• a khan

    makes sense. Only missing element in developing own long range drones was a satellite and now we have one. Well done Pakistan. We are proud.

  • zain

    good to hear this. but it needs guts and a heart to use this .

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    • zain

      you edited my comment just because name of holy cow institution was mentioned in it . aahhh

  • atif

    good news and shukar ALLAH for this… and i agree with Zain…. our politicians and army will require BALLS to use this tech against any NATION who tries to mess with us.. deliberately or mistakenly.

  • Imran Shah


  • Imran Shah


  • Xahid

    Good News, bring smile on faces :D

  • owais emran

    A very great achievement

  • Saad

    alhamdullilah wonderful news…

  • Kia ap logo ko pata nehi keh Iraq ke pas bi Jhaaz tha, misiles tha, guns or helocopters bi tha……lakin hua kia….

    Sazish ka shikar

    or pakistan tu wesa he sazishi logo ke jannat ha

    hoosh ke nakhun lo or apni gherat ko jagaoo,,,,,phir teer talwar bi kafi ha mukabla ke lia

    • Shen

      hosh ke nakhon:P mai tu ab tak yaie samjhta tha k yaie word srf politics hi use krtay hein n un ka copy right he is p :D

  • Stupid General

    Pakistan army is not so Pro Pakistani sad but its a fact warna nato ko afghan mein guss ke marte.

  • Inam khetran

    Better late than never.Awsome work
    Pakistan Zindabad

  • A very great achievement, keep it up Pakistan

  • Ahmed

    When our scientists are developing “jigra” & “Hosla” to use it? I heard we are a nuclear nation, seriously? But who will press that button? Shivering hands in uniform ?

  • qasim

    For all those who have posted depressing comments… Surely are not patriotic Pakistanis.. They are either the agents of RAW or CIA planted just to defame Pakistan and its armed forces… Bravado for all those who were happy with the news

  • Let see what if will be used for,our own people or for others, however good going, I will probably design a website for their promoting, may they can earn some by selling it, LOL :)

  • Can i know whether its a stealth drone or just a simple drone that can be detected via radars.

  • ala pani

    Good to know. Our youth needs to do more for the country. They can do it as they have done it earlier. Don’t leave it to politicians or army or whatever. Talent in youth we have, the confidence they need to acquire themselves. Try to excell in technology and sciences and then no looking back, INSHALLAH.

    In our youth we trust.

  • Az

    Hi, Nice to hear about the new development. But More emphasis should be given on developing the “core” technologies rather than assembling “bought” technologies from different countries. like where did the engine for the drone came from , the avionics, the sensors. they are all bought from different sources. if we can develop those things in house, we will be more independent and in future can use these technologies in other fields of work and advance our capabilities in any direction.

  • kool guy

    U ppl r stupid our economy is dependant on america if we wanted to strike our fighter jets r more than enough to take care of any drone.they did infact distroy an indian drone

  • Khan Majeed

    Does anyone know its specifications and capabilities?