Jul 27, 2014

  • Freak

    Well PTCL cannot offer 2MB on 9.1MB Wingle, how can you believe that their new device will work at faster speed.

    PTCL must forced to make agreement of providing minimum bandwidth rate, else they should not charge the customer or adjust the deficit next month.

  • Mujtaba

    Bhai Sahab hosh hai apko? 350KB/Sec LOL paijaan 124KB x 2 = 248KB/Sec hai 2MBps ki

  • Qasiar Khan

    weLL if PTCL provides me 2-4 mb in idm with charger sorry char ji then 3500 for 51200mb is Be$t for mE!!!

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Ok! Go for 10GB extra only at Rs.500.If you have a lot of money then it is unlimited for you.

  • Super-Human

    Yes I M using it from day one … & I am not personally satisfied yet with its speed. Tonight i will share speed test with you guys.

  • Super-Human

    infact here is a quick speedtest for you bro


  • Arsalan Shah

    Agree with your first part, disagree with the second one. Most paki’s are quite aware of the difference between Mb and MB. 36 Mb = 4.5MB/sec actual speed, and 36 MB = 36MB/sec actual download speed. Everywhere in the world speeds are written in bits (small ”b”), there’s no place in the world which sells broadband in B (bytes) 1 Byte = 8 bits. That’s the formula. Yes, I agree with a broadband of 3 – 4MB/sec (which can also be said 24-36Mb/sec) the minimum limit should be like 500GB/month.

  • Arsalan Shah

    Lol. In most places of the world, 3G/4G is used by ordinary people. Fiber and CIR are used by upper class people. In Pakistan soon there will be a day when roti would not be available for ordinary people due to it’s price. The only issue is inflation and the minimum wages for ordinary people.

  • Bilal Hussain

    aby lallo, phele chek kia kro phr bola kro. ab hr ISP ki pore pak me apni fiber he or warid wateen k thru chlta he or TW se traffic out hoti he