• momers

    Doodle does NOT have a database of the cell tower locations in Pakistan. no one has that database except for FAB and PTA.

    this thing works by just triangulating your position from th network signals being received in any area. This means there is not need for a database.

    And the local maps for pakistan you are referring to….they are currently NOT available on google maps. these maps are being prepared by community effort on Google Map Maker. In due time ys they will become available on mobile maps as well as google maps.

  • pro desi

    So if I leave my cell phone (hide it in the car) that phone can help me locate my car real time? if this the case I think car tracking companies will be out of business pretty soon

    • Cute Mute

      hah … leaving cell phone in car with GPRS is more expensive than having a car tracking system.

  • Idea Inn

    Thanks for correcting me

    The question was: How does Google know My location in Pakistan?

    There are Two types of local information needed:
    1-The tower location data
    2-The map data.

    There are companies which sell such kind of data so expect this feature to be available at more and more places. Rest of the algorithm uses the signal information and the application is able to locate you within a certain degree of accuracy.

    Wireless phones can make and receive calls because they are connected over the air to a nearby cell tower. The phone knows the ID of the cell tower that it’s currently using. If the phone has GPS, the Maps application on the phone sends the GPS coordinates along with the cell ID to the Google location server. Over millions of such updates, across multiple phones, carriers, and times, the server clusters the GPS updates corresponding to a particular cell ID to find their rough center. So when a phone without GPS needs its own location, the application on the phone queries the Google location server with the cell tower ID to translate that into a geographic location, i.e., lat/long

    Flow Sheet : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_pcoA74Ez-Ks/SEm0YvI_BCI/AAAAAAAAAHo/G9X8VLwsC34/s400/MyLocation.png

  • momers

    with Latitude the application from google..potentially you can since u can use the internet to track ur phone
    other wise there is no way for you to see the location of your phone. so without latitude it wont be possible.

  • very well :D

  • Does it work only on GPS enabled phones??

  • Nice article but the statement that Google has data of all the mobile towers is not correct. Google collects the serving cell information from all the google maps users. this is written in the privacy policy of the software or somewhere. Now if the phone using google maps also has GPS then when that phone uses both GPS and google maps, Google server collects the signal strenght, the cell ID and the actual GPS coordinates of that location. This data after processing and application of algorithms is then used to locate Non GPS enabled phones.

    @Ahsan, Yes it works for non gps phones but the accuracy as stated in the article varies depending upon the data available in google servers for that area/ cell IDs.

  • alias

    The screenshot of Lahore above is from Google MapMaker – not Google Maps. That means in Google’s Map application on cellphones, you’ll only see satellite imagery since the streets/points data has not yet been ‘officially’ made part of their Maps data.

  • Well its very nice but my question is that …..Do Google server have info about all Mobilink BTS (Lat/Long)?

  • i just opened Lahore,its not routable all i see is a yellow road named 70,dubai and newyork open fine

  • can i use it on Sony Ericsson P910i?

  • Yes Tipu u may use it. because i use on Sony Ericsson K550i

    • will you please guide me how can i use it …..do i need to install software for it ….

      • lucky

        yes u shoud be install siftware

  • Hello:

    I have a 2006 Toyota Reconditioned Corolla in Karachi / Pakistan. GPS system and Screen is installed but I need an appropriate Software to be uploaded to enable Pakistan Cities (especially / particular for Karachi).

    Can some help me provide latest / updated software with its installation assistance in Karachi.

    Dr. Saleem Siddiqi
    [email protected]

  • Babar

    i wana want to downlod a complete goggle map

  • Faheem

    I Have installed these software on my Nokia 5233, and its working are very good. Most of peoples who lived in abroad and travell to pakistan. But due to non availbility of GPS system in Pakistan. They facing troubles to get their direction. But now they install this google software on their mobile and enjoying the same feature like GPS navigation system.

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