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Telco advertising - Adding Another Flavor

By  | 08, Dec 2009 | 3 Comments

In recent months advertising in the telecom industry has changed its trend and message in a new way. Before this change, rate race was the main theme of every ad and each company was fighting for it in one-way or the other.

There was 30-second package and one Rupee package, which were being introduced to attract the customers.

But now all the companies are moving towards free minutes offers, or call them bundle minutes, asking the customers to move to the best company using MNP with better offers of call rates and SMS packages.

During Ali Zafar’s move to Mobilink, we also saw an end to jingle based advertising. It is quite apparent that Telenor’s aggressiveness has been hurt with Ali’s move. One will agree that with Ali Zafar, Telenor Pakistan was at the top of advertising with glamour and attraction.

However Ali Zafar could not impact the same way while being at Mobilink. The thrill and charm of Ali Zafar, we knew of, is no more in the scene. His new look and style is not so impressive – maybe he is more of a jingle guy. Let the time decide that how successful will be with the Zafar with the Mobilink.

Mobilink is now airing two TVCs (TV commercials) -one is Ali Zafar asking to join the jazz with same number and code while the other is Bhurban ad which shows the coverage and quality of the Mobilink. The Bhurban ad was a good effort to show coverage of the company.

0 Telco advertising   Adding Another Flavor

On the hand Telenor Pakistan is still using the jingle way of advertising to promote its packages. Along with comes the brand of Easy Paisa, for which it is airing qualitative, quantitative and meaningful ads.

Zong has retained the same policy of taunting the Mobilink, Ufone and at times Telenor . The dialogue “code aur Number yahi rakho aur network Zong kar lo…pher khullay SMS karo.” This dialogue has a punch and says many things to customers without any problem. Zong has already introduced a 20 second package with elephant effect. That was the new lowest rate and time to call.

As Zong has no corporate customers so it is still working hard to get them through any way and at any price.

Ufone is still making effort to joke around and register its message. It is wonderful to see that Ufone is offering the lowest call rates to UK, USA and Canada but not to KSA, Kawit, Qater and UAE where majority of Pakistanis live and call to their dear ones. The ad is good and it characters as well.

0 Telco advertising   Adding Another Flavor

The campaign, which has really changed the movement of the industry, is easy paisa by Telenor Pakistan. It has presence in the length and breadth of the country with banners, bridge branding, posters and TVCs. Telenor has allocated millions for this campaign. Budget wise it was the biggest campaign and effect on our social and cultural behavior. Easy Paisa is spread around with regional languages too.

0 Telco advertising   Adding Another Flavor

Let’s see in the coming months how this trend will continued as the saturated market in Telecom sector has nothing to offer more then this but a war of survival is there.

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  • corporate wars

    Ufone is offering lowest rate in the night, in the day is 30 paisas more expensive than telenor. and per minute.. i wonder how ethical is putting it as lowest rate.. i guess ufone is just tring to save its perception of being cheap overall

  • Amna Ali Shah

    Dudes…….. Mobilink Rocks

  • Usman

    Mobilink Rocks or is it MaybeLink ….. yes it has large rocks in its infrastructure which do not allow the signals to come to most places and when the signals do come, the network is too busy!!!

    Mobilink SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

    I ported out to Telenor and am much happier now.