• Muhammad Sulman Danish

    Very Nice Information….!
    But there will be nomore 3G..
    So please keep Silent.

    • Ali Khan

      I mean wtf u mean bro?

    • Abbas

      The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed that the process of auctioning 3G and 4G spectrum licences should continue uninterrupted. The three-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja resumed the hearing of a petition filed by Khurram Shehzad Chughtai, an information technology expert, who had sought a court order for the government to complete the process of auctioning 3G spectrum licences on an urgent basis and in a transparent manner, and to ensure early availability of the service

    • Muhammad Khan

      3 G will be in Pakistan very soon Insha ALLAH.

  • Abu Khuzaima

    instead of assuming the interest of CMOs, you better have written the article on 17th when the things would get clearer. Anyhow, good piece of knowledge. thanks

    • Ryzvonusef

      I think when more info comes, he can write a new article with exact info, and refer back to this for detailed explanation.

  • Many thanks for nice information….

  • Mani

    there is 100 MHZ spectrum pretty much unused by SUNTV/DWN … why doesnt PTA get that released … with 10 MHz block it will be tough to offer services to the entire country … it will again be patchy coverage and frustrating for Operators and customers

  • laraib butt

    Without any telecom policy and regulations, all this is shit only. First you need to set some benchmarks for compliance.

    • Shayan Ali

      Benchmarks hav been set…read the KPI part of the IM :) this is a job well done by PTA nd PmlN az contrary to 5yrz of PPP..Fingers Crossed :)

  • tungi

    i stil didnt get the lots! happy auctioning:)

  • umer daraz

    ya be koi batay ke 3G keliye kon sa set acha hai, koi company k cell ka be detail se bata dye ga.

    • Mustafa

      3G k liye Android set with front camera and 2100Hz 3G supported wale set ache hain..
      Baqi me full 3G service ka faida nai le sakte..

    • Mustafa

      Me khud ”Motorola Moto G 16gb” lene ka soch rha hun bas 3G aa jai us k bad..

  • Fahd

    it is a long way ahead when people can really enjoy 4G/LTE service.. with poor Mobile backhaul transmission capacity it would be even very hard for operators in Pakistan to provide a decent data throughput to the customers under 3G or 3G plus in major cities .. Country where mobile TX is mainly on microwave links , it would be a joke to talk about 3G or 4G ..

    • Niazi

      Well i per my knowledge even zong is adding fiber cables and changing old mw systems with new one. Most of the new equipment is 23ghz bandwidth. I think its enough for a country where 20% have 3g mobile. But if users increse they ll improve thier system too, because its too easy for a subscribers to change network.

  • Observer

    This articl is ful of mistakes or it’s just me ?’

    • Kiani

      Yes it is.

  • guestub

    Your understanding of the auction process is incorrect

  • Ryzvonusef

    Can you please different letters for operators and lots?

    Like if you are using ABCD for lots, kindly use WXYZ for operators, otherwise the info gets confusing .

    Thank you.

  • Shahid

    Great info…… Thanks Admin

  • Abbas

    3G is coming thts for sure

  • Peer

    4 operators submitting bid will be joining the 3G club while the 5th operator failing to bid going to devoid its customers from enjoying and entering the new era of cellular in PAK. doesn’t it refer that customers of the 5th operator must start switching to other operators having the new technology/

  • Uziah Bhatti

    Already using 3G on my Telenor no.

    • nadeem

      woh kaise yaar mujhe bhi batao

  • Romeo

    I live in KSA and here 3 companies offers 3G ang 4G services and believe me that these services are available all over the country without any exception.

  • Sadam Waqas Khan

    informative one. well done.

  • Imraan Hassan

    Nice information about the bidding process. Each mobile operator is interested in a specific lot only so things will go smoothly

  • rimsha khan

    Grt news…yar…PTA is doing a great job….we are in dire need of technological advancement.

  • sana

    3g is coming and so 4g also..and auctions are going to be on 23 of this month

  • abs

    dears, Is not a high price in term of a teleco. operators ? btw a good injection of cash flows for economy of Pakistan.

    • Hassam Tahir

      but the money is not coming from outside so its not an injection but only circulation

  • Bilal

    Well defined strategic plan by PTA…. it means they are sticking to launch 3G well on time.good job

  • rimsha khan

    I think we should remain optimistic. PTA and cellular companies seems very much serious to accomplish the task…..

  • MSK

    Very informative….but there’s a little confusion.

    What’s the difference between two similar lots…e.g. Lot A and Lot B.

    Suppose Company X getting Lot A and Company Y getting Lot B.

    Thank you