• Another Funny and Lame Statement by Mr.Malik!

  • I don’t know, what type of dumbs are ruling us! Where are the legit IT guys? Why the hell, terrorist use Google services, when they know that US Government can track them easily! or When they have full authority to create their own private IRC channels!

    • Shen

      i dont think so that terrorist here in Pakistan can use internet in such extent.. terrorist here are illiterate about IT..

  • :P no comments…

  • He apparently ordered an enquiry against a guy on Twitter because his bio stated he is Malik’s advisor. haha

    Oh crap, should have commented via a gmail id, this might get tracked by RM.

  • What is dumbness in that? He wrote a line, how would you say if you wanted to tell others same thing? :)

  • Imran Shah

    “he’s supposed to be the most series man in these”
    lol but he aint “series” at all dude!!!!

  • Prostar

    Malik Saab 2 bjy twitter py bzi thy to soye kb hon gy, aur namaz kb parhi ho gi. Namaz to wo Eid ki hi parhty hn…….. wo b baghair wazoo k……

    • Zeeshan Ahemd

      lolzzz… so funny :)

  • Salam, kuch khas nahi lga yah text.
    propakistani @ hotmail.com

  • It’s for u.

  • M.Fahad

    All i can say about R.Malik is KEEP YOUR PANTS ON

    • Vickzz

      agree ;)

  • IwhizKID

    Rofl Finaly a Good Critism.

  • Pathologist

    one word… LOLZZZ :D

  • nawaz sharif

    First of all Rehman Malik and Co. sould oblige courts order. Court declare him guilty and president Zardari pardons him. What sort of lawless land is this?

  • nawaz sharif

    Well to be quite honest first of all Rehman Malik and Co. should oblige courts order. Court declare him guilty and president Zardari pardons him. What sort of lawless land is this?

  • malik bongian na mar

    • Zeeshan Ahemd

      malik !!!! sun lay MALIK kh raha hy BOUNGYAAN na mar . hahhahaha

  • Pagel “e” oyyy :p

  • Shahid Saleem

    — (Google currently asks for American court orders, which obviously isn’t viable for Pakistani authorities)

    WHY NOT? Look again at the link:


    Are you going to tell me that countries like Hungary and Cyprus and make requests to Google but Pakistan cannot??

    • admin

      Coz hungry or others didn’t sacrifice 37000 citizens for twin towers of their (google’s) country

      • Shahid Saleem

        Huh? So what? It’s a simple matter of following procedures. Cyprus can do it. Hungary can do it. Taiwan can do it. Hong Kong can do it. What is special about Pakistan?

        • Saad Waseen

          @admin: Google is a corporate company. Get out of your shell. The world is a bigger place.

  • zain

    fact is our agencies cant do any work on ground.

    they need ” pakki pakai kheer” .thats why they need help from google and youtube

    previously they did the same with telecom companies.now they can take out data of anyone and anyone’s conversation without any permission

  • I Use Gmail and I am not a Terrorist :-s ?

  • I can’t understand why only Google?? There are a million ways Terrorists can communicate on Internet.

    R Malik and Co., you need better Cyber Laws and their implementations in country, and of-course, better implement Laws and court orders on your own self first.


    Because Terrorist use Google,
    Ban Google
    Because Terrorist use Cellphone,
    Ban Cellphone
    Because Terrorist use Vehicles,
    Ban Vehicles
    Because Terrorist use Knives,
    Ban Knives

    Ban all those things which terrorist can use

    But we are not going to do our Home Work

  • i also use gmail……

  • Saad Waseen

    “This update from the very minister came forth at 1:57 AM (Pakistan Standard Time) which tells us that the minister is not sleeping at this hour and banana Google kept bugging him.”

    This is you attempt at sarcasm? I mean, I’m all game for RM and banana jokes, but this was just downright stupid.