• Akram

    no doubt social media marketing brings attracts a huge number of customers and visitors to website or product…. but there is no need to put lots of money in social media because there are many high PR n alexa ranking social media websites which gives a lots of backlinks towards your website or customers to your product…. facebook, twitter, flickr and many other sites are a huge platform for you guyz to put your website or company advertisement ….. but the issue is that you should know to how to put your product or website in social media ,,,, because its really tough to construct a sentence which attract visitors towards ur site or product … social media is free and reliable source to bring traffic to your site ,,,,,

  • Umar Tarar

    Nice article

  • BTW ProPakistani has got a FaceBook Page too ; – )


    I guess our team is doing good in there… what you say?

    • hahaha yeah! We are soon going to touch 6000 Fans landmark. That’s because we got some highly experienced people behind it ;)

    • Insider

      hahaha lot better than telenor, they can learn from you

  • Great article you have got here.. and seriously the telenor campaign u just mentioned from profile to group to page :S a kid would do better.. I am not even good at social media and I still managed 2300 fans in 2-3 months. Coke studio is one awesome example of great marketing.. they managed over 80,000 fans with 2nd season.

    • Thanks Hamad. Seriously Telenor proved to be an EPIC FAIL. LOL Telenor should learn something from you ;) And yeah Coke Studio did amazing.

  • rumpus

    looks like you’re just promoting yourself rather than talk about why companies should use social networks to market themselves and data on what works and what doesnt. i would have thought that this blog would be more than shameless self promotion.