Zong 4G Partners with Ericsson for Network Expansion

ong 4G has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Ericsson to expand its network in Sindh and Baluchistan.

The collaboration will see the deployment of multiple capacity microwave links on existing Zong cellular sites and will roll out new sites to enhance the bandwidth and throughput in south region.

With more than 10 Million customers across Pakistan, Zong 4G is the leading 4G operator of the country. Through its continued investments in the network and infrastructure the company is keen on enabling customers from remote areas of Sindh and Baluchistan to enjoy increased speed and extensive coverage of Zong 4G.

“With the evolution of technology, our Customers need for data is growing rapidly and for us, they are the first and foremost priority. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible services and solutions through our ever-expanding data network. Through our partnership with Ericsson, we are rolling out the fastest network expansion plan to increase our 4G footprint to empower our customers with Zong 4G’s seamless connectivity across Pakistan,” said Mr. Wang Hua , Chairman and CEO , Zong 4G.

Zong 4G’s journey of digital enablement of Pakistan does not end here. Building on the heritage of Network Leadership, the company is expanding the network capabilities to ensure seamless connectivity for the largest 4G subscriber base.

The company is committed to provide high speed internet connectivity to each and every digital citizen.

“Ericsson is focused on offering innovative and state-of-the-art technology solutions for enhanced customer experience. Through our collaboration with Zong 4G for its network expansion program, we will help to advance the communications infrastructure in remote areas of Pakistan. This partnership will also help provide high internet speed solutions to serve growing high speed broadband demand in big cities across Pakistan. ” Said Waqas Naeem President and CEO Ericsson Pakistan

In line with its 4G expansion, Zong 4G is modernizing its existing network while also deploying new sites to provide customers with best possible quality of voice and data services. The company’s network expansion is reflective of its customer-centric approach to ensure that the interests of consumers stay above all, by offering them Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network

    • All networks in Pakistan are using mix of Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia equipment. nobody is exclusive to any company. And remove this wrong concept from your mind that Chinese equipment are substandard as compare to European or American companies. They are making by far the most advance equipment or you can say even better. its up to a company that how well they optimize their network. China, Korea and Singapore are using mostly Chinese equipment and they have fastest 4G speed in the world. Find European countries and America in list of world’s fastest 4G networks. you will get the true facts.

    • ZTE Have in Trouble, as already banned by American Nation :
      How Pakistani Support it : Itna Asan Nahi Hai Abhi

  • Kiya krna hei sindh or Baluchistan mae yr ap ka cpec gilgit baltistan sae guzrta hei i think pr ap logu na gilgit ko nazar andaz krka rakha hua hei yr na gilgit mae 3g hei na 4g support koie nahe kr raha hei plz gilgit baltistan ko be focus kiya jayh we are living in 90s??we need our needs..make sure that you people focus also on gilgit baltistan..sindh or baluchistan mae tue ap logu na bht kuch kiya hei magar ap log gilgit mae aka dakho kiya hal hei logu ka..plz PTA sae guzarish hei ki gilgit mae be 3g or 4g spectrum sale kra…if you wanna hear my words thanks alot ….plz we need some support??

    • Dont Worry aap k Liay Kaam chal rha hai aur aap in Sha Allah Direct 4G ee dekhen gay

      Umeed nhi chorrty kabhi b

  • Dear sir
    My arya zong Network not singnal .
    Muridky chake 33 UCC .
    And other velige singnal problem.

  • Mr. Wang Hua Chair/CEO Zong 4G for the transparent initiative towards world class Ericsson 4G now. Earlier 4G of Chinese origin made Zong 4G a laughing stock, myself has to surrender despite incentives it wasn’t worth. This has created a sense of quality, and service criteria which is in emerging countries as Pakistan is not present. I suggest other operators particularly Ufone should follow your suit for 4G which is compliant to ETSI standards. Despite all efforts of Zong marketing agressive, promotion, now Zong will see the magic of ETSI of Ericsson in Pakistan urban areas. Congratulation Zong for being a patriot vendor of Pakistan which cares for quality of Service. QOS.

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