ProPropertyNewsLDA to Launch 2 Mega Development Projects for Traffic Flow Improvement

LDA to Launch 2 Mega Development Projects for Traffic Flow Improvement

LAHORE: The provincial metropolis of Punjab is set to launch two mega-development projects aimed at improving traffic flow in the city.

The projects include the construction of a signal-free corridor from Ghora Chowk (Cantt) to Bedian Road (DHA Phase-5 roundabout), along with a four-lane underpass at Cavalry Chowk, a four-lane flyover at Ghora Chowk, and remodeling of the Defence Mor intersection.

Additionally, the other project is the Firdaus Market Underpass (Gulberg) to Defence Mor (Walton Road) via the Cavalry intersection.

According to sources, the estimated cost of the signal-free project has been revised from Rs. 3.2bn to over Rs. 4.2bn due to inflation, with the completion of the project expected to take eight months.

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Once completed, the projects are expected to benefit a large number of citizens, improve the environment, reduce travel time, and save energy costs.

The number of benefiting vehicles per day is estimated at 170,000, with the project benefiting central parts of Lahore, including Gulberg, Cantonment, Walton, and adjacent areas.

During a visit to the sites of the proposed projects, Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa urged the officers to expedite the necessary approvals leading to the launch of the projects.

The traffic management plan during construction proposes to divert traffic from Cantt and Shami Road to Khursheed Alam Road towards Ghora Chowk and manage the traffic at Khalid Butt Chowk and Ghora Chowk locally.

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The sources suggest that the DHA phase-5 roundabout project will cost over Rs. 2.8bn, with the completion of the project expected to take six months.

Besides, the project includes a four-lane dual carriageway underpass and provision of protected U-turns.

In addition to these projects, Lahore is also working on the Kalma Chowk Remodeling Scheme, which includes two underpasses.

The Lahore Development Authority and the planning & development department are expected to approve the revised PC-1 soon.


  1. Davis Road need an underpass, Mall Road need a bridge to access Canal, stop developing Cantt and benefiting Army.
    Help ordinary people please.

  2. Moterway chowk babu shbo say nalay wala road
    Jo subzazar Lda society ko road ja rha h
    Bus stand or commercial fees k bagair kam ker rhay hain 03004347294

  3. There is a dangerous and hazadous connection of Nazria Pakistan Road with Canal Road overhead bridge near Tholar Niaz Beg. There cannot be a more dangerous connection than this. Serious accudents have happened and likely to happen same.

  4. There are at least 100 such places in Lahore which can be remodelled with small amount but Punjab Govt and LDA has no sympathy for those areas where traffic Jam is a routine for poor masses living near those locations.
    It’s a Shame that huge Funds are being allocated to Posh Locations just to please the Elite Class.
    Carry out a Survey and get feedback about locations which require remodelling without further delay. Thanks.
    Farhat .H

  5. پھل فروش سبزی فروش ناجائز پارکنگ اور دکانداروں جہنوں نے روڈ پر سامان رکھا ہوتا ہے اس کو ہٹادو سب مسائل حل ہو جائیں گے

  6. Village tahata railway pharak near qaid azam industry areas pa bohat ziada rash hota hai please tahata pharak se ly kar ring road halloki interchange tak magrib wali side road banee jy awam bohat pareshan hai thanks

  7. ضلع کچہری سے داتا دربار روڈ لاہور کی ری ماڈلنگ کی اشد ضرورت ہے بھاٹی چوک کے اطراف کے لیے خصوصی ریماڈلنگ کی مجموعی طور پر ضرروت ہے

  8. Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore ka sb se bhara or main Entry Point hai.. Is ko 6 lane kro or Signal Free Coridoor bnao. Taky loog asani se Office ja sky… around 250000 vehicle will get benefit and save fuel energy. Thokar pe Fruit Cart ka Pilot project launch krna chiey taky wondering cart khatam ho sky or fix Fruit Cart lga kr Thokar ko Mazeed kubshorat kia ja sky.

  9. Development & Remodeling only VVIP areas…… Gulberg. Dha & Cantonments only……. No Remodeling other Areas UET G. T Road. Shahdar manga mandi samnabad, high Court Area, circular Road… 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  10. A project of connection road between Johar Town E Block and Doctors Hospital was launched in year 2011. LDA left this road half way, 1.6 km built remaing undone. If this road is completed all traffic load from Akbar Chowk to Tokhar Niaz Baig will be shifted there. Traffic load at Jinah Hospital will also be decreased. Don’t know why this project was left undone.

  11. Very huge traffic at old khanna, ferozpur road.

    Need/request LDA to consider under pass / flyover at old khanna [ ferozpur road ] towards kasur.

  12. شاہدرہ فلائی اوور مکمل کریں وہ لاہور میں سب سے ضروری ہے

  13. Hello everyone,
    Sub ney apni apni request ker di per koi faida nahi Yahan per Kisi ki nahi Suni jaye gi…
    Haan agar AP ka area defence Gulberg ya Kent Sey contacted hai tu AP ki Suni jaye gi…warna AP tym waste ker rahay Hain APNA…

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