ProPropertyNewsCDA Takes Action Against Officials Amidst Rising Land Scam Allegations

CDA Takes Action Against Officials Amidst Rising Land Scam Allegations

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) management has taken a significant step in addressing concerns surrounding alleged land scams within the estate and land wings of the civic agency.

In response to these issues, CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq has decided to reassign all officials from these departments who have questionable backgrounds.

The estate wing is responsible for managing plots that have been allotted, as well as commercial properties, while the land directorate oversees new allotment cases, including those related to land-affected persons.

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Recent events have raised concerns about a group of employees who have allegedly manipulated their postings within these two wings, which have gained notoriety due to several high-profile scams.

Over the past few years, numerous cases of alleged fraudulent land allotments have emerged within the land directorate.

The CDA’s security directorate has identified over 100 such cases, many of which were referred to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Some plots were even allotted with backdated signatures.

Sources suggest that certain officials within the land directorate may have been involved in transferring plots from less-valued sectors to more valuable ones for personal gain, often using corrigendum.

Similarly, some estate wing officials have faced accusations of handling agro farms and other commercial properties questionably.

Following the E-11 land scam, which involved billions of rupees, the CDA management took action by reassigning a few officers and suspending three officials from the land directorate.

A senior CDA officer confirmed, “Lists are being finalized for the permanent transfer of officials from the estate and land wings, primarily targeting those with tainted records.

However, officials who consistently sought postings in these wings will also face consequences.”

These officials are believed to be part of a group allegedly involved in fraudulent allotment cases, and there appears to be a monopoly held by some estate wing officials.

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The move to relocate tainted officials from these departments comes as an effort to restore the CDA’s tarnished image due to successive scandals.

Besides, the Management believes that this action is necessary to improve the performance of both wings.

In addition, similar measures are expected to be implemented in other CDA directorates to ensure the organization’s integrity and accountability.

Source: DAWN

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