ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Administration Violates Court Order, Allows CDA to Dump Waste in Mauza Losar

Rawalpindi Administration Violates Court Order, Allows CDA to Dump Waste in Mauza Losar

RAWALPINDI: In violation of a court order, the Rawalpindi administration has allocated 1200-kanal of land in Mauza Losar to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to dump Islamabad’s waste.

The Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench had earlier ordered the removal of the dumping site, which is currently being used to dump Rawalpindi’s waste, to Mandra-Chakwal Road.

The Rawalpindi administration, however, has decided to allow the CDA to dispose of waste at Losar instead of moving it to Mandra-Chakwal Road as ordered by the court.

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The residents of the area are protesting the decision and are planning to file a contempt plea in the high court against the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner.

Around 120,000 residents of the area are already suffering from various health issues due to the dumping of garbage at Losar, including cancer, skin diseases, tuberculosis, and throat, stomach, and eye irritation.

The residents argue that dumping the capital’s waste will further exacerbate their health issues and put them at higher risk of catching diseases.

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Moreover, the construction of the new dumping ground will lead to the closing down of 15 brick kilns in Losar and nearby villages, rendering thousands of workers jobless and increasing the prices of bricks.

Advocates Mohammad Asif and Imran Aziz have stated that the high court had earlier decided to remove the dumping ground from Losar and shift it to Mandra Road.

They further argue that Islamabad is a separate district, and thus, the garbage of the federal capital cannot be dumped in Punjab.

They claim that the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner has allowed the garbage of Islamabad to be illegally dumped in Rawalpindi, and they have decided to challenge the decision in the high court.

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The allocation of land to the CDA for dumping waste in Mauza Losar has caused an outcry from the residents, who are already facing severe health problems due to the dumping of Rawalpindi’s waste.

The decision also goes against the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench’s earlier order to shift the dumping site to Mandra-Chakwal Road.

The residents have decided to challenge the decision in the high court, and the advocates representing them have criticized the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner’s decision to allow the garbage of Islamabad to be dumped illegally in Rawalpindi.


  1. I suggest to Capital development authority CDA that dumping waste should clean by bioremediation, bioreactor machines and it’s also phyto remediation process

  2. This seems to be a sorry state of affairs on the part of CDA. No doubt it will be a cause of many health risks to the surrounding population of the area.
    We as nation and authorities waste too much capital on the projects which may not be at higher priority list, but when the public health and well-being is concerned, often it is ignored.
    I would say that Pakistan in this domain will be comparable to any underdeveloped country, which lacks proper garbage disposal systems and plants being installed.
    As far I as know there must be proper garbage disposal units and spots that shouldn’t be uncovered and all the waste once collected from the capital Islamabad territory must be dumped into dug-in grounds which are supposed to be far away from residential societies and dwellings. Secondly if capital can afford to install recycling plants to recycle and reuse the waste to be used by the manufacturing industries.
    And lastly, this is not a thing to be put aside without any proper solution. Why do politicians and governing machinery swirl a lot of resources for their fake publicity and campaign, instead isn’t it worth spending some money for the public good, on whom they are expected to rule and exploit through different tactics?

  3. Government should have an recycling plant to make it recycle in every country there is recycling plant of waste.

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