Jun 25, 2012


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  • Zulqarnain

    Yeh landline DSL broadband p bhi use ho sakega ?

    • Baaghi

      Why you want to buy Tenda device for Rs 4000/- and limit yourself to connectivity of 5 users/gadgets, instead you can connect more device by using PTCL Wifi DSL Boradband Model????

      • Arsalan

        PTCL Wifi DSL Boradband Modem is not mobile. You can’t use it while traveling.

    • Baaghi

      For: Model
      Read: Modem

      • Zulqarnain

        just because of battery basck up :)

  • http://www.ghumfree.pk Pakistan Classified Ads

    Nice Addition and i will also like to put forward the same question, will this device support the broadband, There is no description about it in the blog.

    And for the EVO users in Peshawar dont buy it as you know hoe the EVO works in Peshawar. :D

  • drdoom121

    does it support LAN output?I mean can i connect pc via lan cable

  • Asif Ali

    No, this is for PTCL USB devices. But it was available from last few months and there are many others like TP Link wifi router are available. I have used TP Link 3G wifi router with PTCL Nitro device sucsessfully without any problem. And any other USB device can also be used.

    • http://www.isharearena.com M.Aswad Mehatb

      what i sthe price of tp link 3g wifi router ? any guess or estimate ?

  • Asif Ali

    and there is nothing special, even it is available in same price in open market.

  • khan

    @asif ali brother its price is same in open market or not?? kindly comment on that as well. thanks in advance.

    • admin

      open market price is around 5,000 (as per OLX)

    • Asif Ali

      I bought TP Link Link 3G Wifi Rourter (PKR.4500). It has USB input and Wifi as well as Lan outpur. And performance is outstanding. I dont think that Tenda price will be higher than TP Link.

      • khan

        thanks asif and admin for feedback.i am also thinking that tp link is much better than tenda.

      • Mir Zulfiqar Ahmad

        please dear tell me model number for this router Thanks

      • Shahrukh

        please inform by email how you run EVO through this router at shahrukhg@yahoo.com, I have it but I am unable to run it

  • farhan

    evo the worst signal in rawalpindi max speed is 1.2mb and min 2kb hell evo

    • Baaghi

      Kisi ptcl k tower k pas HIJRAT kar jao to shayed kuch halat behter ho jaen……

  • Asif Ali

    I am lucky that 3G Nitro speed is much satisfactory in my area as compared to other vimax operators.

  • Ahmed

    On College Road Rawalpindi, in a shop TP Link 3G routers are available in Rs.2900 and 3400 respectively (for two different models)

    • Mir Zulfiqar Ahmad

      dear please can you send me MODEL numbers for these routers ,

  • Suhaib Malik

    Nice gadget I would love to buy this. It will be useful to use on car or while on travelling to connect good internet on smart phones as well.

  • Salman Abbas

    Why buy this over the one provided by PTCL? :/

    • Salman Abbas

      Nevermind lol.

  • http://youtu.be/lQdaO2BROGI ghulam mustafa

    nice website for information

  • Xakir Bhatti

    whats new in it ???? i can connect my EVO with TP LINK USB supportable Router … that is cheaper than this tenda…

  • yasrab

    battery backup is something to consider ( Typical in Pakistan).

  • Muhammad Anas

    Hey Guys, There is no need to buy a router priced RS/4000. If you wanna share your EVO connection you can do it in less than RS/ 1000 or even without it.*
    If you want more details you can contact my gmail:
    I will soon start a new blog to share the trick with all of you.

  • Sheraz

    sweet name :D

    • http://www.gamesjury.com Mobby G

      Sounds to me more like “Tunda” :P


    Please send EVO complains to evo.support@ptcl.net.pk with your contact details so that PTCL representative could talk to you and resolve that issues.

  • Mohammad Farhan

    Modem is very expensive :-/

    • Muhammad Irfan

      yes, I agree with you. anyone can get this type of device from market @ Rs. 2500

  • http://www.Insightpk.com Insight Pakistan

    Here is the complete guide on how to share USB internet connection without using wireless router:


    • khan

      i cannot create it.i tried to convert evo to wifi hotspot.i think it will work only on those laptop who can make wifi hotspot.

  • Rameez Ali

    I would like to know that TP- Link 3g router can Connect PTCL 3G Nitro Cloud?
    It Seems This Need to Install Some Software While Connecting Directly Into the computer.
    Please Share Your Answer here.
    Waiting for your Prompt Response.

  • ghulam shah

    i have Evo nitro cloud. I was using it without cable that is wireless connection. but suddenly there is problem. Icon showing red x sign and I am unable to connect wirelessly. Now I am connecting the device and laptop with cable. Any one please help to resolve problem. I want to connect with out cable…..?