PTCL EVO WiFi: Share Internet with Others

PTCL_EVO_WiFIAs we know PTCL EVO offers high speed broadband internet but is usually limited to one user due to USB’s limitation.

Though, some gurus could share PTCL EVO’s internet with “Internet Connection Sharing” or ICS, however, not everyone knew the technique.


Today, PTCL announced this PTCL EVO WiFi device, which will all you to share the internet with other users on the same network in the vicinity or say in the same building.

It is a similar to old EVO device, but it can provide wireless internet connectivity  over WiFi within a range of 30 to 40 feet (advertised range). This way, you can establish your own hotspot at your home, office, park or anywhere (just like wireless routers).

PTCL on its website writes:

Introducing yet another first of its kind in Pakistan; EVO Wifi cloud is a Mobile hotspot that intelligently converts your home/work space into a personalized wifi zone and is sure to revolutionize the way internet is used in the country.

Features and Benefits:

  • PTCL’s EVO WiFi will allow you to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to Evo 3G Wireless Broadband
  • Share your internet connection with friends, family, co-workers
  • Forget about cords and cables; just push a button
  • Small enough to fit your pocket yet powerful enough to bring internet to 5 Wifi gadgets simultaneously.
  • The sleek design is easy to carry and looks good anywhere, from the board room to the coffee shop
  • Secure Password protected connection that lets you choose the people and the devices who access your wifi zone.
  • Wifi devices in the range of 30-40 feet from the Wifi Cloud can be connected to 3G speeds via the EVO Wifi cloud.

Device Charges:

PTCL Evo WiFi comes with 3.1 Mbps connection, and prices are as following:

  • Device Charges (One time cost): Rs. 6,999
  • Evo WiFi Unlimited Charges (Monthly): Rs. 2,000

Billing Options:

  • PTCL Landline– monthly charges are included in PTCL Landline bill.
  • Advance Line Rent – advance payment at PTCL OSS, Ufone service centers or MCB Bank.


Currently available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore & Karachi. The devices would however be functional at EVO 3G speeds throughout the 106 cities currently covered by the EVO 3G wireless broadband network.

Following is the official PR on the product:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has introduced 3G Evo Wi-Fi Cloud, for its existing and potential customers. 3 G Evo Wi-fi cloud is Pakistan’s first intelligent mobile Wi-fi.

It is a new category of mobile broadband that combines the best of two technologies, 3G Evo 3.1 MBPS wireless internet and Wi-Fi in a sleek device that lets users put their world of content, services and connectivity in the palm of their hand.

The Evo Wi-Fi platform creates a personal mobile Wi-fi of high-speed broadband connectivity that can be easily shared between multiple users. Up to five Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, smart phones, cameras, gaming devices and multimedia players can connect simultaneously.

The Evo Wi-Fi Cloud is a great solution for users looking for a strong Wi-Fi signal on the go. EVP Wireless business Syed Asim Ali stated that; “The portability of the Evo Wi-Fi Cloud design with one-touch connectivity for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices delivers a true wireless experience with no cables or software installation required, the Evo Wi-Fi Cloud mobile hotspot easily supports all the needs of a family household, a frequent traveler who wants to avoid Wi-Fi charges, or even a small business team.

The device with a form factor about the size of a few credit cards is convenient to carry in pocket.

SEVP Commercial PTCL Naveed Saeed on the occasion stated that, “PTCL is determined to bring the most cutting edge innovative solutions and technologies to its customers. The launch of the Evo Wi-Fi Cloud will help meet the growing demand for innovative and easy to use mobile broadband connectivity solutions for both business and casual users. We are constantly introducing new technologies and products to provide customers with the most advanced mobility solutions available.”

    • yes tehsin you can use it like a 3G connection anywhere, you can not only connect your ipad but any mobile phone which has wifi, so now you have along waited 3G connection in your pocket so no more wait for 3g on mobile , it has also roaming in more than 100 cities…WOW now 3g is avalible on mobile phone if there is load shedding or not…if some one love 3G on mobile its a best solution for them…:-)

      • HI
        Ayesha I just want to make a little correction. you are mixing Wi-fi with 3G. There is a lot of differnce between them. so basicallu you are getting wi-fi on mobile not 3G

        • Brother, technically, you’re getting ‘both’. Because A) You’re getting wi-fi. And B) A 3G connection is one with speeds of 3MBPS+ (so technically, you’ll be getting a portable wi-fi hotspot with a 3G connection since it’s 3.1MBPS). Similar hotspot devices are also available from Sprint, etc in the US.

        • ali its good product for those who want to browse high speed internet on their mobile because mostly android phone and iphone has wifi so such people can use it in a car , shop, park , college , everywhere instead of a heavey dsl connected fixd wifi. so you can call it your 3g connection for iphone or andoroid

      • are you ptcl’s broker or something do you work for ptcl and stuff?? stop fooling the poor souls here it is not a 3g device because the telecom operators in pakistan do not support 3g, if the users were to switch on 3g on their cell phones for e.g like iphone 3g, 3gs,iphone 4, ipads and so on their networks would go dead. WHY DONT YOU TELL THEM THAT IT IS A SIMPLY A WIFI DEVICE CAPABLE OF 3G SPEEDS OF UPTO 3.1 mbps and that would also be a miracle

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      • hi ayesha : i want to buy evo wifi cloud device if anyone have used evo wifi cloud device i will purchased from her or his my home town in karachi

    • And to mention your laptop/pc with wifi capabilities. However, I do feel that the battery time isn’t sufficient enough. 4 hours?! Means more like 3 hours. And good luck getting 4 hours if you decide to connect more than 1 device.

    • i check in they nor sale any evo wifi cloud device i want the evo wid=fi cloud divice in used

  • Q1. What is the EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. Evo WiFi Cloud is a portable broadband wireless device; about the size of a credit card that combines the functionalities of a modem, router and an access point in a single device which is small enough to fit your pocket yet powerful enough to bring internet to 5 Wifi devices simultaneously.

    Q2. What does a Mobile Hotspot like EVO Wifi Cloud do?
    Ans; A mobile Wifi hotspot like EVO Wifi Cloud gives its user a permanent personalized Wifi hotspot wherever they go; enabling uninterrupted internet connectivity with upto 5 wi-fi enabled gadgets simultaneously; anytime and anywhere.

    Q3. What is the size of EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. The Evo Wifi Cloud is about the size of a few credit cards stacked together and it weighs just over 2 ounces.

    Q4. What networks does the Evo Wifi Cloud operate on?
    Ans. The Evo Wifi Cloud operates on the EVO 3G Wireless Broadband Network from PTCL.

    Q5. What are the device charges for EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. EVO Wifi Cloud is available for a price of Rs.6,999.

    Q6. How to connect to wifi devices using EVO Wifi cloud?
    Ans. Follow the following easy steps

    Step1: Power on the E5.
    Step2: Establish a Wi-Fi Connection—From the list of available networks on the Wifi enabled device, Select a network that has the same SSID (network name i.e EVO Wifi Cloud) as that of the E5, and then click connect.
    Step3: Access the Internet.
    *(For Complete details see user guide)

    Q7. How secure is my connection?
    Ans. EVO WiFi cloud comes with Built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device. There is a uniqu Wifi key affixed to each device; used as the network connectivity key; mandatory for network authentication. No devices/users can access the device without proper network authentication.

    Q8. What speeds would I be able to get through my EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. Evo Wifi cloud operates on EVO 3G Wireless Broadband network that offers speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps on downlink and up to 1.8Mbps uplink. Speed is on best effort basis upto 3.1 Mbps and depends on a number of factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users.

    Q9. Does EVO Wifi Cloud provide roaming facilities?
    Ans. Yes, it’s a truly mobile hotspot that follows you wherever you go. With EVO’s nationwide 3G network you can use your EVO wifi cloud anywhere within the 106 cities covered by our network.

    Q10. Where can I get my EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. Currently Evo Wifi cloud is available in the metropolitan cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

    Q11. What is the network key for my Evo Wifi cloud?
    Ans. Each device has a unique Network key (WIfi Key), printed on the back of the device for ensuring optimal connection security.

    Q12. How can I find the SSID & Network/Wifi Key?
    Ans. Both are affixed to the back of the device and can be read by removing the back cover of the Evo Wifi cloud.

    Q13. What type of devices can I connect to my Evo Wifi cloud?
    Ans. Evo Wifi Cloud can extend a user’s Mobile Broadband experience beyond just their laptops to any Wi-Fi enabled device such as cameras, music players, personal media players and portable game consoles. And because it supports multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, you can share your high-speed connection with friends, family members and coworkers (up to five Universal Wi-Fi capable devices).

    Q14. How is it different from an EVO wireless broadband connection?
    Ans. A Wifi cloud is a personalized mobile hotspot that creates a wifi zone to enable shared high speed internet connectivity amongst 5 wifi enabled devices within its prescribed range whereas an EVO wireless broadband connection lets only a single user connect to the internet via a USB port.

    Q15. Can I upgrade my EVO to Evo Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. No, EVO USB devices cannot be upgraded to EVO Wifi cloud.

    Q16. What might the owner of the Evo Wifi Cloud need to be aware of before sharing with multiple devices?
    Ans. With multiple devices or used as a temporary hotspot:

    If there are several heavy data users on at the same time, you may notice a degradation in performance
    Be aware these users are contributing to your data usage. However in case of EVO Wifi Cloud since there are no download limits, you can share your connection with others without any worries.
    In case of multiple users accessing your Evo Wifi Cloud that is using the battery, please be aware that the battery will drain faster than the average of 4 hours usage time for one user.

    Q17. Can a user connect the Evo Wifi Cloud to their computer with a USB cable?
    Ans. Yes; connecting to the internet via USB is possible using EVO Wifi cloud. The various usage scenarios for EVo Wifi cloud include:

    Multi-device access via Wi-Fi
    One-device access via USB
    Multi-device access via Wi-Fi and USB at the same time
    *Details available on the user manual provided along with the device.

    Q18. What is EVO Wifi Cloud average battery usage time?
    Ans. The battery will have on average 4 hours of active use time when connected to a single device and will discharge more rapidly as additional devices are connected (up to 5 Wi-Fi devices are acceptable). There is 40 hours of standby time.

    Q19. How close does the user’s Wi-Fi enabled device need to be from the EVO Wifi Cloud?
    Ans. The device will need to be within 33 feet or 10 meters of the Wi-Fi device to work. So a user can keep the Evo Wifi Cloud in their pocket, laptop bag, or sitting on a desk or window ledge across a room (for better coverage).

    Q20. How long does a user need to charge the battery before they begin using?
    Ans. The battery must be fully charged before using the Evo Wifi Cloud for the first time. After the initial use and set-up, you may use with the battery alone or with the battery and the AC power.

    Q21. Why is my Evo Wifi Cloud warm to the touch?
    Ans. The Evo Wifi Cloud has two radios inside: the EVO wireless Broadband radio and the Wi-Fi radio. In fringe areas of low 3G coverage, the transmit power will be at the max and therefore generate more heat. The device has been environmentally tested and approved by the FCC.

  • Is any using PTCL EVO 3.1 or Nitro using in North Karachi (Near Shadman Town / Anda More Area?

    How is the performance is this area? Please guide me before I purchase the device?

    • i m close anda more, dont use ptcl evo,nitro or this device bcoz it has limited connectivity in our area. i used ptcl evo 3.1mbps(300 Kilobytes) but it gave me only 512kbps(50 Kilbytes).

      • can you guide me or ask someone like friend or family member for how muck evo wifi cloud speed in north nazimabad block A near matric board office round abord please reply thanks for your help my friend

  • “…it can broadcast internet over WiFi protocol with a…”
    …………??? How can you broadcast the Internet…?? O_0
    It can broadcast it’s signals over the WiFi standard protocols, with an advertised range of…
    . or
    It can provide connectivity to the internet over WiFi within a range of 30 to 40 feet.

    • Rameez! The device has an inbuilt Evo .. so it PULLS in internet from Evo Towers … and pushes out INTERNET in the AIR …. on WIFI.

      It support 802.11 b/g. I think so I should put out a video to show you guys how it works!

    • I am using Evo in Lahore …. I get coverage everywhere bro.
      which areas in Lahore are not covered?

      As far as the startup cost is concerned .. get this … Evo Router is for 3500 … Evo in market right now is for appx. 3500 … total = 7000. And with router you will need to plug in a bulky device in power socket.

      This device you can carry in your pocket bro … its small and sleek and stylish … I am loving it .. I have hooked up my Ipad, Iphone and laptop at the same time!

  • answers required on following questions

    which brand is it ??
    warranty ??
    any way to connect directly to pc with cable ??
    material quality (my things fall a lot) ??
    post paid or prepaid ??
    external antenna option??
    can it be charged it pc ??

    • which brand is it ?? – Huawei
      warranty ?? – 1 YEAR
      any way to connect directly to pc with cable ?? YES
      material quality (my things fall a lot) ?? EXCELLENT the build quality is superb!
      post paid or prepaid ?? Postpaid
      external antenna option?? YES on top of device.
      can it be charged it pc ?? YES it can be charged with PC via USB cable.

  • Basit…

    Its Chinese brand probably…forget about warranty if you are having problem then contact ptcl office they might will change your device….yes you can connect directly to PC with USB cable 2.0….By the way you want to construct a building…brother forget about material….think what technology they are offering and what benefits you are getting from this device….Both options are available prepaid and post paid…

    No Antenna….yes It could be charged by your PC with UZB Cable

    • Basit my man! I totally dont agree with you on the Chinese brand thing. The built quality of this product is TOP NOTCH … grade A stuff bro…. I will be posting some HQ pics over the weekend … be prepared …

      I think so Huawei has supplied this same model in the U.S market…

      And bro PTCL is only offering this on Postpaid … I am sure of that I asked the OSS guy in Garden Town. Also the website says the same.

  • I’ve been using this for ages :)
    Get a cheap Sapido and and have fun with any evo usb modem or wimax or dsl or even share your hdd photos/music/videos over home network.

    No limitations on number of connections!
    Yet the price falls


  • @Shah:
    Writer of this post that;

    PTCL Evo WiFi comes with 3.1 Mbps connection, and prices are as following:

    * Device Charges (One time cost): Rs. 6,999
    * Evo WiFi Unlimited Charges (Monthly): Rs.2,000
    so from where I can get this for a total price of Rs.7000/-
    Also Its not covering Nishter Colony, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.

  • Any one know ptcl supported 3G wifi router? coz i want to use nitro 9.3

    Evo Wifi is 3.1 supported currently

    I am sharing my internet connection through ICS using Evo 3.1 so i will only prefer Evo Wifi if its speed at 9.3

  • Hats off to PTCL…. this is what i really want…. portable, battery-powered wi-fi router + modem. Wherever i go, 10 meters radius around me is my personal hotspot :) great work by PTCL…. its really useful for the devices not having USB port. I have used it with Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad and BlackBerry and it works just fine with all of these devices. Its also compatible with PSP. and you can change security setting through your laptop. Its really like 3G on the move, while not having 3G with your cellular SIM :) I must say again, hats off to PTCL.

    I hope this will get upgraded to 9.3 Mbps in selected cities, like PTCL did with EVO Nitro.

    One suggesstion, if anyone from PTCL is reading this: Just reduce the price of device a little. I would suggest the price to be around Rs.5,000 to Rs.5,500. I myself work for a Telecom company and monitor the consumer behavior very closely. Consumers in Pakistan are very price sensitive when it comes to technology products. Reducing the price a little bit would generate more volumes. So this will be a ‘Low price – High Volume’ game.

    • Sir,

      Can anybody tell me the latest price of PTCL Cloud?Furthermore I am living in F.B.Area waterpump.How is the signal strength in this area?

    • yup! I am using it with iphone 4 :)

      waisay you can use it with pretty much anything with a wifi connection ….

  • SIR Exchange Landhi 89 Karachi sir landhi no 1-2-3-landhi-4 no fiber optics services not available in my area landhi twon so pls chaik The landhi Exchange my area landhi twon 1-2-3-4 no landhi ma provides fiber optices services in my area.C/1 landhi no 2 karachi

  • aoa.
    i am student at university if agriculture faisalabad. i am using ptcl evo 3g with 3.1 mbps connection with student discount facility.

    can anybody confirms me that whether i can exchange my device with this wifi cloud by returning back the existing one and also paying some extra money.

  • Wht PTCL say is alwz just the other way around..U would neither get the pleaded speed nor the auara around.I’ve suffered alot of their hackyned pumpings….Better keep a loaf of PTCL.,n never let urselves fall prone to their trumphs lest u should remain with a stinky useles device on the cost of massive money…Ths z for studnts! i’ve both evo 3G rev.A 3.1 and evo nitro rev.B 9mbps..on the former,download speed is harldly above 30kb n on the later it gives 100kb and u’d pe made to pay 7 times as much money as u’d be paying on the wired-dsl.Apart from that,eternal n persistant signal loss would be acompanying u wheresoever u may even rite undr the EVO Tower.And em more than sure that the PTCL,keeping triditions alive,might have packed their new product with the same above guys its better not wise to pour ur milk into a pot which MiGHT spoil it..

    • right on… i get 1Mb max on my 9.3 nitro and its been a couple of days that i even haven’t achieved that.. called customer service they said that they have mentioned on their site that on 9.3 you will get speeds from 70Kb to 7Mb, i am getting now at max 40Kb, they say my speed is according to what they promised. I said you guys said 9.3Mb, he said its the capacity of the device. I said i will be selling you 5 Liter bottle of pepsi for Rs. 300, but it will only have 250 ml of fluid in it, would you buy it??? PTCL has become an example of corporate scam. I hate to see them do this do the general public.

  • AOA

    whr can i buy ptcl cloud in karachi.
    what is tha proccess of geting cloud connection.

  • Let me clear up things for everyone here, it is not exactly 3G device but a wifi device capable of 3G speeds of upto 3.1 mbps. People here are confused because they have cellphones which have 3g so when they switch on 3g service on their devices, their networks will go dead because the service providers here in pakistan do not support 3g. SO BE REALISTIC AND STOP FOOLING THE POOR PEOPLE HERE, PAKISTAN MOBILE OPERATORS DONT HAVE 3G TECHNOLOGY AS OF YET.

    Get EVO 3G’ nitro and wi-fi USB wireless device purchase us we will give you give free home delivery and concession ,new device and latest model and color you will be first owner.
    Company rate; 4000 with concession; 3500
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  • A.A to All Friends
    Friends i want to know only that some where in pakistan EVO 3G Device not working i mean there is not srong signal strenth. Have any way to increase singal strenth with any Exrernal Antana
    Pleaze if any friends use this Antana tell me how much the cost , how many km or meter range

    • if your home in karachi then go to saddar or call ptcl help line ask them about antena for evo tell your problem or ask where i buy antana for evo they have good people who have good info about there device or go there near ptcl exchange in your area

  • how is the broadband 2MB Speed servide it is ok to buy or not guide me my friend i am in karachi area North Nazimabad my 2MB service is poor i am having problem i am thinking to switch to evo wifi cloud what you all say i do or i prefer use this 2NB broadband service replay must

  • can anyone tell me,how i can share the internet connection with other computer using the same one usb?thanks and waiting for your replies.
    may contact me via my cell no.0334-8347635




    MY CONTECT NO# 92333-3383-143

  • Do it will work in Murree & surrounding areas like Nathia gali, Ghalarha Gali, Kotli Sattian & Abbottabad.???

  • I wanted to ask dat: 1) do i have to connect dis evo wifi cloud with my 3g evoUSB, if yes then how? 2)will dis work in abbottabad?


  • Hmmm, that would require opening it up. If you have one open it up and see if there is a small antenna, if yes than just solder a set of wires to those joints and attach an external CDMA Antenna to it (hint: from someone’s wireless phone :p).
    If no and there is a small snake like structure on the board than you’re sadly out of luck. But give it a try, open it up. Send me the pics let’s try to find a solution ;)

  • I’m already using evo usb with discount rate,
    Can i convert my old package with this wifi device?
    Any body or any retailer help me about this matter?

  • hi hamaree arya mee (kohat)me evo ka speed buhat kam hi 10kb/kb 20 kb/sec mehabanee adar nitro 9.3 lanch karee ke hamaree speed ka masala hal hojaee buhat mehrabanee hogee

  • PTCL is the worst company I’ve ever had experience with.

    Unstable DSL connection. Complaints are not resolved for weeks.

    Got PTCL evo device (4000 + 2000 for first month), its not giving more than 300kbps in Lahore Gulberg although according to them its 3.1Mbps… so getting 10times less than what i expect.

    I’m totally fed up of PTCL and doing complaints over and over and all in vein…

    TO HELL with PTCL. I don’t recommend PTCL to anyone.. Use someone else but PTCL..

  • Salam kia evo cloud wid out bettery k work karti hy or kia ya north karachi 14A main thek sgnl degi?

    • cloud without bettery usb connector k through chal jati hay standby k liya bettry backup hoti hay.

      offer in hand 10,000rs with 4 month connections.
      Limited Stock.

      Mohammad Sabir

  • AoA. How r u all?
    Can any buddy tell me how can i create a wireless network with my cousin located about 1KM away from me?
    If there is any procedure, kindly tell me in detail.
    I have 4mb ptcl connection at home and all i want is to share it with my cousin.
    how many devices wuld be used in order to create desired network?

  • Salam,
    I am resident of Multan,but I have no PTCL at home, i want yours WIFI technology in my house, I wants that a person came from your company & install WIFI in my house of Highest speed, but with specially discounted lowest package & very soon ( means in a 1or 2 days ).

    Rao Jehanzeb Wajid Khan,
    Address: “AL-Wajid” House No2, Kehakshaan street No8, New Gulghast Colony, Multan.
    Cell: 03337333307, 03007333307, 03008644223.

  • no external antenna option in wifi could? i have confirmed from ptcl customer care representative, is it really not? anyone using ?

  • to share your evo 3g connection , you may required wifi on your laptop or PC and connectify 3.4 software installed, your computer will serve you as wifi router.

  • close