• Facebook is slowly slowly posining ppl.

  • Issue: The same like button results display with every news. Like in above picture,its stated that 118 people liked this. So, now you surf on The news page, you will see different number.. right now its 147 others & Aamir Attaa who liked it. If you go to some other news, you will find the exact number of results i.e. 147 & aamir attaa

  • Facebook trying to reach the level of Google but they will not succeed in a short period of time.They have to work hard for it.
    At least our local news agencies are getting aware of social tools.

    • dear Haseeb,
      Facebook has already left Orkut and other social communities behind its dust. Facebook has revolutionized the social communities and you will see all social networking sites copying facebook in near future.
      What facebook is doing … Google never every think of it. Just wait for some months then you gona forget Google services. I am sorry that I can not name them now.

      Pakistan Zindabad

      • Fingers Crossed, My Friend!! We will look forward to the developments for sure.. Just hit us with something extra-ordinary..

  • Fahad

    Is it possible to get thenews post on my mobile for free i am using ufone

    • Fahad, there is nothing like free :)You can use TheNews posts via GPRS/EDGE though..