• Ashhal Ahmed

    I have been using PTCL broadband connection for the last 3 years and I am a regular visitor of entertainment.ptcl.net. The recent move of PTCL to promote Pakistani music is excellent. I have seen some very good albums there and quality music. I have not seen any Pakistani portal with such strong catalogue.

  • Farhan

    Just wondering, isn’t this piracy ? or do they pay license fees ?

    • Jawwad Jafri

      it’s all licensed content

  • Khan Aamir

    @Ashhal… I used PTCL for nearly 3 months and then gave it back and shifted to Wateen becuase PTCL’s customer service is pathetic. They did not have anything on the portal except for paindoo old songs which are also copy righted by EMI (unless its owned by PTCL too) and as for piracy, maybe they bought the content but what about the royalty fee to the artist… no one seems to care about that. This is just a gimmick from PTCL, if they are so confident then why not open it up for the general public since this press release is on a public forum.

  • i am a regular customer of PTCL but its rates are tooo much.

  • adeel

    Pathetic Portal ….. !!!
    do they update it ??? :/ Movies section not updated, Music only coz they can share pirated stuff on that portaL !!

  • PTCL continues increasing there rates constantly now they put above Rs. 1000/-, 15% Taxes applied so if you guys using broadband student or any other package your should have to pay 200 line rate + 1000/- package or whatever you have including 15% taxes :@@@@ for basic student package (1000 student package, 200 line rent, taxes 180)like they charge you 1380/- what the hell is this and there service are getting poor N poor day by day 60 kbps per sec downloading now they introduce 2 mbps package LOL for 1800/- (including all taxes)