Here’s How You Can Receive Payments using Payoneer in Pakistan

With the unavailability of Paypal in Pakistan, it can be really frustrating at times for companies and freelancers in Pakistan because of not being able to receive payments from international clients.

There might be other options, right? Right. But many people have problems trusting them.

Paypal has become the de facto standard internationally and going about with something else can be a headache for some.

This is where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer in recent years has been a God sent for many. Currently, it is being accepted in 200+ countries with 150+ currencies making it widely accessible.It’s time you benefited from it too.


You have the option to register as an individual or a company, upon registration you are given a virtual bank account in a US bank which allows you to receive payments along with a Payoneer Mastercard which is shipped within 2 weeks. (Optional)

The following are the registration requirements:

  • A Local Bank Account is required.
  • Complete Address inclusive of a zip code for delivery of your Payoneer card.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • National ID, Driving License or Passport number to validate your identity.

Receiving Payments

It allows you to receive payments internationally from clients and also make online payments without any restrictions. Companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Fiverr & Upwork have been using it to make payments to their customers.

You can receive payments from such platforms by either linking your local bank account to your Payoneer account or by receiving instant loads to your Payoneer card.

If you’re working with clients outside of any such platform, you may send an invoice using their ‘Request a Payment’ feature which will send an email to your client facilitating them to make the payment using their credit/debit card details or other options available.

Withdrawing Funds

  1. You can withdraw funds to your local bank account.
  2. You can withdraw them from an ATM using your Payoneer card. ATMs that support the Payoneer card in Pakistan currently include Bank Alfalah, MCB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Faysal Bank.


This article would be incomplete if I didn’t mention their amazing support team.

Initially, when I started using Payoneer, I mistakenly made 5 wrong ATM withdrawal attempts which led me to be charged $5. I asked their support team regarding this issue to which they refunded my amount as a one-time thing as I did not know of their fees.

This shows that they care about their customers.

With that being said, if you’re a freelancer just starting out or a company looking to work with international clients, Payoneer is your best bet.

Sudais Asif is a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr offering WordPress based services and is also translating WordPress into Urdu. Throughout his freelancing journey, he has gained valuable experiences which he likes to share with others.