• Saeed

    Franchise stop BATTA so Police is involved in these frequently basis attacks.

    Last time they killed a person that were involved in the attacks so now another groups involve in these attacks: Spokesperson of POLICE :)

  • this sucks. im starting to hate our people.

    • Shahid Saleem


      • our mind and view of the world sucks. our way of solving problems and our use of religion for selfish motives is a shitty problem

  • sabir

    very informative and technical write up….

  • Multan

    What the hell, the security Guard, who was earning 6k per month and feeding his family is gunned down? What the hell, these Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-E-Jhangvi, Sipah Sahaba, Taliban, Terrorists have to do implement ISLAM on the country, in this way? Its really growing Love for Islam in my heart for sure but hate for the militants too!!!! May Allah curse those who kill innocent humanity!!!!!!!

  • This act is really condemnable…I wish govt. could control all that.. :(

  • Saleem Khan

    When you will refuse to give them MONTHLY BHATTHA…they will give you BULLETS in return. Few Franchises even closed their business and moved to PUNJAB due to same reason.

    Nothing is gona happen….even you bring culprits faces on MEDIA.

  • Jibran

    Wats the reason behind attacking mobile franchise? Any guess?

  • udas bacha

    so sad…

    Khuda pakistan ki hifazat kary…

  • why franchise?

  • Azhar

    Very bad.It will had bad impact on Franchise business and customers will also suffer.