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Telenor Daily Packages

Mostly, Pakistanis prefer voice calls instead of SMS and Telenor offers them the best packages in this regard. The cost of the packages ranges from Rs 5 to 10. Telenor has a ‘Telenor DJuice Prime Time Offer’ in just Rs 5 offering unlimited calls from 9 am to 9 pm. Another package ‘Telenor Good Time Offer’ gives it customers 1000 minutes for calls.

Telenor provides different SMS deals to its customers with mini-budget as well as with higher budgets. It provides cheapest SMS bundle offers to its DJuice customers, however it also provides economic SMS bundle packages to its Talkshawk customers. Telenor provides ‘Telenor DJuice Daily Messaging Bundle’ with 300 all network SMS in just 2 rupees for DJuice customers and offers 240 SMS in Rs 4 to Talkshawk customers. Telenor also provides its cheapest package for the people of Karachi with 1000 SMS along with unlimited calls in only Rs 10.

If you want to use other social media networks then you only have to pay Rs1 for a day. However, if you want some extra services of social media, Telenor offers ‘Telenor Social Pack’ where the user can get 50 MBs internet. If the user wants to use social media besides making voice calls, Telenor has plans such as ‘Telenor Good Time Offer’ and ‘Telenor Good Time Offer’ which provide the subscribers unlimited calls besides 200 MBs including 50MBs for social media.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Telenor - Facebook Flex -- -- -- 1000 1 Day
Telenor Superload Offer -- 20 -- -- 1 Day
Telenor Social Pack -- -- -- 50 1 Day
Telenor djuice Daily Messaging Bundle -- -- 300 -- 1 Day
Telenor Daily SMS Package -- -- 240 -- 1 Day
Telenor djuice Prime Time Offer Unlimited -- -- -- 1 Day
Telenor Good Time Offer 10000 -- -- 200 1 Day
Telenor Video Bundle Offer -- -- -- 500 1 Day
Telenor Din Bhar Package 100000 -- -- 20 1 Day
Telenor djuice 50 Minutes Bundle 50 -- -- 10 1 Day
Telenor djuice Karachi Offer Unlimited -- 1000 -- 1 Day
Telenor Din Bhar Offer 10000 -- -- 20 1 Day
Rs. 10
Telenor djuice Daily Three Ka Scene Offer Unlimited -- 200 5 1 Day
Telenor Daily Lite 4G Package -- -- -- 50 1 Day
Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package 50 -- 300 4 1 Day
Telnor Daily 4G Package -- -- -- 75 1 Day
Telenor Lagataar Calls Offer Unlimited -- -- 60 1 Day
Telenor Full Day Package 100000 -- -- 75 1 Day
Telenor 4G Daily Day Time Unlimited Package -- -- -- 350 1 Day
Telenor 24 HR Poora Pakistan Offer 75 -- -- -- 1 Day
Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package -- -- -- 1500 1 Day
Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget Package 100 -- 300 -- 1 Day

Telenor Weekly Packages

Telenor voice packages comprise a number of packages that are quite attractive for the customers no matter the budget. Telenor provides outstanding voice call deals to its customers without any limitation of the plans (postpaid, prepaid). It provides cheapest packages which are comprehensive, serving all the needs in one place.

The most interesting among the data packages of Telenor is that it provides Facebook for free; for this there is no need for subscription of any package. The packages like ‘Telenor 4G Weekly Package’ take care of your internet needs for a week without having to worry about the daily subscription.

Other interesting packages for voice calling offered by the company are Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package’ ‘Telenor Easy Card Weekly Package’ offering a lot of free On-Net minutes, which are quite attractive for users.

‘Telenor Weekly SMS Package’ is for those people who love chatting as these packages provide SMS bundles for seven days. Telenor also addresses the needs of those DJuice customers who want some voice minutes along with SMS bundles; they can get 700 SMS and 12 minutes in just Rs 12.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Telenor First Free Call Offer Unlimited -- -- -- 7 Days
Telenor djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle -- -- 1200 100 7 Days
Telenor djuice SMS Voice Bundle 12 -- 700 -- 7 Days
Telenor djuice SMS Minutes Bundle 12 -- 700 -- 7 Days
Telenor Weekly SMS Package -- -- 1200 -- 7 Days
Telenor Dhamal Internet Offer -- -- -- 2000 7 Days
Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package 500 -- 1000 50 7 Days
Telenor 4G Weekly Package -- -- -- 750 7 Days
Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Package 2000 -- -- 70 7 Days
Telenor 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle -- -- -- 2500 7 Days
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package 1000 70 700 1000 7 Days
Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer -- -- -- 2000 7 Days
Telenor Mehran Internet Offer

Free Balance: 50

-- -- -- 3000 7 Days
Telenor Weekly Plus Internet Package -- -- -- 1500 7 Days
Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package 600 40 600 600 7 Days
Telenor Super Dhamal Internet Offer -- -- -- 5000 7 Days
Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra -- -- -- 6000 7 Days
Telenor djuice Weekly Internet All In One Plus Offer

Free Balance: 50

150 -- -- 3500 7 Days

Telenor Monthly Packages

The company offers monthly packages to those people who want to stay tension-free from the expiration of the packages. Telenor offers packages such as ‘Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle’ with 10000 SMS and ‘Telenor Monthly SMS Package’ with 6000 SMS. Alongside these packages, Telenor also has some other reasonable packages like ‘Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package, Telenor Easy Card, and Telenor Easy Card plus Package.

The deals like ‘Telenor Video Bundle Offer’ ‘Telenor Daily Lite 4G Package’ are very reasonable and allow the users to satisfy their surfing and videos needs. Nevertheless, if you are a heavy user of the internet, Telenor offers a package ‘Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package’ where you are provided 1.5 GBs of internet data.

‘Telenor 4G Weekly Unlimited Day Time Package’ is for those who only want to subscribe for the internet data for a month.

Telenor provides its Telenor 4G Monthly Lite Package (MiFi, Dongle) to provide the internet services to the customers. The customers get 36 GBs of internet data for a month with the services of 3G or 4G for Rs 1500 for the entire month. The devices are provided with different plans and packages like ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package’, ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package’, ‘Telenor 4G Value Monthly Package’, and ‘Telenor 4G Monthly Unlimited Package’. The users can use 4G Hotspot Wingle while plugged in a laptop or computer system also offering WiFi hotspot for up to 10 connections. Whereas 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi can be used without plugging in into a system. The device has a chargeable battery.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Telenor Sim Lagao Offer 3000 -- -- 3000 30 Days
Telenor Monthly SMS Package -- -- 6000 -- 30 Days
Telenor djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle -- -- 10000 300 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Data Package -- -- -- 2000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Package -- -- -- 8000 30 Days
Telenor djuice Monthly All in One Offer

Free Balance: 150

-- -- -- 5000 30 Days
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package 3000 -- 3000 300 30 Days
Telenor EasyCard 500 50 500 500 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Package -- -- -- 9000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Plus Package -- -- -- 10000 30 Days
Telenor 3G/4G Monthly Starter Offer -- -- -- 15000 30 Days
Telenor EasyCard Plus Package 3000 150 3000 3000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Lite Package (MiFi / Dongle) -- -- -- 36000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Smart Package (Device Only) -- -- -- 85000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Value Monthly Package (Device Only) -- -- -- 150000 30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Unlimited Package (MiFi / Dongle) -- -- -- 275000 30 Days

Telenor Others Packages

Telenor is not only limited to these daily and weekly packages, but it also provides packages for a period of three days. These packages are ‘Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package’, ‘Telenor 3 Days All in One offer’ and ‘Telenor 3 Day Mini Budget Package’ providing 600 minutes. All these packages provide free On-Net and Off-Net calls with other services.

The deals like ‘Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle’ are quite attractive, taking care of the texting needs of the users for 5 days.

Similar to above-mentioned data packages for devices, the deal ‘Telenor 4G 3 Month Bundle’ is offered on devices by Telenor for the duration of three months. Internet data of 108 GBs is provided for three consecutive months. The customer has to pay Rs 4000 for this package.

In short, Telenor keeps adding a number of data plans and devices to its already flamboyant range of products and services with time and the customers are in love with its services.

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Telenor Free 2GB Offer -- -- -- 2000 2 Days
Telenor 5 Day SMS Package -- -- 300 --
Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle -- -- 800 -- 15 Days
Telenor 15 Days SMS Package -- -- 800 -- 15 Days
Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package 100000 -- -- -- 3 Days
Telenor djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer Unlimited -- 500 50 3 Days
Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Package 100000 -- -- -- 3 Days
Telenor djuice 15 Day Messaging Bundle -- -- 3500 200 15 Days
Telenor 3 Days All in One Offer 150 15 150 150 3 Days
Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer 600 -- -- 50 3 Days
Telenor djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer 250 -- 500 15 3 Days
Telenor Super 3 Package 300 -- 300 100 3 Days
Telenor 4G 3 Day Package -- -- -- 200 3 Days
Telenor 3 Day (3/3) Mini Budget Package 600 -- 300 50 3 Days
Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package 250 25 250 50 3 Days
Telenor djuice All In One Offer

Free Balance: 75

-- -- -- 500 3 Days
Telenor 4G 3 Month Bundle (Device Only) -- -- -- 108000 3 Months

Having started its operations its operations in Pakistan in 2005, Telenor Pakistan has come a long way. One of the fastest growing mobile networks in Pakistan, Telenor’s success is highly attributed to its aggressive marketing campaigns.

Telenor is network choice of countless Pakistanis. The diverse packages offered by the network not only works to cement and increase the customer base but the offers also ensure customer care with fair featured packs. The features on which the packages are based on our Free On-Net Minutes, Free Off-Net Minutes, Free SMS and Internet Data. The packages could be categorized into following categories such as

Telenor 3G/4G Internet Packages

The Telenor users who avail internet also could make their network experience wholesome by making use of numerous packages crafted to fit them. The 4G device packages don’t include Free ON or Off Minutes or SMS. Also, see Telenor 4G Device Packages here.

Telenor Call packages

Call Packages includes a list of offers which will appeal to users of all backgrounds and they will have various choices to pick from. The Network offers all of the features on Sahulat and Easy Card package for a weekly or monthly time limit.

Telenor SMS packages

The varied choices in SMS packages for Telenor are made to be amiable to customer choice and each one is particularly molded to appease all kinds of users. The offers are mostly similar to the Call packages except Minutes being offered as the add-on on SMS packs. The sahulat and Easy Card offers are available in SMS category too.

All the above packages are available for validity periods from 1 day, 1 week and a month. The rate of offers incall and SMS case start from less than 10 rupees and could be up to 600 rupees. Terms and condition apply to all the packs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *444# to check Telenor balance.

Dial *222*4# from your mobile to check Telenor number details.

Dial *1*1*92345<9233XXXXXXXX>*amount# to share Telenor balance.

Dial *555*(14 digit code)# from your mobile phone to load Telenor Card.

Dial *0# from your phone and Get RS. 15 Telenor Advance Balance.