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Bloggers and Activists Mobilise

By  | 12, Mar 2009 | No Comments

awabalvi Bloggers and Activists Mobilise

"We get information from people in Lahore and Islamabad. There is a lot of frustration out there" Awab Alvi, blogger

As political tensions escalate in Pakistan, many bloggers have turned their efforts to providing live updates for citizens concerned about the situation.

The long march live update service compiles the latest news reports with comments and messages from people directly affected by the security measures.

Blogger Awab Alvi who publishes his, Teeth Maestro blog from Karachi, says he set it up because he felt the public needed one place where everything could be viewed and where information could be shared.

For LongMarch Live Updates: Click Here
Mobile Version (for GPRS enabled Handsets): Click Here
If you want to send any update: SMS 0332-4797546 -> ‘longmarch msg’

“We have people contributing key bits of information from news reports and people reporting from the ground… I got an SMS from one guy who was arrested just before it happened. We get information from people in Lahore and Islamabad. There is a lot of frustration out there,” he said.

Online activists are encouraging citizens to SMS their experiences and plans to a central number and their messages will be posted on a designated protest website.

Pakistanis are also posting their views and their updates on what they call the “long march” on microblogging site Twitter.

Student and social activist Awais Naseer is in Rawalpindi and has been regularly updating people following him on Twitter about the arrests in his hometown and in its twin city, Islamabad.

“I have direct contact with people in opposition political parties and in certain other organisations and the homes of these people, party workers, are being raided,” he told the BBC News website.

Also in Rawalpindi, political activist Faris Kasim said that he still planned to take part in the rally.

“We may not be able to gather now but we are keeping in touch through SMS. I have an air ticket for Lahore and I will leave for Islamabad.

“I don’t think us citizens will be targeted unless we were part of a big crowd. I know it can get dangerous,” he said

via [BBC]

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  • Meher

    Yes we all our so concerned about thes CHARIAS heading the country. We must find leadership from our youth, especially educated, honest, middle class people. We must find leadership from ordinary ,hardworking people!

  • raza

    this is the problem with us meher that we always call the politicians by name and have u ever thought that how many times u actually participated in some rally or tried to convince the masses that u can be a better leader than the one we are having at the moment

    i guess the answer is NO

    so we all are at fault that these corrupt and selfish people are ruling us

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  • Awais Naseer Keyani