• does someone has any good news about the jobs :(…….

  • Jadoo

    where will telecoms engineers go?

  • haseeb

    nO Every Where is downsizzing

  • Positivity

    This communication is for the Owner of the Website.

    This is indeed a good initiative that telecom news are been aired. I suggest that this website should be the hub and bridge for very positive activities/info rather than giving news that has no grounds.

    Young Professionals along with others should look up to this website as a source of great informations that add value to readers mind.

    In times of recession where UK announced layoffs around 5 million, Toyota another 50000 layoffs, gmail, microsoft etc. Everyone got effected due to global recession so dear owner, think of ways and ideas to keep your readers happy. By reading such negative news, people get demotivated etc.

    Think of ways to create some employment for people who are being layed off. Give them some tips to find jobs etc.

    Like in one of the companies, CEO, President, Vice President and other 10 top guys decided to withdraw their bonus to avoid layoffs of staff. Its just a matter of thinking positively and constructively.

    We need to create a culture of positivity and inculcate also.

    This matter of airing company name, or any info is a very sensitive matter and needs to handle with lot of care.

    I hope that this will be well heard well by the owner.

    • Thanks for your feedback – and we do take it very seriously!

    • Specialist

      You claim that this post has no ground then surely you must be doing this as per your official duty not as an unbiased person. Recently around thirty clearances are processed for outsourced employees.

  • Positivity

    Thanks Aamir for your reply and understanding!!! Appreciated.

    I am attaching a link where you may find how recession has badly effected UAE.


  • Tania Aslam

    Thats really a bad news
    I hope and Pray that we will soon get rid of this situation. AMEEN

  • Jeffy

    Its nice and true report, as all the things get monitored from shenzhen. They are monitoring not only Pakistan local staff but also overseas pakistani employees.