ProPropertyNewsRDA to Take Action Against 405 Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

RDA to Take Action Against 405 Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The proliferation of illegal housing schemes in areas under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the district council, encompassing regions like Murree, Taxila, Rawalpindi City, Gujar Khan, and Kotli Sattian, has surged to a staggering total of 405.

Reports indicate that the sale of plots through unlawful housing schemes has escalated to alarming levels in Rawalpindi, posing a grave concern to unsuspecting citizens.

In response to this alarming trend, the RDA has launched an extensive crackdown on illegal and under-development housing schemes.

This operation involves demolishing site offices associated with such schemes and initiating legal proceedings against their promoters.

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As per the details, innocent citizens who invest in these unauthorized housing schemes often find themselves grappling with a multitude of issues.

These problems include the absence of promised infrastructure and residential facilities, prolonged delays in project completion, and legal disputes regarding land ownership.

Despite the adverse consequences faced by individuals caught in the web of illegal housing schemes, this deceptive and fraudulent business continues to flourish due to the lack of robust law enforcement.

To curb this illicit activity, RDA Director General Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa has established a task force to crack down on illegal housing schemes.

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An RDA spokesperson stated that they have already taken action by demolishing site offices and entrance gates of numerous illegal housing schemes and registered cases against those involved in such illicit housing scams.

Moreover, the sources also revealed that within the RDA-controlled area and prominent Tehsil Rawalpindi areas, there are only a handful of legally approved housing schemes.

According to experts, the housing society promoters often neglect legal requirements and sometimes sell more plots in the form of files than the actual available land.

“At present, there are 13 approved housing schemes under RDA jurisdiction, while 18 unapproved and under-development housing schemes exist, along with 37 town planning-approved housing schemes,” sources claimed.

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Additionally, the District Council has approved nine housing schemes, including four in Murree Tehsil and six in Taxila, with 11 housing schemes under various stages of development or awaiting approval.

Despite the extensive crackdown initiated by the RDA, the sale of plots in these illegal housing schemes persists, primarily due to the overwhelming number of illegal projects compared to legal and sanctioned housing schemes.

RDA spokesperson Hafiz Muhammad Irfan emphasized that the RDA, under the directives of its DG, has embarked on a large-scale crackdown against illegal housing schemes.

This comprehensive approach includes the registration of legal cases, demolition of unauthorized structures, and imposing substantial fines, he noted.

Source: Tribune


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