ProPropertyNews‘CDA Employees Not Eligible for Govt Houses’

‘CDA Employees Not Eligible for Govt Houses’

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Housing and Works was informed by the Estate Office that employees of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are not eligible to receive housing accommodations from the Estate Office’s pool.

This is because the CDA maintains its own pool of housing for its employees.

During a briefing to the 24th committee, which was chaired by MNA Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhary, the Estate Office Director-General provided the lawmakers with information on the general waiting list and the details of the category-wise allotments of houses in Sectors G-9 and G-10 in Islamabad.

The Ministry of Housing and Works had previously informed the Islamabad High Court that 1,100 CDA officers were illegally residing in houses intended for various federal government departments and divisions, which were under the supervision of the Estate Office in the federal capital.

The court was also informed about the houses from the Estate Office’s pool that were allotted to federal government employees according to the general waiting list.

The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority’s Director-General briefed the committee on the status of various housing projects and the measures taken to resolve any issues and ensure the timely provision of plots, flats, and apartments to allottees.

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The Pakistan Public Works Director-General also provided an update on the utilization of funds for the year 2022-2023.

Additionally, the Managing Directors of the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation and National Construction Limited detailed the workings of their respective organizations and informed the committee of the progress of ongoing projects in cities such as Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The committee expressed appreciation for the work done by the National Construction Limited in Islamabad and unanimously recommended maintaining its status as a national asset and preserving its independence.

It is important to mention that the Estate Office’s decision to not allow CDA employees to receive housing accommodations from its pool reinforces the fact that the CDA is responsible for providing housing for its own employees.

The briefing to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Housing and Works provided valuable insight into the current status of housing projects and their progress in different cities across Pakistan.


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