• This is Absolutely Amazing news !! After the freelancer i am sure the other 2 big names like oDesk and Elance will also follow , As Pakistanis are respected workforce at all of these networks and they respect us big time !!!

  • great news :D

  • llGooglell

    HATTS OFF Freelance. Welcome in Pakistan.. A New Boost for Employer/Employee

  • This is phenomenal news indeed. Finally some positive news for a change. I hope this brings in much needed foreign investment for this sector. Self-employment ftw.

  • tabish

    no big news for me as I already quit freelancing job and doing seo for clients. When I see paypal in Pakistan then it will be amazing.

  • Freelancer has cheaped out. $5 to take a test before placing a proposal. They could have thought of better way of monetizing it. I quitted it long ago because of its boring interface and non serious buyers posting ridiculously low paying jobs. Elance is still free for basic users and FAR better platform for freelancers.

    • Agreed !! Freelancer and odesk have very low quality projects , quality clients go to Elance

    • ImranShafqat

      This is confirm that odesk is better than freelancer, never tried elance.

  • Imran

    good news for Pakistanis

  • Salman

    IT Industry will flourish.Definately. Great.. but we have to be more skillful and economical as we are competing wid India. Gud Luck to all IT Geeks.

  • Any oDesker/eLancer/Freelancer Pakistani pay taxes on his income yet?

    • ImranShafqat

      No tax on IT till 2016 in Pakistan, enjoy.

      • Is it for sure? We don’t need NTN for that too, or if we have NTN, we are exempted?

        • ImranShafqat

          Yes, there is no tax on IT industry, best example is myself working online since 3 years but never paid anything except nominal bank transfer fee.

      • Zain

        Tax waiver is on custom duty related to import of HW and SW tools/products and on export of software. Corporate and Income Tax are not exempt. Please don’t justify your white collar crime. Include your name in ‘tax chor’ list as well.

        • ImranShafqat

          hahaha interesting…

    • DevilMind

      no tax are you sure?

  • Malik

    If they will come and work on payment transfer, then will be good. And its really a good News! :)

  • Great news under these circumstances when Pakistani economy is facing a severe decline

  • A Freelancer

    I have transferred some amount from freelance via skrill to our local bank, The bank called me and interrogate about the transaction, They have to report to foreign transaction to state bank, Does this bother in TAX or any other thing? AFAIK IT is exempted from tax deduction till 2015 ~ 16

    • Tabish

      i think your bank is useless. Already receive 100s of wire payment from freelancer, 2co, plimus, clickbank and my bank never bother to ask about my work because they know all these international sites. My bank is UBL

      • A Freelancer

        Mine is HMB and they don’t even know what’s freelancing :)

  • AAmir Awan

    Nice Information and it’s too good for Pakistan

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  • It surely will resolve the payment issue big time!

  • Shahzad Ali

    Aamir Bhai, have you got any further update about their operations?