ProPropertyNewsCDA Clears Unauthorized Structures in Islamabad’s Major Hotspots

CDA Clears Unauthorized Structures in Islamabad’s Major Hotspots

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently conducted a large-scale anti-encroachment campaign in various areas of Islamabad.

The drive was ordered by the CDA Chairman, Retired Captain Noor ul-Amin Mengal, who directed the director general of the enforcement wing to clear out any unauthorized structures.

According to the details, the operation started at Zia Masjid on the Islamabad Express Highway where many stalls were removed and their goods were seized with the help of the local administration.

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The anti-encroachment team then quickly moved to clear out any encroachments on the IJP Road and in sectors G-9 and Neelum Road.

The Director General Enforcement Shah Jahan, along with Assistant Commissioner Sania Hameed Pasha, supervised an operation to clear obstructions from the ongoing road expansion project on IJ Principle Road.

Another operation was carried out to dismantle establishments, sheds, and stalls from the Carriage Factory to the Sector I-9 service road.

Machinery was utilized to demolish approximately 16 shops, dozens of sheds, 150 fruit and vegetable stalls, and a kiosk in Sector F-6/4.

Footpaths were cleared of fruit stalls in sectors G-8/1 and 26, and similar actions were taken in rural areas of the city to reclaim state land in places like Saidpur and Jaba Teli.

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Additionally, the authority also took action against factory owners who were illegally dumping waste into Darya Swan in Mauza Hamak Islamabad by issuing them written notices under various laws and regulations, including the CDA Ordinance 1960 and the Environmental Protection Act 2008.

Excavators were used to blocking the vehicles transporting the waste to prevent it from reaching its intended site.

Moreover, the illegal constructions near Tarlai Extension were also taken down to prevent any attempts to claim the land.

It was shared that the overall goal of this anti-encroachment drive was to uphold the designated plot lines and protect the environment from illegal waste disposal.


  1. Keep strict compliance 24/7. CDA staff is party to it. PWD main road commercialized besides huge size billboards posing threat of life for the people living around.

  2. And what about Bhara Kahu road? the most cojusted area .plz take action against enchroment in main Bazar

      1. CDA patronising occupation of land in G-7 Markaz, by Christians community, and at other important places. All commercial activities outside designated places are being carried out with connivance of Cda officials

    1. The recently appointed Chairman CDA, Mr Mengal is having a great reputation of good administrator so hoping to see a neat and clean Capital of Pakistan Islamabad soon.

    2. yes in bharakahu it need and now bharakau is name of frustration when we enter specially from csd to bhera pull stop, and simily dam road it’s also illegal stall illegal suzuki stand etc operation must start there with no violation again as it always happens after removing these mafias.

    3. محترم سی ڈی اے افسران ۔اسی طرح کا آپریشن میٹرو کیش اینڈ کیری سٹور کے ساتھ ساتھ
      مین روڈ اور سروس روڈ پر ںھی کریں ۔جہاں دن بدن ٹرانسپورٹ مافیا نے اپنے کنٹینر کھڑے کر رکھے ہیں۔فروٹ مافیا نے قبضے کیے ہوئے ہیں۔

  3. .

    Please get clear all the areas illegally occupied by the car dealers in G-8 & G-9
    They are a nuisance for the public.


    1. Strongly agreed with your comments.
      If you are removing stall of a poor fruit seller why not the giant car show rooms?

    2. Fully agree with Mr. Dar. The car dealers have usurped the entire parking area of G-8 Market and is a permanent nuisance for the general public. Immediate steps are needed to permanently solve this issue.

    1. In I-9/4 the residents occupying ground floors of Govt/CDA flats hv constructed extra structures/rooms on footpaths/pathways/green areas ( some hv rented them out). This all not only obstructs movement but also gives an ugly look to the entire living area. Being from CDA itself, none hv any fear of legal action as well. cDA knowingly looks the other way

  4. Its good initiative that people has blocked the footpath and stall holder paying heavy payment to shopkeeper

  5. Well done & keep it up. To establish futuristic effective deterrence, also fire some people from CDA under whose jurisdiction these illegalites were committed in the first place.

  6. Are the laws different in Rawalpindi? The encroachers have occupied all foot paths and levt no plzve for parking. One example is Commerial Market Satellite Town where conditions are pathetic and even the goot patjs alongside commercial park ate occupied by beggars and homeless people. Mengal sahib has been Commissioner Rawalpindi but he could do nothing in front of mafia. Pindi authorities should learn a lesson from CDA. Well Done CDA

  7. Waste of Marble factory, hospital and medical clinics, car workshops, hotels, sewerage & all kind of kachras r being thrown in the Korang Nullah. Which ultimately go into Rawal Dam. Please look into it. Thx & Regards.

  8. Dear CDA chairman please take notice of car showrooms .in G 11 markaz which is the center of badmashi and drugs these show rooms are worsening the life of ladies customer who come to market .please take severe and swift notice.thanks Mr chairman

  9. The both side main road of the I-10 Markaz is fully encroached which is causing the traffic chock all times. There are three layers of encroachments along the road. Pl. Take action against them at an early date.

  10. یہ سب کچھ صرف چند گھنٹوں کے لیے ہوتا ہے عملے کے آفس پہچنے تک سب کچھ ویسے کا ویسا ہو جاتا ہے۔مثال آبپارہ مارکیٹ کی ہی دیکھ لیں۔

  11. Aabpara is the nearest place to check the encroachment , please do something strong and permanent solution for this oldest market, some of the shop keepers are BADMASH in this market , should be eliminated for clearance of public pathways

  12. Encroachment removal appreciated, but again after a few days the same will be there with the connivance of CDA Staff. The newly appointed chairman is requested to take strict action against his staff who are found involved.

  13. Agr ye kaam idhr G11 ke end pr Mehrabadi mai bhi ho jaye toh kya baat hai , pichle 15 saal se ghalazat machai hui hai, kuch kro bhye is mehrabadi kaa.

  14. please demolish illegal constructions in G. 14/1.Sale and purchase of one land is done two to three times by local people. If CDA authorities are not involved. how it can happen.kindly do justice. We are waiting for this good news

  15. CDA Facilitation Centre is Suffering Centre, where cases of customers are deliberately delayed, no time line is followed just to force them to pay bribe. I have proof. Their files are kept pending , correspondence is abnormally delayed etc. No body is their to listen to complaints. CDA should have on line complaint folder.

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