Free GPRS Internet on UFONE – 100 Percent Working

A very amazing offer for Ufone users, which is that they can use GPRS over their Ufone numbers for FREE. Remember it’s a trick, not an official offer from Ufone…

A user has found this bug in Ufone’s GPRS network, and claims that it works fine. I personally tested it and found it working…

Updated: September 13, 2009

User: ufone
Password: ufone
IP Address:
Proxy: 8080
Access Point: ufone.ppt.wap2

To enjoy FREE GPRS follow below steps

  1. First of all activate your GPRS (if your GPRS is already active, then skip this process and start from point 5)
  2. Send a SMS in following Pattern [manufacturer(<space>model] and send it to 222
  3. You will get the GPRS setting through an SMS
  4. Save this SMS – Until now, your GPRS is activated and you can use GPRS, but it won’t be free. You will be billed as PKR 15 per 1 MB download
  5. Now the trick starts
  6. Go to tools> settings> connections> Ufone GPRS> Edit Ufone GPRS and write APN(Access Point Name) ufone.pmms – Previously it would be ufone.pwap
  7. You are ready and can start using FREE GPRS
  8. To use messengers go to Tools> Setting> Connection> Ufone GPRS> Options> Advance Setting and Change DNS
  9. primary
  10. 2ndary

This hack works perfectly fine, so start enjoying the FREE GRPS Internet. If you are a postpaid user, better give a try on prepaid number before start using it on your postpaid number.

If you get server timeout message, don’t worry; that just a temporary down time, in such a case wait for couple of hours and your free internet will be available again.

Let me know if someone faces problems, so i may update the post; remember, its a hack and may stop working anytime.


Update: (July 15, 2008): This trick does not work anymore. I am trying to find out any new way for Free GPRS Internet on Ufone. If any one knows, then please share the trick with us. Thanks

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I couldn’t access this step in my Nokia 6070 mobile set.
    Go to tools> settings> connections> Ufone GPRS> Edit Ufone GPRS and write APN(Access Point Name) ufone.pmms – Previously it would be ufone.pwap.
    Would you please help me in this matter?

    Amjad Shamim

  • Yes i reached to access point but there is ufoe.pinternet but edit is not possible/not being done?

  • Amjad, i am sorry i was unable to get Nokia 6070, however, try following tips

    Save the SMS, this is will activate and set the GPRS settings on your phone…

    Next thing, go into setting (from menu) -> There would be a button names as “Configuration” or “connections” (if you can’t find this try all options in “Configuration” or “connection” and find some option where you find “Access Point”…here you are supposed to default access point with ufone.pmms

    Previously it would be ufone.pwap

    Try to get some help from some friend in Ufone or Mobilink, don’t go to the company representatives…they will kill you

  • Amjad,

    check following websites, they may help you

    And here is the official manual, that describes the method of adding Access point

    On page 62 on this manual, its reads like following…

    select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Packet data > Packet data settings > Active access point, activate the access point you want to use, and select Edit active access point. Select Alias for access point, and enter a nickname for the currently selected access point. Select Packet data access point, and enter the access point name (APN) to establish a connection to an EGPRS network.

    Let me know if you are still facing problems…


  • EXCELLENT .. :D .. I am now using free GPRS with the given settings :). Thanks for sharing but i am confuse when ufone will patch it up ^o).

    • yar jazz walo ney sasta inter net packge dya hay net ka too u fone walo ney too boht mehnga lagaya hua hay pckage is sey acha too jazz pey chalao 10 rupees mey sara din agr ap k ob mey balance nahi hay too jab ap balance load karway too who kat letey hay jitney din chalaya hota hay itni sasti u fone walo ney di hay hay offer pious hy yeh sub bus peisa kamna ata hay lagao nak hay too package 10 rupees wala aorachi speed do too phir deikho keisay mala mal hotey ho haya kar leina itni hard working ki hay comment write karny me okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk plz

  • Mohsin, it greatly depends on area where you are using this GPRS…you may see disconnections in rural side. I am sorry i don’t have any further trick so i can’t suggest you anything..

    We can ask other users who are having better experience, they must share

    • AOA Aamir Bhai

      I am realy impressed by your knowledge regarding GSM technology. Bhai I want to check my brother’s activities in terms of sms n calls. I and He is using ufone. He is in hostel and in punjab where as I am in Karachi.

      Can you suggest me and help me in this regard?

      plz mail me at [email protected]

  • dear;
    it is working but it is very very slow and some times not work, and some time mobile resets!
    kindly tell me how to use perfectly? and is mms also free or not? reply me on [email protected]!

  • thanks dear;
    kindly tell me how to use it with pc? when i connect it to pc then it connects and suddenly dissconnected error reporting that ppp was terminated etc! kindly reply via mail at—> [email protected]

  • does it work any more? mine worked for last two days but it hasn’t been working since last night. guess it’s over!


  • hey bro i have n70 n tried this but it gives web page not found now what to do!!!!!!!!!

  • hey can u please tell me how to use it on nokia 6131…it doesnt have an edit option in it.
    please do tell me how to do this…..

    • AOA….PLZ mjy b send ker dain settingz ufone or warid glow ki free internet k leay i have nokia 7210supernova really thankful 2 u waiting ur replyyyy ALLAHHAFIZ

  • dear all guys i used this setting for ufone gprs acess point ufone pmms and ipp in our window mobile o2 xda exec this setting is not compatible for this pocket pc plz help me all from rao_margreat

  • Checked and working on Nokia N95 !!!

    For Nokia Handset Settings

    Settings For Nokia Hand Sets

    Go To Settings = Connections = Access Points = New Acess Points

    Than Enter Following Setings….!

    Conection Name
    Ufone GPRS



    User name

    Prompt Password




    Now Go To Options = Advance Settings

    Advance Settings

    Network Type

    Phone Ip addres

    Name Servers

    Proxy Server



    So Enjoy….!

  • after changing my setting when i connect gprs on my N73 i received this error “Server not accessible/ chek you gprs setting”…. Plz let me know what is this. thanks

  • Excellent and very informative web site. i really impressed this service. allah aap ko iss ka ajar da ga Ameen

  • But i not found

    i have sonyericsson w200i i do the same process but each time i found on screen communication failure. ((try again or contact your operator for sport.))

  • dear i have N73 before it is working .but now not working give message :check page not avaible: if body knows pl help me.

  • @ Adnan Malik

    This free GPRS tricks is causing some problems lately. It was quite smooth earlier on, but now it get down every other hour. Hope things will get good soon…!

  • hanif.plz any body kn0w about new trick in uf0ne for free gprs. . . . Bcoz old trick has been recovred by so0m recently:-l. . If any body kn0w. . . Tel me. . Plz. . 03332368227

  • Amir jani.i pray for u. .may ALLAH gve u great success. I m also trying day nd night.if u find s0 plej tel me 1st.ok na?;-)03332368227

  • i am using k700i is there any settings i can do to make FREE GPRS work ur settings are not helpful to me thanks any way for sharing this good thinks from freinds who are using it….reply soon waiting bro

  • @ Hanif Khan

    I am trying to find out if there is another hack available to use Ufone GPRS free… i am getting some clues that there is a way possible. Let’s hope i get it at earliest, so all of us may enjoy Free GPRS internet on Ufone ;)

  • hy im hanif.friends all 0f u y silent.uf0ne rec0vres its gprs n0w i have w0ndrful xperience.when i c0nect my m0bile t0 pc.and i c0mect gets c0nect n 115.2kbps speed apears on br0wsing d0snt 0pen:-l.y?

  • All of u y so silent.amir atta v r waiting for u yar.. . . N for success.ans me.ok.

  • dear aamir salam! Hope u r f9.
    Allah bles u. May Allah give u nice success. If u find out the free ufone GPRS then plz dear tell me soon.
    Thnx dear.

  • dear aamir
    Allah bles u. May Allah give u nice success if u find out free ufone GPRS then plz tell me soon. Ok
    Dear thnx tc.

  • i want to know how to get free internet access on my nokia 6300 i am using ufone prepaid line … wating for response …


  • assalam alikum! Im using z0ng trick sm0othly. . . N0w i hve f0und 0ne trik in uf0ne. . But n0w it is under pr0gres. . C0z it dsnt w0rk in mbl br0wser. . . Its w0rks in 0pera mini br0wser. . .

  • asalam alikum amir. . . Can u contct me on my email 0r my numbr. . I want to tell u some thing. . . About free gprs trick. . Beter if u c0ntact me at my email adres. . .

  • frnd. .ap apni ufone sim per gprs setngs mangwalain.
    Is k bad dosra ufonne mobile me daly.and data accounts me chaly jayain.waha sy wahe wali stngs delete kr dain.nd pir sy is sim k zareay mangwaly.pir internet profile me chaly jayae.

  • pir gprs setings ko edtit kary. . Conect using me wahe gprs setings ko ok ap ny abi mangwaye. . . Sony ericson k user ko ye krny me asani rahy ge.agr ap k pas opera mini browser ho to waha ap fredd of cost browsing nd downloadng kr skty hn.

  • Amir. . I have difrnt ideas. . Lekin apny mjy email adres per gali q beji. . . Mjy bht afsos howa. . . Jo trik hn. Wo yaha likny k qabil nhe. . Ap mig33 me id bnao. . N mere sat online ho jao.belve me. . .sucese nzdik he he.mgr ap ny hamy gali di. .v.sad

  • @ Hanif Khan Pars

    I am extremely sorry for the guy who had been abusing.

    Please guys don’t abuse any one. If you have any conflict with any ideas, please come up with logic and proof.

    Hanif, let me know your cell number. Please drop an email at aamir7 @

    I would love to talk to you.

    Lets stay in touch…


  • assalam alikum! If u have ufone . . Then make sure dat u have blc 1rupee, . Then activate ur internet setngs and disable proxy adres. . Then cnect ur browser. . Some times it get cnected. And some time it shows time ou t eror. . If u hve 0peri mini.use it

  • Mr.ATTA,

    I am useing Nokia 2626, will yu tell me that how can set this trick on my cell, coz some feture is not available on this cell like access point.

    waiting your promot reply.

  • Dear Aamir. . Can u tel us how and from where i may download latest software for mobile throug which we can dial numbers in other person mobile kept in his pocket or hands.and what ir da name of software.

  • salam. . Amir me ye kehna chahta ta k aj kal mobile me koe software aya he jsy ap apny mobile me use krty hoe apny pas betay banday k mobile me usko btaye bagair numbr dial kr wa skty ho.apko is software bary kch malom he k nhe? Mjy aik dost ny btaya ta.

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