ProPropertyNewsPirwadhai General Bus Stand in Rawalpindi Undergoes Impressive Transformation

Pirwadhai General Bus Stand in Rawalpindi Undergoes Impressive Transformation

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi’s Pirwadhai General Bus Stand, known as one of the busiest terminals in the city, has undergone a significant upgrade plan, resulting in a remarkable transformation.

The bus terminal, which was built on 200 kanal of land 45 years ago, had fallen into disrepair due to negligence from the authorities concerned.

According to Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta, the upgraded general bus stand now provides travel facilities for all four provinces of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

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The revamp includes several key improvements such as air-conditioned waiting rooms, modern washrooms, a mosque, CCTV cameras for enhanced security, alert security guards, a new fuel station, a restaurant, improved road infrastructure, streetlights, and a new sewerage system.

Commissioner Liaquat briefed journalists on the completion of the upgradation plan, highlighting the significant deterioration the bus stand had suffered.

Criminals and drug addicts had taken over the premises, leading to the relocation of modern transport buses serving various routes across the country.

To address these issues, a comprehensive upgrade plan was devised, resulting in the development of a state-of-the-art bus stand equipped with all the necessary facilities.

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The project involved round-the-clock efforts and the removal of encroachments on government land.

Furthermore, the shops within the bus stand now adhere to a uniform design and display standardized introduction boards.

Commissioner Liaquat also announced a crackdown on mafia activities within the general bus stand.

Those involved in issuing fictitious slips and extorting money will face up to 14 years of imprisonment.

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To enhance convenience for passengers, booking counters have been established for each route within the general bus stand, and encroachments along the IJ Principal Road connecting to the bus stand have been cleared.

Commissioner Liaquat emphasized that the upgraded bus stand now hosts reputable transport companies, providing passengers with a dignified travel experience.

The impressive transformation achieved through this upgrade plan is expected to leave visitors in awe, he added.


  1. Well done .There was a great need to revamp and rebuilt this messy bus stand.Ppl should be given maximum benefits.

  2. A much needed project that will surely meet all the requirements of people coming all across Pakistan. It’s all bcz of personal efforts and interest by Commissioner sb. Thank u so much sir.

  3. The most important thing which is missing is the public transport system which connect this bus stand with existing Metro Bus.
    If, Metro Bus is connected with this bus stand via the 9th avenue of Islamabad this will help the local people to get better and affordable transport.The people of Rawalpindi/Islamabad will get better facilities.

  4. It is very good plan ,if it is prepare properly,with check and balance system,not only waste of public money.

  5. It’s a very good plan. Just need to improve it’s surroundings. Like encroachments, private transport stands which are illegally operating and due to this mafia government transport stand suffering a lot and it is going in to massive loss. Please remove all these kind of private stands and encroachments.

  6. Great work ماشاء اللہ But THE MANDY MORR is still in jeopardy as buses and vans are continuously stopping to pick and drop the passengers. Furthermore, passengers tend to occupy half of the road making it a waiting stand for their respective buses. I think a common commuter is more concerned about traffic situation on IJP Road than in the bus stand. I’m not criticising the revamp of pirwadhai bus terminal, but admin should look for correcting the collateral too…

  7. Beside this ijp roads mand morr all illegal bus stand should be removed.appreciated

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