Pakistani Windows 8 App Gets More than 70,000 Downloads


G Maps, an unofficial but free app for Google Maps, has been downloaded by more than 70,000 Windows 8 users with-in a week of its launch at Windows 8 marketplace.

This Ultimate Google Maps app for Windows 8 with Street View, Weather, Live Traffic and Photo stream support is is Developed by Data Arc, a Lahore based startup specializing in software development for Mobile and tablets for iOS, Android and Windows. Software firm claim to be amongst the the first companies that had submitted Windows 8 Apps from Pakistan.

Point to this url to get to Windows Website store to know more about G Maps

Windows 8 marketplace offers tremendous potential for individuals and firms to get their apps going on the store. This model, which is arguably derived from Apple’s app store, can get humongous in size in coming months and years due to number of Windows users and developers.

Microsoft said that they are consistently engaging developers and students to offer them with all the necessary tools and information required to develop Windows 8 apps in particular and apps for other windows platforms in general.

Developers who want to remain in touch with Microsoft Pakistan, to know details of various trainings, workshops, development events and related information can email their details (name, email addresses, phone numbers, work experience, areas of interest and so on) to [email protected] to get them-selves registered.

  • when we will have this kind of service for our cities as well …:( when you open google maps for cities like NY Google does the work for you in finding places and stuff .. its time to get moving with the tech. we have now , we are developing things for others but we don’t have the same for ourselves .. strange !!

  • Here’s my experience of the Windows 8 app 15 seconds after downloading it. And no, it’s not the internet. Tried it on EVO Nitro and Nayatel, both.

    Thanks – deleted 15 seconds before posting this.

    • Would you get your location using normal GMaps in a browser? Because basically this app doesn’t use anything new but the API of original maps. If it works in GMaps then it should work in here too.

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