• So! so sad, i also hope that Web masters working on that
    hope its solve soon!

  • Wow
    thats interesting

    I agree there must be some check so that user can be prevented from demage.

    really very informative post. Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.fesco.com.pk
    this is official website of fesco is also malware addected.
    plz add it.

  • Saleem Khan

    It can be. Last month NDTV site was also under attach and then NDTV fixed the problem. I least open jang.com.pk because it is just a jumble of add site and nothing else. better to use geo.tv site. same news but not issue.

  • So sad to hear that, I have tackled with the malware, and I know it’s pretty bad thing and hurt your traffic stats badly and takes some time to be removed!

    Let’s see

  • Abbas

    I visited Jang.com.pk this saturday i.e. 20th June and immediately got affected from the virus and even my antivirus was unable to protect it(even I update it on daily basis. It ). However I searched google and managed to remove the virus with help from Symantec website and immediately updated my facebook status to warn others from visiting Jang website.
    Symantec Antivirus help link :

    P.S : Google even reports Jang Epaper’s website.

  • Engr Umer

    Govt. College University Faisalabad Official Web is also being Blocked by Google, as far as i know the Web Team there, they are incompetent and have no knowledge how to build an institution web site.

  • Engr Umer

    btw Jang.com.pk is Back Online and Freed from from the Threat, i tried to send email at Editor Address but Mail Server was fulled :(

  • shaaani

    Jang EPaper http://ejang.jang.com.pk/ was also underattack same as jang.com.pk

  • Abbas

    U r right. That’s why I m using http://www.jang.net/jm/ :)

  • Usama Ahmed

    http://www.jang.com.pk domain again on malware attack. Noted on 14 July 2009.

  • Shahzad Hasan

    iqragulshan.edu.pk since months

  • Now Rozee.pk is also under malware Attack

  • Dear comment makers i am a security specialist and i had scanned websites and found that google safe browsing method never fail.Now a days web attacking is very easy.So dont blame google.