• when we will have this kind of service for our cities as well …:( when you open google maps for cities like NY Google does the work for you in finding places and stuff .. its time to get moving with the tech. we have now , we are developing things for others but we don’t have the same for ourselves .. strange !!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Anyone trying to develop such things run into the same problem: “security situation is bad in Pakistan.” So the government/agencies don’t allow it.

      • yousaf465

        Use cracked google maps.

    • I will never want such app for my city, Karachi. Spare my privacy!

    • Does http://maps.google.co.in/?q=Pakistan doesn’t work for your search results?

      • I was talking about the eco system they have developed in U.S.A and other countries , for example your smartphone via siri or google voice knows what restaurants you are searching , what are nearby places , barber shops , shopping malls , doctors etc etc … while here this facility is not available … or is it ??

        • I didn’t undertsand the “eco system”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecosystem ?

          But to my understanding, voice feature is a next generation alternative for typing it out. It has nothing to do with business listings which come from a database. If there is a business listing i.e. Pearl Continental Hotel in GMaps and you search using Siri, it should come up unless Apple servers didn’t allow Siri in PK.

        • Wallis

          Their is a software consultant in Pakistan who is working on that project as you said.

    • Desi

      Thats why we need t 3G and LTE ASAP!

  • Nice. I just downloaded the app yesterday and today I get to know that it came from PK :) How surprising!

  • Here’s my experience of the Windows 8 app 15 seconds after downloading it. And no, it’s not the internet. Tried it on EVO Nitro and Nayatel, both.

    Thanks – deleted 15 seconds before posting this.

    • Would you get your location using normal GMaps in a browser? Because basically this app doesn’t use anything new but the API of original maps. If it works in GMaps then it should work in here too.

  • congrats to developers