• shabash vay telenor muft ke mashhori ka neya zariya

  • I am not disappointed since I didn’t have any hopes in the first place.

    I knew from day 1 where this was going so tried to show my disinterest which was enough of a hint.

    For future, it’s easy enough to understand they they should mind their own business and so should we.

  • actually Telenor sucks
    but this weblounge type thing is really wonderful

  • Thats called “corporate promises”, Zeeshan.

    I’m not disappointed. Just plainly indifferent.

    Reason being that I did not just go ahead and publish posts for free on Telenor products and they didn’t give me any BlackBerry for it.

    I read Pakiology and Saday-e-Pakistan’s post on Telenor’s products. Not including them in the competition is absolutely SHAMEFUL.

  • I read the article again. This is actually very disgusting.

  • Telenor and mobilink are one companies that love to steal act as thieves and also mug the normal people .. my article on cyberdera said the same.. these companies are truly not acting in a wise enough manner or a cultured way that would show their corporate exposure

  • What a discouraging step and attitude!

  • Infuriated Devil

    How to prevent these scams?
    I don’t think there is a way other than the LAW is straightened. More so the higher management need to be decent (not saaiths)

    Ethics, morals… NO EXISTENCE!

  • I think they were expecting thousands of visitors to their portal just by giving a Blackberry.

  • saqib aziz

    kbe kio zindage me aye na raba
    aye to per kahi jaye na raba.

  • Fakhre alam

    Yar actually telenor india bhaag raha hay awr akhir may wo chahta hay muft may zyada say zyada paisay cash keye jaye. Very simple

  • insidero

    yeh aik Europian company ka haal hay tu Pakistani aur Chinese tu kissi khatay main hi nahi atay

  • @ Zeeshan (Author) .. I’m the owner of http://www.Pak-sms.com .. So kindly cut the crap out, http://www.pak-sms.com/telenor-news.html is the link to the review I did on Telenor’s Web Lounge .. You got no right to say anything about my work.

    Secondly, About Blogger’s Competition, Telenor mailed everyone and asked them to reply back IF THEY wanna be the part of this competition. Everyone who attended the meetup were not included.

    10 August 2008 Email from Telenor, See the last line “Plus we have a small bloggers competition as well that will start from 11th August, those who want to participate kindly do contact me, thanks.” .. This line clearly mentinoed that whoever wants to Participate, contact them.

    Thirdly, Telenor had been in-touch with some of the top bloggers and website owners. (Usually 90% of you bloggers blog about TECH or something and you don’t give a damn about Pakistan because your current blogs have foreign traffic and you earn from there.) So why would they contact such bloggers again who didnt give a damn to them?

    And at the last, without even ending the competition (even in your reference quoted email) which clearly says that the time is extended, which means bigger prize is still at hold and they are sending out gift hampers to some of the selected bloggers during the competition. So its not a miscomittment rather a very motivational thing, that Telenor still keeps the word and put a hold to the bigger prize and still without anything is sending you gifts.

    Talal Masood

    • Didn’t you place banner here: http://www.pak-sms.com

      • I did place a Banner. Is placing a banner bad move? Zeeshan said I didnt review weblounge. I did review on the very first day!

    • While I’d agree with most of the things Talal said, including the August 10, email asking to reply in order to participate, and the fact that we (at least those at Lahore) were only told that it would be a 2 month competition, Telenor is the one at fault here.

      I can’t believe you’re overlooking the fact that the only one who stands to benefit from this is Telenor. Of course we can’t cover this story because of the international traffic issues but I never was interested in a Blackberry Bold anyways.

      What Telenor didn’t understand here is that this is called paid reviews, and if you’re going down that road, then make sure you pay up each and everyone who covered it.

      And quite frankly, I think they can’t get any more FREE traffic from the bloggosphere and that shows how good their product was.

      They certainly have got off on the wrong foot here, and the seriously need to rethink their strategy if they want to rebuild their image. Because the bloggosphere is more than capable of causing serious blows to this product as it relies on web traffic.

      • The things you described about Paid Reviews is a nice strategy. But I guess, they started off with this kind of thing for the first time.

        Uzee, we knew it was 2months compeition so August-September, September-October are 2 months, Aint it?

        When Mobilink can turn off their Ladies First Package without notice or All the companies started charging 10Paisa on balance enquiry without any notification then what is the hype in this issue?

        If you ever look at any telco’s any package plan, there is a * with it which says “Limited Time Offer”. Oh yea, I guess Telenor told you people verbally that Its a competition and forgot to say ASTERIK with that :)

        I don’t think there is an issue to be raised on this matter. They are giving you gift hampers, comeptition is still on, — scene on hai yaar! :)

        • I respect your thoughts… however, let me say following things in response,

          We, at ProPakistani praises and criticizes companies, with equal regards. We didn’t spare Mobilink for taking back Ladies First or SMS bundles then why you think this issue was not discussion worthy?

          We also condemned PTA for not concluding Essay writing competition here http://propakistani.pk/2009/06/08/where-are-pta-essay-writing-competition-results/, the way Zeeshan did today.

          Besides, i was not in Lahore, so i don’t know what happened there – however, in Islamabad, in presence of so many others (including me), we were clearly communicated that it was one month campaign. No Doubt about it!!!

        • @Talal

          That’s my whole point. They started off wrong and two wrongs wont make a right.

          As for 2 months, August = 1 month, September =2nd month. The mid result email clearly mentioned the competition will close in the last week of September.

          And all things aside, I think they had too much expectations for this product. I mean it was aimed at business professional (because its postpaid), who actively use the Internet for most part of the day. Most people I know in that category like to communicate online instead of using cellphones, so that means they had a very limited market scope.

          And on top of that, the service had its own hiccups to begin with. Under those circumstances, I think they got a very good response (traffic). We all know only a fraction of the total traffic on a page actually click’s through to the product.

    • I would agree to Talal’s and Uzair’s comment. I think there’s been a misunderstanding and miss communication. I’ll agree as well as disagree to some points of the post.

      The competition was announced by Telenor and it was mentioned in the official email that the competition will end in the last week of September. But today, they emailed that they are extending the dates of the competition. So, what’s wrong in it if they are extending it..? Its not like that they never had a plan to conclude the competition. They just extended it.

      They informed it to everyone in time. They came up with an explanation that why are they extending the date of the competition. They asked the group to post addresses so that they can receive the gifts apart from the competition. The statement clearly explains that the move was to acknowledged the efforts and encourage the competition. The competition is still there and so is its prize. So, what is this all hype about?

      You can’t punish someone for the crime which has not been committed yet. The email was sent to a group of bloggers and if someone had any issue, it must have been brought to light within that group. The issue could have been discussed there and we all could have come to an understanding. Their should be another decent way of protest instead of baseless blaming and calling it a scam in online media. The competition is still on and was among only six blogs or bloggers. So it shouldn’t be brought to the world before discussing it with at least those six stake holders.

      We bloggers must be able to see whether who’s trying to exploit and who’s really worthy of getting media coverage. The statement in the post “Telenor kept sending its various news and press releases asking bloggers to publish them – which bloggers did happily” really disappoints me. You mentioned all the bloggers so I would like to answer that its not the case. Only six blogs were included in the competition on the bases of the number of the visitors referred to their website. When I was told that I’d been included in the blogging competition (Lahore Metblog is at 4th) I told them that I would not support because it doesn’t go with the policy of my blog and to me, your updates seem more like a promotional news and this whole conversation is on record. I had just reported the event held in Lahore and the launch at http://lahore.metblogs.com/2009/08/11/telenor-pakistan-launched-one-stop-online-solution-for-persona-users/ and then I didn’t continue with it.

      It is good if bloggers understand that what actually is news and what is marketing. I would only suggest that one must not do something out of the way for any one and at the same time, must not expect something out of the way. Well, in the end, they just extended the competition not ended it and I don’t see any thing wrong in it.

      And yes, there was nothing like a cap of minimum number of the visitors. But it could be discussed offline. I some what agree to the last point of you Zeeshan that they seems to be in a position that they miss-calculated the campaign and were expecting something more. Like Talal mentioned, it was their 1st experience and they will learn slowly that its not quiet easy to get everything easily according to their own will from social media.

      There’s nothing like you can cheat media and especially online media easily. And I believe that Telenor understands that. They would never want to do something which can actually affect their brand.

      To sum it up, I believe that at this point there was no need to come up with such conclusion and if, there was any issue of numbers it must not have been brought like this.

      Usman Latif

      • Saqib

        Very True!
        I can’t agree more!

  • Lets discuss this issue at next meet up Guys, I think this is not the right place. There is some serious misunderstanding going on. The message they delivered and the message you interpreted is totally different[this is what i have observed at leats ]. So lets stop blaming each other and discuss this issue at Next Meetup :)

    • Which just discussed what Telenor is doing and nothing else. Our job is to highlight the bad things going in the industry. And trust me this is the right place to discuss, you don’t worry I’m with you. No need to worry about anything – Just don’t take any pressure ;)

  • Suhaib Malik

    Seems telenor has given prize to Mr. Talal Masood under the table :p that’s y is taking part of telenor :)) peace up guys .. Behas main kya rakha hai.

    • zubair

      telenor is involve in such kind of gift in the market as well
      One on the company i know telenor sales manager have given him a check just to port to there network so some offical who can influence the disscions
      This is kind of practice in the market i am not blaming but now a days this is very common and can not left out of considerations

    • Suhaib, This is really bad. I am not the winner yet. The result is still on. The thing that hurts me is that my website is not that big/huge like propakistani and still I gave them the 2nd most hits. I worked hard in that effort and in the end I had to listen to such things. This is really heart-beaking.

  • I am not afraid of anyone , just looking for a peaceful way to resolve this issue :)I hope things would get better at next meet up

  • Extending the competition isn’t wrong, as I think. BUT they didn’t extend it as a promotional activity, they extended it saying “Kindly note that we haven’t received any good numbers in blogging competition, seems like our esteemed bloggers are a bit busy in other work :)”

    If things didn’t work for em as expected, then why should we be held responsible?

    I have over 80 percent traffic from Pakistan and I could write on it but I was well aware of the things to happen next.

  • see guys i told you… Telenor people “we are not kids”. Wrong move you did ….

  • muhammad salman

    u can have free balance inquiry of telenor on their website through weblounge.

  • An example of how big companies want to use bloggers as a medium for free marketing and publicity. Thank God I didn’t fall for this even though I was invited by a few people.

    • If you call it FREE its not. They held a meetup, offered us tea/drinks/snacks. They invited few of us on Dinners. They are sending us Gift Hampers. And the bigger prize is still on hold. Why do you say its FREE?

  • corporate wars


    funny how we love Mufta :)

  • Haris

    Telenor’O Cheap’O .. !

  • Suhaib Malik

    @Talal ,, my prospective is not to hurt you. congrats to be placed on 2nd . The only issue is that the bloggers and the website owners must be unite as already they are. they are playing a very positive role in terms of ( Mufta marketing ) for the telecom companies since many of us come to know about the new promotions / features offered by the operators through these blogs. So the blogger must get these kinds on rewards in the form of competition etc. Keep up the good work bloggers.

  • SyedY

    Is it only me here who is thinking that these esteemed bloggers were supposed to give us fair and unbiased reviews rather than being on the payroll of some companies to promote their products. now we know why the weblounge was promoted so much on the blogs. now we cant trust anything you guys say.

  • @Syedy

    Bloggers were asked to review the app (not review the app good).

  • urdu blogger are great non of us wrote any thing :D