ProPropertyNewsLahore’s Bund Road Elevated Project Takes Off Under Caretaker CM’s Leadership

Lahore’s Bund Road Elevated Project Takes Off Under Caretaker CM’s Leadership

LAHORE: In a significant development, the Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, laid the foundation stone for both phases of the Bund Road Elevated Project on Sunday.

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Chief Engineer briefed the CM on the ambitious project, highlighting its key features.

According to sources, the Controlled Access Bund Road Corridor project, spanning 7.3 kilometers, is scheduled to be completed within a four-month timeframe.

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CM Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the need to adhere to the project schedule while ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow during construction.

This transformative project will involve the construction of a dual high-rise road, featuring four lanes.

Additionally, roads in the vicinity of the Controlled Access Corridor will be developed, and nine subways will be constructed to accommodate both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Upon completion, the project is expected to facilitate the daily passage of approximately 130,000 vehicles.

The project will be executed in two packages: Package 1 encompasses the construction of the corridor from Niazi Interchange up to Sagian Interchange, covering a distance of 3.65 kilometers.

This segment will also feature the construction of four subways for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

While, Package-2 will extend from Sagian Interchange up to Babu Sabu Interchange, spanning another 3.65 kilometers.

This package will include the construction of five subways for traffic and pedestrians.

Addressing the media, CM Mohsin Naqvi expressed confidence that the Bund Road Access Project would complete the traffic circle of Lahore.

He anticipated that the 7.3-kilometer Bund Road project would be finalized in approximately 120 days, with a target completion date before December.

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This project is expected to provide convenient access from any part of Lahore to the motorway upon completion.

Regarding his recent visit to China, CM Naqvi highlighted the signing of a “Sister Cities” agreement between Sahiwal and Bahawalpur with Chinese cities in a single day.

The CM also assured that development projects would be completed within specified timeframes.

Responding to a query, CM Mohsin Naqvi confirmed that daily measures were being taken to combat the issue of smog.

Source: APP

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