MINS daily, and 6GB Data for the internet for 30 days. To avail of this offer just dial *551#.

The Jazz “Weekly Super MAX” is a heavy best offer for all the subscribers with 30GB Data of internet, 6000 SMS, 600 Jazz MINS, and 100 other network MINS at affordable rates. There are multiple other Jazz offers through which you can get in touch with your loved ones easily.

Dial *476# to avail Jazz's newest Super SIM offer which provides 6GB Data internet, 600 Jazz MINS, 600 for SMS, and 30 other network MINS. You can get this package only at Rs. 60.

Jazz network is the fastest and most reliable data network, and due to this reason, Jazz is not only the largest operator in the country but also has the largest internet user base of over more than 20 million happy customers. Jazz always looks to offer the best online experience to its 74 million subscribers.

Jazz has achieved a 14.97-speed Score™ and 15.95 Mbps is the download speed average. Jazz as the fastest network in Pakistan always Looks forward to providing the best customer experience. That’s why Jazz is the network of choice in Pakistan and has 15.5 million 4G users.