• wow that’s awesome

  • Kohtari House

    Nayatel is already the leader in GPON with over 15000 subscribers. Wateen and Cybernet have tried GPON but have had limited success. In meantime, Mobilink, Witribe, Augere and Wateen have captured 150+K customers on Wimax.

    • Misrishah

      Are you sure nayatel is Gpon? Someone told me it was Bpon

      • Owais

        @misrishah Nayatel has deployed its GPON network..I am working in Nayatel

  • That’s good for PTCL.

  • stylish

    very well said by kohatrki, GPONf is an exciting but a very sensitive market and hope that PTCL is able to penetrate.Congrats to KHL for achieving this honor of GPON implementation in Pakistan. if my info is not wrong KHL has also acheived the GPON projects in Middle East i.e. Emirates and Oman.Hats of to KHL.

  • Pakistan One

    too late too little, PTCL should aim wider audience in the first go at least in Karachi.

  • usman

    Wateen is there since many years on GPON, lahore karachi and Islamabad

  • saad

    Sir I want Gpon service in karachi korangi .. can any one tell me about this .