Oppo A11 K

Oppo A11k, a budget phone that shines?

Expert Score

Oppo A11k Review

The Good
  • Good battery life
  • Good looking design
The Bad
  • Not the fastest processor
  • Selfie Cam does not always catch good detail
  • Low RAM
  • Slow storage

Oppo A11k is one of many entry-level devices that Oppo has released this year. Oppo has been doing well in the entry-level to mid-range segment along with some great flagships as well. Let’s have a look if the A11k is as promising as Oppo claims.

Design and Display

The A11k comes with a plastic body without an oleophobic coating, which means the back of the phone will be a playground for smudges. Although there is nothing interesting to point out in the design, the device looks pretty and stands out when compared to its competition.

Oppo has chosen to call the notch on their A11k the “water-notch” which is the same as the tear-drop notch we have been seeing for ages. The 6.22″ screen is an IPS LCD panel with 720p resolution and a low pixel density of 270 PPI. The viewing experience on the A11k will be mediocre, to say the least. There is only one point that goes in favour of the display and that is it’s Gorilla Glass 3 protection. While not the best, it will protect the display to some extent and the A11k is one of the few entry-level devices that has any kind of protection.

RAM, Processor and Storage

Under the hood the device is powered by a Helio P35 SoC which is based on the 12nm architecture. The processor, while not designed with intensive gaming in mind, should be able to handle your daily tasks without too much trouble. Playing video games at the lowest possible settings should be fine as long as you don’t have any tasks running in the background.

RAM and slow storage on this phone are what disappoint the most. 2GB of RAM is simply not enough for multi-tasking and eMMC storage makes the phone very sluggish. The 32GB of internal storage is expandable by up to 256GB with a Micro-SD card.


There is an AI dual-camera setup on the back of the phone which consists of a 13MP main lens and a 2MP depth sensor. Portraits are just as one might expect from an entry-level smartphone. Details of the object in focus get blown out, and the bright colors are mixed up. The camera also struggles a lot in lower lighting conditions. The 5MP front camera is no better and struggles to capture basic details.


Oppo has provided a 4230 mAh battery in the A11k. The battery of this size is more than enough for a phone with an entry level processor and should easily last a day even under heavy use. The phone charges through the older MicroUSB port. The A11k ships with a 10W adapter which means it will charge faster than the other phones in the same price segment.


The A11k does not have many interesting features to talk about. Still, if you are going to buy an entry-level device, this phone should not disappoint.