• waleed

    I’m actually surprised!! it’s 11 pm to 5 pm! that’s HUUUUGE!
    which means it’s not just for late night usage but also for office/university work.
    ye tou fit scene hai man..

  • Anam

    nice nice!! 2.8 per hour isnt bad at all…even if u put into account the daily charges…its still pretty reasonable!!

  • Zuhayb H. Shah

    Calls Should be totally free for a daily rental of Rs 10. Maximum.

  • Hassan

    Glow Glow hiii (Warid Rocks) quality network almost no call drops
    But mobilink have a lot call drops worst voice quality and GPRS have patheic speed

  • free cal

  • Muhammad Iftikhar Aleem

    I have no idea Jazba Fnf please tell me How can I do it thoroughly please send the reply so that I may able to convert my Fnf entered 3 Nos in Jazba thanks

  • sj

    such things only happen in FNF number or to any Number?