• Azi


  • XXXX

    Brother of Arfa Karim… God bless you

  • Kamran

    Babar Sahib,

    Bohat Bohat Mubarak ho.

    Dear, we love you & thank you as a Pakistani for making us proud.


  • pakiiii

    Many congratulations. Pakistan is proud of u and all others like u.

  • Shahzad

    well done Babar, may there be more successes in your life

  • Danish Iqbal

    MashaALLAH, pride of Pakistan

  • MashaAllah bro keep the good work on the go and make Pakistan a positive image

  • Muhammad Anas


    Allah nazer-e-bad say bachaey aur mazid Kamyabian ata farmay!


  • Generally, there are many literate people who are unaware of the word “Research Paper” and this kid has already published one (that has been accepted internationally by IEEE) at a tender age of 14. Hats Off to him!!

  • Asad

    Alas! our government is not supporting such intelligent and talented people and they r going abroad to microsoft & other companies. Our IT ministers, the buffalos, have no time to think about taking advantage of such intelligent citizens for our country. If we had a sincere government, then we would have our own “Megasoft”.

  • Brilliant!

  • Farid khan Gandapur

    wah babar,tm ne to PAKISTAN n D.I KHAN ka nam roshan kr dia….keep it up,its ur 2nd world recrd.
    He is d first youngest microsoft certfd world recrd holder.

  • Mash ALLAH,….

  • Adeel

    man this is impressive !


    We are proud of u This is from the all pakistani citizens around the world u have brightened the name of pakistan again in these tuff times and we will remember this and make us proud on ur defence day… May Allah(s.w.t) give u success all the way good work bro

  • ali

    MashaAllah! Wish he could make it big.

  • Syed Keshwar Hossain Abidi

    Proud of Pakistan Babar Iqbal,
    Dua Go Hone Key.
    [Surah Falaq (5th Ayet)]:
    “Wamin Sharin Hasdeen Iza Hasad”
    {Allah Tum Ko Hased’don Key Hasad Sey , Bura Karney Walon Ki Buraion Sey Mehfooz Rakhey Aur Achey Kam Kartey Rehney Aur HAQ Aur SABRE Wasiyat Karney Ki Toufeeq Atta Karey} “Amen” Surah Falaq.

  • Babar BEST OF LUCK…
    Feels very good after reading these kind of stories…

  • very nice, well done

  • Usman Ali

    Very Well Done…We are proud of you…Allah bless you with more stength.

  • Mashallah babar iqbal our prays with you dear brother

  • hi salam

  • Furqan

    well done !!!!
    and congratulations for this
    we are proud of you

  • Furqan

    nice friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congratulations for that..
    i hope that you will do it more better

  • clock

    I got this link from Wikipedia , Pro Pakistani is recognized world wide :)