ProPropertyNewsInvestigation Revelas CDA’s Quotation Scam Running into Billions

Investigation Revelas CDA’s Quotation Scam Running into Billions

ISLAMABAD: Investigation reveals that at least Rs. 20 billion have been spent on development projects conducted through the quotation system in what’s being dubbed as one of the biggest scams in the history of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

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The civic agency is permitted to complete urgent tasks under the quotation system, such as maintaining water pipes and street lights, without floating tenders.

The sources claim that CDA’s various branches carried out development work through this system instead of the open bidding process, incurring damage to the exchequer.

As per the additional investigation, it was discovered that a massive Rs. 20 billion had actually been released under the quotation system, as opposed to the initial revelation of Rs. 5 billion.

“Not only billions of rupees were wasted on so-called quotation works, but the quality and quantity of work were also compromised,” claimed a CDA engineer, adding that had the work been done through open bidding, the projects could have been completed at a considerably lower cost.

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The engineer also said that the investigation committee was also looking into the claims of “double payment,” since it was believed that some projects were already halfway through completion when their tenders were reopened for the same work.

Besides, the former CDA chairman had instructed all wings of the civic organization not to perform quotation works via 2 letters, one in February 2021 and the second in April 2022.

It is worth noting that, after ordering a special audit of three CDA directorates last month, new CDA Chairman Mohammad Usman fully banned the quotation system.

An official also claimed that payments were made to numerous contractors for fictitious projects; however, a CDA officer claimed that the municipal agency was unable to comment on such payments until the investigation was complete.


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