Nov 24, 2012

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Working perfect

    • waqar

      not working…

      • Mahfooz Ahmad

        is it still down at your side

  • اظہر علی


  • Mahfooz Ahmad

    working fine at the moment

    • Bilal Iqbal

      where working…
      using main page of instead .pk domain

    • Waqas

      Strange. Still down for me

      • Mahfooz Ahmad

        lol! that means its ISP based hacking

        • Waqas

          I am on wi-tribe. Your ISP?

          • Mahfooz Ahmad


            • Asad Ali

              still not working :(( who the hell hacked !

              • Mahfooz Ahmad

                when i checked in the morning it was working fine but now its not!

          • Jawad Hussain

            nopsss…. some people have as homepage, whereas is hacked and is still out of function :D

        • aslamweb

          its not isp based hacking .. its http and https based hacking .. HTTPS is working Well :) is hacked .. is working well :)

        • aslamweb

          this one is onliy hacked .. not https ;

  • Pomy Mughal

    Seems Turkish hacker Mr. eboz got access to the PKNIC account for changing Nameservers ~

    – It’s not their fault (Google) this breach happened from our side (PKNIC) – Google is still down from my side since last 3 hours. It’s 10:02 AM – I’m using PTCL Broadband.


    whole .PK registry is poisoned

    • Mahfooz Ahmad

      you are right!

    • Guest

      A lot of experts sitting here and i want to share some thing too.

      Its not google that has been hacked. Possibly our TLD (top Level Domain) i.e pknic has been compromised and the name server entries were changed . The websites are re-routed not hacked. This was the same thing happened to supreme court website couple of moths back so it seems that there is some security hole that is not covered by pknic.We should blame pknic not google, but at the end of the day security is not 100% possible.

  • Umar

    Cannot be the work of any Turkish. It is some Indian or Israeli who is using Turkish Language just to create confusion.

    • Salman Abbas

      ROFL konse molvi ko sunke aye ho. grow up.

      • Khawaja

        I agree with Umar Looks like a work of a non-Turkish. I’ve been to Turkey personally, Turkish people treat us Pakistanis in the best possible way in today’s era. Turkey is one country that stands by us and helps us. Turkish language has been used to create confusion, confusion among the Turkish and Paki people :).

        One of the most simple ways.

        • Salman Abbas

          I hereby nominate you for the “Worst Conspiracy Theory of 2012” award.

          • moxet

            Who the hell you are to announce the award. Its by indian or Israilis.. Grow UP

        • Faiyaz Hussain

          hackers are few in millions dude…and are jerks [most of the time]. and turkey being a hospitable nation doesn’t make few jerks the angels.

      • Faiyaz Hussain

        and why is that you’re so sure of the man behind this being a turkish…it’s just a sentence written in turkey. that doesn’t NECESSARILY make him turkish. grow up you too

      • usama

        grow up buddy :)
        most possible way using google translator :) i knw trukhs hacker they show weakness not pak downed

    • Karkum

      LOL he is the hacker

      ye ap ko kaha se Israeli or Indian lagta hai?

      • Guest

        Registration Date: 09-23-2012

      • Aaqil Mahmood

        Registration Date: 09-23-2012 hmm

    • Saqib Mansoor

      There is one born every minute.

    • Slickzine

      Aise pagal moulvi hamarey mulk ko le dubein ge. Turkish tere mamey ke putar hein ? Theka nhi uthaya hua unhon ne hamari terha dunya ka

    • jawad zaib

      totally agree with you Israelis did this because a few days earlier Pakistani did the same to Israeli sites…this is the counter attack…

      • Faiyaz Hussain

        yes…you’re making some sense here

      • Asad

        Agreed, this is a counter attack………

    • Abdullah

      I agree with you. There’s no such dispute between Pakistan and Turkey. Why should Turkish people do this.

      As far as it is about profile nd message in Turkish Language. It can be fake.

      Complete List of Hacked .PK Domains

      How and other .PK Domains were Hacked

    • PAKbugs

      No this is down by Turkish. Eboz is Turkish hacker. Don’t worry you will see more Israel defacements soon. ;)

  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    someone using evo? having any trouble with this today? disconnecting every 2 minute from 7a.m today

    • Hassan Salman Saeed

      bhai ptcl tu eisa he haii… witribe is the best

    • Bilal Iqbal

      evo working fine… might be signal problem at your end..
      just downloaded 292 Mb file in one attempt…

      • anonymous

        no signal problem facing disconnectivity

  • Hassan Salman Saeed

    Its better to clear the history and then use it..…

  • Bilal Iqbal

    page removed by Google…
    restoring might be in progress…

  • Adil Nizamani

    Lol, only the home page is down.
    If you try to Google something from the Chrome address bar, it works absolutely fine.

    Misleading title for an article, since only the “homepage” has been hacked, not the entire website.

  • Junaid Kiyani

    A great message to Google. appreciated………….. Well Done

    • Salman Abbas

      Ok now go back to your cave.

      • Junaid Kiyani

        I am going back to my cave.. Now you can clean your cave..

  • Waqas Jutt

    Not working with me

  • drgenius11 is still down
    but working fine..

  • Usman Munir

    Yes Hack in morning, But know working

  • Guest

    It is not Google, but instead PKNIC account of the agent MarkMonitor instead, the hacker was able to change DNS addresses to

  • Hamza Younus

    now opening not

  • Aaqil Mahmood

    I think someone is trying to create hatred among Turkish and Pakistani people.

    waisay bhi google pakistan konsa Pakistanio nay banaya hay

  • aslamweb

    only http site is hacked not HTTPS .. HTTPS is working cool ..


    eboz of a friend always there for me My homies have not shot by me with every breath

    Downed Pakistan

    trabzon 2012Hello friends who are still alive not dead!

  • Muhammad Saad Shafiq Qadri

    Really a great shame for Google, must be done by some genius hackers out there wanna learn it too.

  • Waqas Ahmad

    Might this could be reaction to Block Mobile Networks

  • Abdul Rauf

    hmm not working..

  • madmax124

    paypal.PK dafauq is that ???

    • Sonya Anjum Saba

      Pay Pal does not have any link up with PK so far… upto my correspondence with their support team!!!

  • rizwanshahzad

    How much time more for restoring?

  • Arsal Versal

    Its just because Pakistani hackers deface over 30 Israeli websites to show support for Gaza…

  • عادل بھیا

    From the last few days, Pakistani Hackers are in action and are keep on hacking Israeli different important websites just to show their respect towards muslims and their anger towards Israeli’s f__k policies…. May be all of this be the result of that Paki hacker’s act!

  • rizwanshahzad

    .pk domains down due to security reasons for moharram,by rehman malik……………lolzz

  • rizwanshahzad is restored.

  • Karkum

    Google Translate, Translates it as My homies is not with me I always have with me for a friend with every breath shot

    And the footer line says My homies is not with me I always have with me for a friend with every breath shot

    And not only that, The hacker just haven’t hacked Pakistani domains but even thousands of different domains

  • Karkum

    And the Turkish hacker is eboz

  • Asad Ali

    not accessable, connection reset error…… even ip is not accessable. server has been retarded :(

  • Moazzam

    It says downed by Eboz!! he is a turkish hacker. To everyone the page asks you to download a plugin dontt !!!

  • ahmad khan

    off topic but just clicked a link at Facebook got re routed to youtube and suddenly video started playing. Did i miss any notification issued about opening youtube in pakistan? I am on EVO by the way.

  • Raza Qadri

    yar ab ishq mamnu kai bad turkish citizens nai aik aur musibat bna di :P

    • Raheem Khan

      Aray wahh ab bhi dekhte ho kya :P

    • S.K.

      Great …. Super Likes … !

  • Gulab Shah

    nothing is safe in pakistan o_O


    I really LiKe The HACKERS.
    I wish to be a HACKER.

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    i bet its the israeli hackers

  • آمنہ مختار

    thank God that i use olny .kr sites :P

  • Asim Rana
  • retergt

    Haha Pakistani Fuckers!!

    • Raheem Khan

      Retard NOOB, NERD, Blah blah blah

  • Muzamil Chaudhery

    All The Websites Hacked Are Only Multinational Websites. Like , , , , ,

  • DrRoot

    It is a registry level hack! they have gotten into Pknic and managed to change dns of sites like at this point it seems like dns is pointed to a free dns host, which as of now is suspended. Hacker could have poisoned all .pk domains, would of been a biggest hack of century!

  • Muzamil Chaudhery

    Jitni Website Bhe Hacked Hoi Hain Sab Ki Sab Multinational Companies Ki Thi. Or Tmam Ka NS , Per Set kiya gaya he.
    i Think PKNIC K Database Se Koi Gar Bar hoi he. Wo Tmam .pk Domain Hacked Hoaay Hain Jin Ka CNAME Redirected Tha.

  • Raheem Khan

    Aamir bhai ap kese bach gaye .PK to apka bhi he shukar manayen!!

  • Zubair A. Malik

    so technically pknic was hacked :P

  • Ghayoor Shaikh

    It is really creating a mayhem in the image of paki people about the Hackers

  • Shameel Faraz

    There was a ??? how did no one knew abt it ? and did provides payment services for pakistan ??

  • Badar Iqbal

    turkish prime minister visited Ghaza as solidarity of Muslims. Pakistani hackers hacked their websites. Jews are very sensitive to their enemies. Thats why they pictured such event to disheart people of Pakistan and to counter attack on us. in other words aik teer sa do shikaar.

  • luqman

    so where are the smart hacker …..
    they should have foreseen the attack and must have defended it ….
    if they can not defend us then should not enter the game ….

  • Aamir Jalil

    Hun Aram eh .Hor lo Pangye……. !

  • haroon javed

    Now the site is back they just change the main servers that why it takes time to re-update the servers name back. believe me this is noting big they cant hack internet giant google original servers:))

  • chand

    My homies is not with me I always have with me for a friend with every breath shot .

    kankalarim hep yanimda arkadas icinde yanimda olmayan mi var cekimlik her nefeste .

  • Syed Shoaib Raza

    All the websites can be open easily. It is a fake news.

  • khan Full report ..Admin should publish this report also in new post

  • Pomy Mughal

    @Admin: Where is my last comment for this story?

  • Karim

    Pakistani’s are earning enough with non PK domains then why should we worry about these domains :P

  • Syed Asad Ali Rizvi

    Here is my observation:

    Most of them are well known cTlds for example,,,,,, etc.

    Interesting part is they all have 2 things in common:

    1. They are all registered through PKNIC
    2. They are all “not in use” domains and registered for Brand and identity protection only (in simple words, so that no one else can have it).

    Hackers had access to PKNIC as they modified NS entries for each domain and change to and respectively.

    I have a feeling that these domains were ignored or forgotten by their owners. Every domain is set to expire in less than 4 months if you closely observe. These domains domains were not actively used and there was no pages to serve on these domains. They were all registered by a single company : MarkMonitor. who is responsible to manage brand protection, etc. for all of the above companies.

    any feedback?

  • JM

    PKNIC has a big problem of ns name grouping, first of all user need to create a ns name record group and then allocate it to a domain or set of domains

    if some one need to change in ns then he need to create a new ns group not directly. if you just locate the domain and click the ns to change it will change the whole group not a single domain.

    So that could be reason for mark monitor