• aly

    chakk de phatYYyy :P thar jao tumhari asii ki tasii we’re in action yahuu :P

    • Nauman Rashid Khan


      • fakhre alam

        haha agree.

  • pakistani hacker Love ,, i like this is very very Nice job , Mujhe pakistani hone par bhoot naz he.

  • anonymous

    good news for all of us the list provided below of hackers some o them i know personally anyway good work it shows we are alive

  • اظہر علی

    Fuck you Israeli

    • Stone

      what no censorship when it comes to bashing israel?? FUCK ISRAEL

    • Muslim

      This is your level of mentality using Muslim name and Jewish words! Lanat hay



    • is k elawa b check kr lo. i check three or 4. they are till to time hacked.

      • salmanbaig0312

        Hack hojati hen then in lekin owners inko replace krdete hen… Owners still have access.

    • issue have been fixed but however you can check them via mirror provided at the end of article.

    • http://www.intel.co.il/ Hacked again :) of course these will be back gradually but at least they were hacked…. :P

    • Muhammad Khalid

      mere bhai backup bhi koe cheez hoti hai, hackers ne hack kiya, unho ne backup online kardya

    • ali_ahmad00121

      Sarkar they have backup of all website.Lets appreciate the work of pakistani hackers :)

    • Muslim

      i checked Skype.co.il and it’s directed to skype.com
      Why Not hack YouTube.com and keep it down for longer period instead of hacking dozens of sites for few minutes only?

  • anonyumous

    So, did people stop dying as a result of these defacements ?

  • Lala Rukh


  • excellent work

  • salmanbaig0312

    yea THN is a team of lammers.. Ignore them!

  • Good work! :-D

  • Good work! :-D

  • Inkay saath yahi hona chahye tha… Proud to be a part of Pakistani IT!

  • Sincere Habiba

    complete propaganda against Pakistan

  • yes its good i really appreciate

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    oh, so the wars actually can be ended by hacking websites

  • Free_Gaza

    N3xT time ….. get ready as your nukes gona get hijacked..

    • ali_ahmad00121

      We want free palestine and all muslim Ummah.Love,Care,Respect from Pakistan :)

  • ali_ahmad00121

    My dear Admin!
    You are writing against israel.thats very good.i apreciate but you are advertising israeli websites in google adsense in this post.i request you admin and to all webmasters please block israeli websites in adsense and stop helping!!!! israeli websites to grow for some cents…..

    • dear ali… ad sense is not controlled by admin but by Google..
      Google analyses the page and shows the RELEVANT pages. in this case.. admin wrote Israeli sites and Google considered it as relevant to Israel…

      • adil

        you can block certain sites in your adsense acccount. ads of those webs will not be shownn!!!

      • Nomi Live

        Yes there is filtration option in adsense control panel.

      • ali_ahmad00121

        Dear Bilal this is easy as google describes…
        You can prevent ads from specific URLs from showing on your site within the Allow & block ads tab.

        Go to the Allow & block ads tab.
        From the sidebar, under “Blocking options”, choose Advertiser URLs.
        Enter URLs in the box provided, then click Block URLs. Ads from blocked URLs should stop showing on your pages within 24 hours.

      • Free_Gaza

        you can put a filter on your adsense that which content you wana show. You can put Israil in competitor filter and Google won’t show ads from Israil on your website.

  • Good , but not enough and not what exactly required.

  • Great Effort Guys… Proud ov you, who ever you are, where ever you are :)

  • disqus

    wow…. hacking websites….like thats gonna help the muslims out of their misery.

  • HolierThanThough

    The headline should be.

    “Illiterate Pakistani Script Kiddies, help grow business of Israeli based Adsense accounts by 100 times in 1 day”

    These Illiterate jahils and there actions have amassed 100s of thousands of dollars more for Israeli websites. Which in turn will be used against the Palestines. Hurray to Pakistani Mentality and Jahalat.

    • Freelancer

      what do you mean?
      When the websites are not even working? How could they grow?

      • HolierThanThough

        I can access all of them through Hotspot shield. Its not that the sites have been cracked… just defaced for a few seconds.

  • unixroot

    UPDATE : Hacker deface Israeli Bing, MSN by hacking Domain Registrar 1st using SQLi http://thehackernews.com/2012/11/israeli-bing-msn-skype-live-and-other.html

  • very good move by Pakistani hackers let teach them a lesson these Israeli pigs, our government consist of incompetents any way so lets the people of Pakistan do the job, i am proud of you hackers out there and keep up the good work, thanks

  • irshad ahmed

    Zaber dast kaaam kia in Hackers ni jo GOVT na kar saki hum ko ic par Fakar ha

  • Hassan Salman Saeed

    baja do band saloo ka…BLOGGINGCHUNKS

  • Thats what we are good at, detructive activities.

  • rizwanshahzad

    Nice Job by pakistani hackers,good work,proud to be a paki.

  • Muhammad Ishtiaque

    How many of the Brave Pakistanis ever hacked a site of SSP? This hacking isn’t going to do anything.

  • Jawad Zubair Shaikh

    Good News

  • it is really shame for Israeli govt. who are saying that their internet is secure and they have blocked 44 million cyber attacks from different parts of the world as they have spent a lot of money on Internet security and they are enjoying these attacks but they will really ENJOY these…also anonymous should learn from these defacement and should start planned attacks instead of increasing score.. but to get real success… we love Palastine.. May Allah help them….

  • Hassan Salman Saeed

    Pakistan need Imran Khan as a Leader to get thru tis torrid time of injustice, economy doldrums, worst law n order. Please vote for Imran Khan.

    w w w B L O G G I N G C H U N K S c o m

  • Pak Jagga

    Fake news… All websites have been masked as hacked for only Pakistani audience. You can access all through VPN proxy or any other mirror… In short, stop brainwashing people. Spread the word of peace and harmony through truth…

  • Good Work,
    Jazak ALLAH

  • Altaf Shah

    Lov u guys!!!! Keep it UP!

  • Maani

    Amazingg and Interesting Posttt admin.

  • Proud To Be Pakistani
    Pak Cyber Army,Zinda Bad

  • TasaknKhan

    who soever you r i love you for this act……thats the spirit we all muslims need to develop within our lines lets get united like one muslim nation…..Lets be real MUSALMANs n see how a tiny little butchers nation can stand against MUSLIMs…..we are all a ones who believe in ALLAH n Mohammad (S.A.A.W) as his messenger

  • Oye Nice Jee. Khush ker Dita ….!