Feb 15, 2013


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  • TZ

    hats off zhc! well done!

  • Bïļäļ Äȟmäđ

    Pakistan Cyber Army zinda bad

  • Bïļäļ Äȟmäđ

    Pakistani Hackers are best

  • Shah

    well done to these worst kind of TV channels… TV channels patriotic to their country bt c how ur news channels r .. showing nude thngs of bollywood.. really
    lanat on them…

  • VB

    love you man zhc :D

  • Pakistani

    well done ZHC … Please show the real face of JEW TV .. owned by Indians and Zionists ..

  • Muhammad Anas

    Great work done indeed!

    It seems when I watch GEO TV as if I am watching an Indian Channel (For every News Bulletin one news with dancing Indian actresses or a Fashion show with models performing catwalk on ramp is must) Maybe, the reason behind is to cool the watchers that gone upset by seeing news of target killing, bomb blasts, ransoms, extortion, and every other news that our dirty politics can offer….

    After all, we cant blame them whole as they telecast what they think brought them good rating!!!

  • zbkhan

    hats off Zhc,guys whole youth of Pakistan are Proud of you.Hit them even more hard for airing such nonsense rubbish news about indian media and movie Sh*t in every bulletin.


    Well Done ZHC.

  • Allii Allee

    good work geo tv deserves this. . . . .

  • Shahid Saleem

    I am not a fan of Geo, but do you not think it is strange that all these people in the comments (and I am sure there is a bias on the part of the author) that they are BLAMING a Pakistani channel on a site named propakistani for the reason of not covering NON-PAKISTANI news?

    I think it is very strange.

    What will happen next? Will someone hack cityfm89’s web site and accuse them of not having enough programs in our national language Urdu???