Here’s How You Can Receive Payments using Payoneer in Pakistan

With the unavailability of Paypal in Pakistan, it can be really frustrating at times for companies and freelancers in Pakistan because of not being able to receive payments from international clients.

There might be other options, right? Right. But many people have problems trusting them.

Paypal has become the de facto standard internationally and going about with something else can be a headache for some.

This is where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer in recent years has been a God sent for many. Currently, it is being accepted in 200+ countries with 150+ currencies making it widely accessible.It’s time you benefited from it too.


You have the option to register as an individual or a company, upon registration you are given a virtual bank account in a US bank which allows you to receive payments along with a Payoneer Mastercard which is shipped within 2 weeks. (Optional)

The following are the registration requirements:

  • A Local Bank Account is required.
  • Complete Address inclusive of a zip code for delivery of your Payoneer card.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • National ID, Driving License or Passport number to validate your identity.

Receiving Payments

It allows you to receive payments internationally from clients and also make online payments without any restrictions. Companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Fiverr & Upwork have been using it to make payments to their customers.

You can receive payments from such platforms by either linking your local bank account to your Payoneer account or by receiving instant loads to your Payoneer card.

If you’re working with clients outside of any such platform, you may send an invoice using their ‘Request a Payment’ feature which will send an email to your client facilitating them to make the payment using their credit/debit card details or other options available.

Withdrawing Funds

  1. You can withdraw funds to your local bank account.
  2. You can withdraw them from an ATM using your Payoneer card. ATMs that support the Payoneer card in Pakistan currently include Bank Alfalah, MCB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Faysal Bank.


This article would be incomplete if I didn’t mention their amazing support team.

Initially, when I started using Payoneer, I mistakenly made 5 wrong ATM withdrawal attempts which led me to be charged $5. I asked their support team regarding this issue to which they refunded my amount as a one-time thing as I did not know of their fees.

This shows that they care about their customers.

With that being said, if you’re a freelancer just starting out or a company looking to work with international clients, Payoneer is your best bet.

Sudais Asif is a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr offering WordPress based services and is also translating WordPress into Urdu. Throughout his freelancing journey, he has gained valuable experiences which he likes to share with others.


        • How exactly is it being used on Amazon? and what does it have to do with popularity of Payoneer? Please dont deprive us of your ignorance and write in detail. I like to laugh a lot after a long stressful day.

          Scam artists use Payoneer to receive money from US victims (especial postal mail scams). Doesnt that make it a preferred choice of criminals? Indeed popular for fraud. Legit and honest people use legal services like transferwise, xoom etc.

            • Let me belabor the obvious. You postulated that just because Payoneer is being used (did not bother mentioning exactly how) on sites like Amazon, it should be called popular and even “near paypal”. Your logic is called petitio principii i.e. begging the question logic.
              Through your Martian logic, scam artists running scam rings via Payoneer means the service should be called preferred choice of criminals. You seem slow grasping at simple concepts.

              • oh, and through your logic, easypaisa’s virtual master card works on Amazon. So easypaisa is an internationally popular service and near paypal. I am sure you will be laughing yourself now.

  • Paypal suspended Payoneer agreement due to virtual account, old accounts might be working but you can not verify new Paypal account via Payoneer since 2015.

  • Can anyone tell me how to withdraw money from paypal in Pakistan? I worked for a website that initially had Payoneer but they removed it and the only options left are Paypal or Wire transfer which is very costly. Is there any service in Pak where they get the money for you using Paypal and then you pay them some amount for this service?

    • Wire transfer is expensive? Get yourself an account in a real bank. How good are you in maths anyway? One needs to have failed primary mathematics class to consider Payoneer cheap.

        • It sounds like Payoneer really pissed you off,what happened?Thousands of freelancers are using Payoneer along me on Fiverr,we talk in the forums,we all know it’s trustworthy,stop misleading people.

          • You drive a Mehran and decide to stay content with it. That does not mean Mclarens dont exist. So you enjoy no right to preach your low standards to others.
            Thousands of freelancers use Payoneer. And thats that. billions of others use better payment methods across the globe. Payoneer uses their ill gotten money to get people like you talking in “the forums” and bharay k tatto are sold cheap :)

        • I was asking about wire transfer from the website that is based in USA. If they transfer $100 to my local bank here, I will only get $20 or something.

          • Please mention which website and local bank are you referring to. It is impossible that a wire transfer would cost $80 for a $100 transfer.
            Please clarify whether you are just guessing, or have first hand experience. Write here if you want a $100 wire transfer sent to you as a test.
            In almost all instances, sender pays $10-$20 fee. Recipient pays around $30 intermediary/correspondent bank charges only if they are using a bank which possesses no direct relationship (nostro account) with sender bank.

            • Why would I guess? I wrote that after confirmation from the website’s finance department. They clearly said that they will deduct $80 on money transfer to a local bank and that website is essay shark dot com.

  • I’m using it since last 4 months and it’s really an amazing service. conversion rate from USD is also much better than other services (103.2+) but whenever i receive any payment, it always ask to submit the tax form. Anyone faced this issue or was able to submit further required documents related to taxation.

    • Abdullah, are u a freelancer? If yes can youyou help meme set it up? I already have my payoneer account and debit card but not sure if its beneficial as compare to local banl transfer which I am using and getting only 100 Rs against a dollar.

    • Keep using Payoneer, and hopefully, you will receive tax default notice from FBR soon. Payoneer payments are processed by random and obscure third parties. So your money becomes tax-due.
      And better exchange rate than other services? Which other service did you try? Boota forex and pan shop, lari adda bonga hayat, GT road ? Please prove what you just said.

  • Ask your US or Europe based customers to send payment through Xoom in Pakistan. Xoom is a Paypal service officially for those countries where Paypal is not available. Even your customers can log in Xoom service with the same Paypal ID and password.

    Transferwise is also a great option. Xoom and Transferwise are more cheaper than Paypal and you can have the payment directly deposited in your bank account or counter pick up. Best of luck guys..!!

    • You seem like an expert freelance dev unlike the rookie infant who wrote this blog post. Wire transfer is the cheapest option. On needs to find out the right bank for they website that sends payments.

        • Find a bank which has direct correspondence relationship with the bank used by fiverr. You will get payment within 48 hours of release, exchange rate shall be real local interbank rate (around 105.5) these days, and there will be no intermediary or correspondent bank charges.
          Calling you an infant is harsh. I take that back.

  • lol, as expected, people have started selling their chorun in garb of guest posts on blogs. This Payoneer pimp has admitted that he did not know their fees. What reason do we have to believe that he knows the amounts now? What reason do we have to believe that he is not receiving favors from Payoneer? What kind of ignorant signs up for a service without bothering to go through their fees anyway? Why is he promoting filthy expensive Payoneer card instead of their bank withdrawal service? Why did he fail to mention that wire transfer was the cheapest method for freelancers? Why is he all gaga about Payoneer and shameless while praising their pathetic and inept support service? All for $5? I will give him $50 if he takes a hike and gets lost.
    I would have not bothered wasting my time on this random nobody, but PP publishing him, made me to. Please please do not fall below tabloid levels. Where is editorial control? hello?

    • I very well know their fees,I mentioned the story at a time when I started using it initially not now.And alot of freelancers agree with me in the form of comments above and Hannan’s comment below.

      • Credibility or credence cant be drawn from what others are saying about a matter or a thing. Nowadays, its not only easy but cheap as well to tilt opinions in favor of either side. You havent come clean though, so far. Most of sentences in your blog post reek of Payoneer advertising/marketing. You havent ever commented on propakistani. You apparently came over from nowhere and started writing pro blogs directly. In both of your posts, you could not refrain from making multiple references to Payoneer without mentioning alternatives. No critique, just praise. What does that mean?
        I know your handler at Payoneer is viewing my comments. You are just hired help and not worth my time. I want someone from the company itself to debunk my claims.

  • I am a freelancer and I have been using Payoneer for quite some time. They really do care about customers. From my experience its the best service so far available in Pakistan for Freelancers.
    Here are some key points that may help someone.
    1. Use Local Bank account transfer instead of Payoneer Card. Their is “NO” fee to withdraw from your payoneer account to Local Bank account. Their Conversion rate is 2-3% less than market which is okay. The rate I get now a days is 103.2 for 1$.
    2. Minimum Amount you can withdraw is $50 which is okay.
    3. They say that your transaction will be done within 4 business days but as far as I have used, It is done on the same day. Usually I get my Freelancer payment on Tuesday morning around 2 Am in Payoneer Account. I request withdraw to my local bank at around 7 AM and I get the amount in my Bank Al Habib current account at around 11 AM.

    4. If you face any issue just contact the customer service. they are super friendly. Their chat facility is good but usually busy all the time. You can use their Telephone Help line that is availble 24/7. (Dont worry calling to US/UK is not that expensive many Networks offer very cheap rates e-g I use Ufone it lets me call US at 1 Paisa per Second.)

    5. 4 years in the freelancer industry and I think Payoneer is the best option to withdraw money to local bank.

    6. Oh and the best thing is you can get payment from any one around the world from their Visa/Mastercard through Payoneer’s Request Payment. Thats a great feature if your client wants to make direct payment.

    7. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience about payoneer in this thread, it may help some one else.


    ***Important Note****
    Dont use payoneer with Paypal. Yes you can still verify your paypal with payoneer but it can be blocked any time.

    • Exactly Hannan and the purpose of this post was to inform reader as well unlike some ignorant people who choose to bash a certain service because they were pissed off.

      • lol, ignorant, or actually mindful, careful, and experienced? Payoneer is stealing the dollars earned by freelancers (the few who use its service anyway) by sending local currency to PK banks. When the country is short on forex reserves and supply, every penny counts. To top it off, they dont pay any taxes here. Thats what I have a problem with.
        I have more hours of freelance work to my credit than the total number of hours you have spent on this earth. I find it weird that you bend over backwards to claim that Payoneer is perfect and “near Paypal”.
        At best, Payoneer works for people making a few dollars a week (including a certain impressionable highness who is proud to be a fiverr making petty sums per gig) and thats exactly the kind of breed (with low expectations and low self esteem) Payonoeer preys on. Thats why most of you jump around excitedly upon getting pocket change every withdrawal. Besides, weak mathematical and analyticsl skills save yall from understanding of fraud committed by Payoneer in garb of forex manipulation. Ignorance is a bliss after all.
        You arent a pro freelancer. You arent going to understand me. Get back to me once you are making 5 digit figures in dollars and we will talk. I bet your first sentence would be, “ye bc baray paisy khatay hein yarr, anni machaee howi hai”. Till then, enjoy yourselves.

  • Sub say best ab easypaisa vertual debit card hy main ny khud ali express banggood say online shoping bhi ki hy or mujhay payment krnay main koi bhi problam nhi hui jab k aik dafa mera order security purpose ki wajha say cancele bhi hogya tha or main bohat worry tha kay is card k say refund kaisay mily ga but mujhay refund bhi mil gya meray accout main paisay add hogye is waqt best option hy online shopping k liye

  • Exchange rate manipulation is heart of Payoneer’s scam ring. They are not alone. Watch here for instance, a billionaire talking about thieves stealing money from unsuspecting users through arbitrarily lowered exchange rate.
    We have a habit of rejecting sane voices of locals. So i have decided to let a real billionaire do the talking.
    And lol ho gaya, Payoneer has not debunked me yet regarding my past claims. Thanks Propakistani for letting my comments through so far.

  • After receiving Payoneer card, how much time do we have to activate it, I heard from someone that if we don’t activate it for a certain amount of time, it will deactivate, is this true? Secondly can you write a post and share about how to activate it(a step by step procedure)?

    • You can contact the Payoneer team for complicated issues as their policies might have changed but yes it can get deactivated after lack of use as I remember encountering a similar issue long ago.I could write a step by step post if the ProPakistani team asks me to. :)

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