Block Unwanted Spam Calls Forever

Increasing number of immature Mobile phone users in the country, ratio of unwanted calls has increased enormously. Due to technical and financial reasons, maybe, it’s not possible for cellular companies, to block unwanted calls or to allow only wanted calls.

To tackle this issue Mobile phone manufacturers are trying hard to get this issue resolved by introducing a feature through which uses will be able to block any un-wanted numbers. ‘Daily Times’, citing an official of a telecom company has reported that PTA has urged all cellular companies to introduce such a feature through which one can block those unwanted calls. However, cellular companies simply denied due to inability.

In parallel, ‘Trend Mobiles’ a UK based mobile phone manufacturer, who has been distributing handsets in Pakistan, claims that their Device named as T-103 is capable of blocking those calls that you don’t want to answer.

Trend, and all other mobile phone manufactures are using software based solutions to block such obnoxious calls. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and others allow you to block/filter any selected set of numbers added in a group.

To Block a group in Nokia Handsets follow below steps

  1. Go into Profiles
  2. Click on General Profile
  3. Select Customize
  4. Go into ‘Alert for’
  5. Leave any one group unselected, and select all other Groups and save profile
  6. Now add any number in that particular group, which you had unselected
  7. Calls from this number will be ignored, and your handset will not ring

Another simple fun way to block unwanted calls is to use ‘Not Responding’ mobiTunes/Utunes. However, it must be noted that cellular companies do not offer such “App ka matlooba number iss waqt band hay” type of tunes, as these tunes may cause them heavy losses.

Howver, Ufone offers customized Utunes, called DIY (Do it Yourself). Record the not responding message by record feature of your phone-> then Customize your Utune by uploading that recorded message here

So now, everyone will get a “App ka milaya howa number iss waqt band hay” message, when they will call you. On other side, you will get a ring; so pick it up or ignore it : – )

I have not tried it, but I hope it may work.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority says that you can register complain against anyone who has been disrupting you. Call on your help line (111, 333, 345, 321 etc); give them the number who has been calling you without any reason. After investigation, cellular company will warn him/her once, and on second complain they will block that number.

I have heard couple that cellular companies have blocked various numbers on users’ complains. So try complaining someone if he/she is really disturbing you.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • mp

    And what about users of Sony Ericcsson/Mobilink? What are we supposed to do? I’ve been getting spam/crank calls from approximately 10 different numbers, with the latest douchebag calling at all unholy hours! I couldn’t sleep last night because of this jack***! Any ideas for us? Does complaining actually work? This is insane! Any gunda on the street can get a hold of a cellphone and a connection thanks to the obnoxiously low prices! :(

  • @ MP

    I am afraid Mobilink is currently not offering anything to block your calls. And currently Sony Ericsson phones do not offer screening of numbers based on group (for example, in Nokia you can set an option of getting call notifications from 5 groups while blocking one group).

    So you are left with an option of switching your cellular company or handset or you can wait until Mobilink introduces Call block service.

    Yes, complaints work.. i was notified couple of times by my readers who got their number blocked by PTA for this reason. So try your luck and register complain in PTA. Their numbers are given in above post.

  • ammar chatha

    how to watch tv on mobile

  • shan

    well, there are so many kind of lamers and spammers around us. Some of them give obnoxious calls to other innocent people at nights. Specially calls from Warid to Warid.
    SOme of those idiots are:
    ALLAH in ko Hidaayat dey because in Pakistan theres already no rule of Law:-) so taking assistance from cobs is outta question and even Warid officials deny taking any action against them..

  • tr

    please stop these idiots to tease the innocent people
    what the hell they think they are to tease the innocent people
    by the wrong use of mobiles

  • ahmed

    how to complain a ufone wrong call person that is trying day by day (and sending dirty sms to a zong number)

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  • notarar

    Best option is to use the “number screening” option in Nokia phones like Nokia 2600, or 1200 etc. and I’m sure all others as well this is FREE as well.

    Step 1 : Go to Settings -> Call Settings -> No. Screening -> Add Number

    Step 2 : Type in the number that is bothering you (make sure its accurate)

    Relax – All calls from that number will be blocked.

    or the method I used which is given here – it works for FREE.

    In Nokia E51 and probably other high end phones

    (0) Add the obnoxious number in your Contacts calling it whatever curse you want…I called the number “spammer”
    (1) Go to Contacts and Create a New Group named “Unwanted”
    (2) Create another group called “Allowed”
    (3) Now Mark All the Contacts in the Contacts area and add them to the “Allowed” group.
    (4) Remove the “spammer” number “Allowed” group and add that number to “Unwanted” group.
    (5) Now go to profiles and personalise the General profile (- this is the profile that is used most of the time.) In General Profiles -> Alert For check “Allowed” uncheck “All Calls” and uncheck “Unwanted”

    Now relax – any number of calls or SMS from the spammer wouldnt bother you!.

    BTW the number that was bothering me was

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  • Abbi

    Hello brothers

    yar ya numbers mje bht tang kr rhy haain koe khabis k bachy hain hain aik k bad dosra or phir change

    yar koe in ko bht tang kre please aik unknown bhai kki traf sa zapeal hay


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  • Aoa

    All service providers should update the record of their users and make sure that every number is registered. An online directory should be made at which every1 of us can at least find who is calling us and from where so that we can take care of such _________ our self.

    just making complaints to our service providers is not enough they do nothing
    [comment edited]

  • Lost

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  • Nadeem Omer

    Mobilink’s call blocking service is extremely buggy. and nothing compared to Zong’s call sms blocking service. They should learn from Zong.

    The Mobilink SMS based functions or IVR never works, the error handling is abysmal with standard error messages like “your request has not been accepted” without telling the user what the problem is?

    I have tried add a number 0324-4032435 without success as vulgar messages keep coming. I had to migrate to Zong with my Warid number just to block calls – now that Mobilink has provided the blocking service why is it the worst possible and option.

    It’s like it doesnt want to lose any more customers for this one feature but doesnt really want to offer the service in a meaningful or useful way.

    It’s unfortunate that Mobilink doesnt care enough for its subscribers to provide pre-paid billing information or any useable web based interface to configure one’s system. One reason could be that their system are so outdated that they dont have a user interface.

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