• Catch the robbers

    Serves PTCL right. They have been blatantly abusing their monopoly but this is just another level. Imagine if some smaller service provider also used extra spectrum without permission and without paying, it will be considered a criminal offence.

    The loss to the exchequer is huge! The 3.5 mhz of spectrum is being used for 4G which should be even more expensive than 3G. Assuming even from a conservative side that the Government reserve price for 3G is $400 million dollars for the 10mhz. 3.5 Mhz should be atleast worth $140 million dollars.

    The PTCL by illegally using the spectrum has robbed Pakistan off $140 million dollars. This figure can go up if the actual auction price is more than 400 Million per 10Mhz block to be determined at the time of auction.

    As a Pakistani citizen it really angers me that Etisalat/PTCL has been allowed to rob my country of
    1) $800 million unpaid to Pakistan by Etisalat at the time of PTCL privatization. This figure really should be $1.4 billion if we take atleast 10% interest rate from 2007. Also higher figure is justified because underlying properties have also increased in value.

    2) $125 Million a year in new ICH revenues that should be going to government.

    3) $140 Million minimum from illegal use of spectrum.

    Therefore this Etisalat / PTCL has robbed my country of atleast $1 billion!
    (if we take interest then its close to $1.6 billion)

    This Rs 82 Million fine is a joke. It is less than $1 million. The fine should be 1000x more alongwith arrests and criminal penalties.

    • Javed Afridi

      Apparently we have people like you who are here to spell nonsense without any proof. Let the case happen and if PTCL loses I will be back here to apologise to you. For now I would trust a corporation over our government.

      • Raja Maja

        Mr. Javed Afidi, Be a Man, Apologize first then put your stance.

        • Javed Afridi

          I am not here to offend anyone. I am willing to give PTCL a benefit of doubt as the case is still in process. My issue is with the government that has let me down more and any company in Pakistan. If the courts can prove their claim I assure you I will be the first person to come and apologise and admit my mistake.

    • Raja Maja

      100% agreed with you man.

    • Omair Ahmed

      Serve the Pakistan minters right, they got every right to provide mass communication (3g/4g) to Pakistani’s (benefiting common Pakistani ppl).. and 3G, its never coming!

  • Fraz

    Now Arsalan Chaudhry connection missing for PTCL ,So lets see how Supreme court moves on this.

  • Isloo

    Dear Aamir,

    Why you are not reporting the news that PTCL has fired 250 employees including Managers, Senior Managers and General Managers yesterday without any notice.

    Propakistani getting ads from them that’s why??

  • Omair Ahmed

    just think for a second if 3G is not auctioned till 2020 then we will be back to stoneage, where landline will be the only connectivity available (Max GSM speed is 4Kb in Pakistan) and dont think witibe/wateen can not any better!

  • Javed Afridi

    Not trying to make this a political discussion that why I should clear something up, I also stand by the “Courts” but not with the government. That is one of the reasons why I said I will wait for the final decision on this case and admit for the lack of a better word “defeat” and apologise for been wrong.

  • PTCL is an organization that have not fixed its operations even after privatization. They have no focus on quality of services. This is a blunder that they have been using not allowed extra frequency spectrum.

    They must really be fined. Supreme court should do give their decision fast.and force them to pay fine.

  • Rao

    ajeeb e nizam hy es mulk me. jisay b haisiat/izzat do vo uska najaiz faida e uthata hy. aik aam zehniat hy ye es millat ki. smajh nae ati ye sb chal kesay raha hy es qadr chor bazari/na-insafi phr b qaim hy ye nizam.

    • Sami

      bus bhai wo din door nhe jb is mulk ka ak ak fard dhoka zani main hoga…. ar wo din shayed bht jald anay wala hai.. Allah Paak reham karain is mulk par,,,

  • soul

    Sadly this Pakistan. The stronger can getaway with any thing. The rules and fines are for the weeker ;p

  • tjnapster555

    ptcl 2mb net ki limit check karnay ka koi tariqa hai?

  • Saeed Akram

    I wish PTCL mafia could be eliminated or at least checked for the sake of humanity if not anything else!

  • ali

    PTCL 160 Employees Fired

    PTCL 160 Employees Fired on Non-Performance Basis, Spokesman of PTCL said that 160 employees has been fired up from company basis on non-performance. PTCL administration fired more than 160 officers of company by forcibly resignations on the occasion of new year.

    • Fraz

      Why there is no news on ProPakistani yet about termination of over 300 employees by PTCL

  • tjnapster555

    2 mb net ki limit portal par check hoti hai?

    or student package ab bhi hai???