• S40 series naam k hongay. In tamam mobiles ki price 8k se above hoge.

  • Why Nokia does not introduce in multitask low end mobile?

    Also Nokia is badly fail in providing social site app…

    Now even Android phones are coming in 10K. Than why some one go for S40 in 10K!

    • I completely agree with you hamza. That’s the reason why nokia is completely failed in some european countries. When a person get android k under 9k or even a gsm android tablet at a price of Rs.11k why he will go for such a low end phone at an expensive price. Nokia is just a history,who manufactured brilliant phones. But now,android has taken the market of Nokia.
      Even samsung beated nokia for selling most smartphones in year 2011. Nokia should compromise with their own terms&conditions. They should give people what people want not that what nokia wants to give them.

      • Ali

        will you please tell me which android phone come in under 9k?

        • Its huawei ideos u8150.

          • Ali

            There is no comparison b/w huawei and Nokia..

            • MoMoo

              so what you need a touch screen set with Android OS. if it comes for 7K by zong.

        • Huwie Ideos, Qmobile are offering less than 9K android set.

          Samsung Galaxy Pocket price is S5300 is Rs. 10,500.

  • mohsin
  • its cool because now its era of smart phones,, good step

  • tipStack

    farigh design

  • RizwanYaqoob

    Another flop scene by Nokia is about to launch! Trust me, S40 devices are crap in real sense. If Nokia want to live it have to make sure that they launch some devices that can compete with the Giant ‘Android’ based Smartphones. Why they are just stickin to bullsh*t SYMBIAN? They can develop something extraordinary!!

    I can bet, Symbian will die by the end of 2013!!

  • maham

    Ali samsung glaxy pop plus adroid in 8200

  • sc0rpi0nz

    @maham kahan se mil raha hai 8200 mai?? provide me with authentic site.. or address..

  • sc0rpi0nz

    in india its available for 8330 indian rupee..
    Its international price z $170..
    here z a link:

  • Muhammad Anas

    You are mistaken, The price you told of Samsung galxy POP is in Indian Rupees. It is available in PKR.12,200/-13,200=

    The only android under 10K that I know is Huawei IDEOS U-8150 available for RS.7000/= by Zong.
    I`ve personally used IDEOS and its the best for those who want to go for Smart with low budget.

  • waiting for it

  • sam

    Again symbian is a dying operating system. I fail to understand why would nokia want to launch these phone. Why not launch the lumina series in Pakistan.I am sure windows phine would receive rave reviews here.

  • Nokia is not a Good Profitable product. It can get you volume of sales but its Cash unlike other.

    We at http://www.ebraincity.com removed Nokia Categorie. Sony and Samsung is a Market winner. Even HTC is also not as hot as SONY XPERIA ARC S and S

  • Mansoor

    Nokia is dumping its 3rd rated products in Pakistan.

  • mahar

    well ye event hai kis waqt

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    i hate nokia , even a phone like e52 doesnt has a sms counter , you cant fwd or even save pic msgs (not mms) – if i have 2000 contacts in my address book and i m writing / composing sms to one contat i need to brose the address book to select the contact , and IF i need to again send the msg to the same contact then again i need to broswe from address book ! WTF ! nokia doesnt have the recent / frequent recipient list even !
    sony erixon is far better , faster and user friendly phone.

  • Baaghi

    Nokia Ko Chhoro……….
    Ye Android Ki Dunia Hy Boss………….

  • Baaghi

    Android Tablet is Available in just Rs. 8,000/-