• Khalid Ahmed

    Dear Aamir,
    There is a small correction required. According to Warid website happy hour will not renew for next day and you can’t set happy hour for next day in advance, you need to set happy hour everyday.

    And I appreciate your writing regarding immoral messages by Warid for promotion of “HOT wallpapers of Indian actresses” to earn revenue. I noticed it quite many times. Moral values of our generation is rapidly degrading, what is left should be protected. I request you to write a separate post on that.

    • @Khalid Ahmed, you are right…

      But what i said is that you can subscribe once a day, meaning that, you can subscribe today for today’s happy hour, and then tomorrow you need to subscribe again for tomorrow’s happy hour…

      Thanks for your inpurt!

  • d0ct0r

    Why don’t these people offer these happy hour packages for postpaid customers.

    • shah jee

      On warid postpaid my 5 pkg iz a best pkg ascompire to other celluler mobile compnies.
      u can make unlimited calls on 5 no,s fr one month.

  • @Doctor: Because they don’t really care about the postpaid customers as these customers are already in their net. They want to hook the prepaid customers who change the service providers as they go or ppl who keep multiple connections (usually prepaid) with them to take advantage of such offers.

  • imran

    fit packg

  • Usama Ahmed

    Warid sucks, i called on their helpline, they told me to subscribe for the happy hour abt 2 or 3 hours ago. I sms at their number,but their service is setup is so exhausted i got an error “ERROR: no services found for 11pm.”

  • Farooq

    Yes Khalid Ahmed i agreed with u, that warid is getting greeedy and greedy day by day, they have no moral thoughts.
    why should download hot sexy indian wallpapers, will any one allow his mother/sister/daughter or son to go through this stupid adds/messages bu warid that are flashes with every call.
    this kind of immoral activities are destroying our culture.
    warid must think about it.

  • wasim

    Warid is not getting Rs.6.04/hour including tax for off peak time, it is near about Rs.15/hour for off peak time including all taxes.

    best regards

  • Sobia

    But if we want to subscribe only for today and don’t subscribe for any other day. Means to say is it package per day or if we subscribe once then our credit will be deducted on the daily basis either we subscribe more or not.

    • shah jee

      Sobia u choose thispkg only 2 times in a day.

  • shah jee

    Good pkg bt now why Warid increas your 1st min rates??????????

  • -.-

    This is just sad. -.-

  • do you know about forex..?