ProPropertyNewsRUDA Assures No Forcible Land Acquisition for Projects

RUDA Assures No Forcible Land Acquisition for Projects

LAHORE: No land would be seized by force for the Ravi Industrial Zone or other planned components of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project, according to the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA).

The document does, however, warn that anybody tampering with the project’s previously purchased land or state property situated inside a riverbank may suffer legal ramifications.

A Ruda official was cited as having remarked that the compensation package for each acre other than those located inside the riverbed is a 15-marla developed plot and Rs1.5 million, at a public hearing on the Environment Impact Assessment of the Ravi Industrial Zone.

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As compensation, a seven-marla developed plot and Rs200,000 have also been provided for the riverbed land, which is state property.

The Ruda representative stated that the organization would discuss with people who had concerns about the remuneration package and would present them with a partnership model.

“Ruda would not buy such territory if someone resisted,” he stated.

The business sector applauded the government during the hearing for building a cutting-edge industrial zone that would be similar to the current one and cover around 1,200 acres.

Mian Kamran, a board member of the Ravi Industry Association, told sources that the entire business community was relieved that someone had begun not only regulating the industry but also rehabilitating the existing industrial zone through the construction of roads and the provision of other facilities.

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Participants talked about a range of environmental concerns, including the creation of green spaces, the revitalization of the river through the project’s other elements, and the projected building of barrages.

They argued that the Ruda administration ought to outline its plans for the affected people’s relocation and settlement, the creation of alternative agricultural land for the production of fruit, wheat, and vegetables, environmental improvement, land purchase, and compensation.

Besides, they also encouraged the administration to consider the interests of all parties when carrying out this large-scale initiative.

According to a news release from Ruda, the authority held a public hearing on the rules for the industrial zone’s Environmental Impact Assessment and Initial Environment Examination.

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The agency held the public hearing to receive official environmental permission before developing industrial estates and an industrial zone.

It claimed that business owners made suggestions to emphasize the environmental effect even more.

In a thorough presentation, the NESPAK representative covered the effects, processes, and steps for establishing best practices in the areas of emission control, wastewater treatment, effluents, solid waste, metal/material residue, and a variety of other environmental-related topics.

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