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Jang.Com.Pk Under Malware Attack, Says Google

By  | 23, Jun 2009 | 15 Comments

Google has this automated malware detection procedure to protect internet users from getting effected, which is now identifying Jang’s website as malware effected and every vistor is warned to not to enter website. Problem persists for more than 24 hours now, as it was first reported by Chorwangi yesterday evening.

jang malware Jang.Com.Pk Under Malware Attack, Says Google

Apparently, Jang webmaster has not been able to rectify the issue, as Google keeps on warning the vistors.

On information page, Google says that out of 543 pages that it tested on the jang’s website over the past 90 days, 10 pages resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.

As we anticipate, Jang’s website is hosted on windows severs, hence more chances of automated mal-ware installation from third parties to damage the webserver. I am sure webmaster knows it and must be working on the issue – moreover he needs to request for re-view of website by using Google’s webmaster tools.

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  • haseeb

    So! so sad, i also hope that Web masters working on that
    hope its solve soon!

  • Tania Aslam

    thats interesting

    I agree there must be some check so that user can be prevented from demage.

    really very informative post. Thanks for sharing

  • Ehtesham ul haq
    this is official website of fesco is also malware addected.
    plz add it.

  • Saleem Khan

    It can be. Last month NDTV site was also under attach and then NDTV fixed the problem. I least open because it is just a jumble of add site and nothing else. better to use site. same news but not issue.

  • Saquib

    So sad to hear that, I have tackled with the malware, and I know it’s pretty bad thing and hurt your traffic stats badly and takes some time to be removed!

    Let’s see

  • Abbas

    I visited this saturday i.e. 20th June and immediately got affected from the virus and even my antivirus was unable to protect it(even I update it on daily basis. It ). However I searched google and managed to remove the virus with help from Symantec website and immediately updated my facebook status to warn others from visiting Jang website.
    Symantec Antivirus help link :

    P.S : Google even reports Jang Epaper’s website.

  • Engr Umer
    Govt. College University Faisalabad Official Web is also being Blocked by Google, as far as i know the Web Team there, they are incompetent and have no knowledge how to build an institution web site.

  • Engr Umer

    btw is Back Online and Freed from from the Threat, i tried to send email at Editor Address but Mail Server was fulled :(

  • shaaani

    Jang EPaper was also underattack same as

  • Abbas

    U r right. That’s why I m using :)

  • Usama Ahmed domain again on malware attack. Noted on 14 July 2009.

  • Shahzad Hasan since months

  • Faheem Mumtaz

    Now is also under malware Attack

  • jhanzab100

    Dear comment makers i am a security specialist and i had scanned websites and found that google safe browsing method never fail.Now a days web attacking is very easy.So dont blame google.