ProPropertyNewsIslamabad’s 10th Avenue Development Faces Inordinate Delay

Islamabad’s 10th Avenue Development Faces Inordinate Delay

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government-funded 10th Avenue project has not progressed as intended, despite the Capital Development Authority (CDA) making progress on other municipal development projects with its own resources at the same time.

According to details, the project’s administrators cited a lack of finance as the primary cause of the project’s poor progress.

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The sources say that the project is sponsored by the Public Sector Development Program of the federal government (PSDP) which has a total cost of Rs. 12.13 billion, of which Rs. 1.48 billion was given to CDA in the previous fiscal year.

However, this year, the city administrators were unable to gain significant funds from the federal government, forcing them to put the project on hold, the sources confirmed.

According to a senior officer of the civic authority, the government had only given Rs. 350 million, although CDA needed an allocation of roughly Rs. 5 billion to continue this project’s anticipated progress.

It is to note that the project had a December 2017 groundbreaking and a September 2023 completion date, giving it just 21 months to complete. However, according to reports, the project is well behind schedule and may take two to three years to complete.

The CDA’s spokesperson stated that 10th Avenue will not only serve to relieve traffic congestion on IJP Road and 9th Avenue, but it will also give inhabitants of I-10, I-11, and Rawalpindi, an alternate route to Islamabad.

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It is worth adding that this project begins at IJP Road and finishes at Srinagar Highway, which includes a 5 km road, 14 bridges and flyovers, 6 underpasses, 2 lanes of flexible pavement, 1 lane of the shoulder on each side, 3 culverts, and 2 overhead bridges.


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