• Munnu

    Good move by Nokia

  • FiDO

    doesnt it have WIFI? :o

    • admin

      yes, it has wifi

  • MySchizoBuddy

    how many different symbian versions are there?

  • Emran

    Medium Range 20000?……..

  • Wasiq

    What is the price?

  • faizan

    why would someone wanna buy a dead OS(symbian) when there is an option for Android.

  • I guess it should price somewhere around 12-14k then we can assume it cheap for all

  • yasir latif

    go for samsung, you will find the different world. nokia no more….. simple OS(symbian) is outdated now….

  • Monster

    this is must less then 10,000,, i hope nokia will listen to my words,,


  • Rs 20k is mid range. The bar has been raised :-)

  • waqas

    may be it between 15 to 18k

  • Monster

    There is No Flash LED for Camera & have no front Camera for Video Chat… =(

  • so beautiful…!

  • Stryker

    Can it be dual booted via android ? Like n800 .

    • Muhammad Saad

      Could you please give me the link from where i can read the rest of the detail regarding the dual boot feature of N800?
      Thanks in advance

  • Adeel

    Symbian is well on it’s way to the grave, but still Nokia is bent on squeezing the last penny from it before its death… Symbian is the past- Android, iOS, WP7, BB7 are the future, though the last one is doubtful.

  • I like nokia sets it’s economical price will be 15k

  • Wasiq

    LOL, people are taking about iOS, WP7 & Andriod while they are using Nokia with Symbain since long.

  • Symbian seem outdated…